Monthly Archive: July 2013


The First 3-D Computer Animation: 1972

This short digital sequence, aptly titled “A Computer Animated Hand,” was produced in 1972. It’s the first of its kind, and the hand was modeled after that of its animator, Ed Catmull, the founder of Pixar and current president of Walt Disney Animation Studios.


Where Is Shelly Miscavige?

Shelly Miscavige, wife of the leader of the Church of Scientology, vanished from the public eye five years ago. Last seen in August 2007 at her father’s funeral, spokesmen from the Church refuse to comment on Shelly’s current location.


Snake Island: World Of Nightmares

Imagine an entire island composed of your worst fears, a place where vipers lurk in every bush and the ground writhes with the bodies of reptiles: Welcome to Snake Island, Brazil’s cure for your peaceful sleep.


Vomitoriums Had Nothing To Do With Vomit

It’s commonly taught that Ancient Romans had special rooms called Vomitoriums and that said rooms were used for the express purpose of vomiting after a large meal. In actuality, though vomitoriums did exist, they were merely very large corridors commonly found in theaters and public venues, that could facilitate a large number of people passing through them. The word vomitorium was used to describe the spewing out of people rather than their lunch.


Forgotten Horrors: Russia’s Headless Dogs

In the 1930s, Soviet scientist Sergei Brukhonenko embarked on a series of gruesome experiments. Using a device called an ‘autojector’, he and his team managed to keep the body parts of a dog alive after removal, including the head…


China’s Tragic Good Samaritan Laws

In China, there are no national laws protecting good Samaritans. Should you attempt to rescue someone and fail, you can be held financially liable to the victim’s family. This lack of protection has led to the loss of countless lives as people refuse to help others for fear of losing money.


Japan’s Terrifying Gasmask Islands

Off the coast of mainland Japan, a chain of islands called the Izu Islands sits beneath a cloud of sulphur. For the gasmask-wearing residents, every day is a challenge of survival.