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The Great Wall of China Isn’t Visible from Space

Contrary to popular belief that the Great Wall of China is the only man made structure that can be seen from space, astronauts have often reported that in fact zero man made structures, including the Great Wall, can be seen beyond Earth’s immediate atmosphere.

Difference Between Antelope and Deer

Antelope and deer appear very similar in appearance, and are thus often confused by nature enthusiasts, hunters or photographers. In fact, they are far more different genetically than you might expect. Deer are cervids, in a family of their own, while antelope are closely related to sheep and goats.

Forgotten Horrors: Anderlecht Veterinary School

Since the 1990s, the Anderlecht Veterinary School has stood derelict in Brussels. The site was abandoned with all of its bizarre exhibits and creepy artifacts remaining—nestled in the dusty dying skeleton of a once thriving educational institution.

Bizarre Dietary Adaptations of Top Predators

Top predators possess a range of intimidating adaptations that place a wide range of species in their kill zone. However, dietary adaptation has led to bizarre “defections” among the ranks of carnivorous species. One species of Hyena feeds on massive quantities of tiny insects instead of other mammals, while certain birds of prey have either gone vegan, or developed exceedingly strange dietary habits.

The Victorians Didn’t Cover Their Table Legs

Everyone knows the Victorians were so sexually repressed, they even covered the legs of their pianos—but everyone’s wrong. The Victorians did no such thing. It’s a myth begun by an 19th century British writer who didn’t know any better.

Mount Everest is Not The Tallest Mountain

When discussing mountains, there is a huge difference in definition between ‘tallest’ and ‘highest’. Mount Everest is the highest, but the tallest mountain on earth is actually in Mauna Kea in Hawaii.

Schwenkel: What it Really Means

Although schwenkel sounds like a Yiddish euphemism for a gentleman’s nether parts, in reality, it was just part of a medieval knight’s panoply. The schwenkel was a long banner at the top of a knight’s banner. Whether it constituted an honor or a disgrace is disputed.

Oceans Have Meadows

The hills may not really have eyes, but the oceans have actual meadows, thanks to a twist of botany. While gymnosperms (flowering plants) dominate the land, Earth’s marine shallows are dominated by seaweeds, a type of macro-algae. However, vast meadows of marine eelgrass exist, and are composed of unique flowering plants in the genus Zostera.

Marco Polo Didn’t Introduce Italians to Pasta

While the historic origins of pasta remain murky, the facts in this case are straightforward: the Italians were eating a nice dish of macaroni well before Marco Polo was even born. Archaeological evidence suggests the Etruscans, an ancient civilization ruling parts of Italy from around 1100 BC to the 1st century AD, made a type of pasta from spelt.

Charles Manson Never Killed Anyone

Charles Manson, widely considered among the most notorious serial killers of all time—in fact, practically synonymous with the term- never actually killed anyone, only directed others to do so.