All The Different Kinds Of Lightning

Throughout the centuries, lightning has been mistaken for many things, from UFOs to the spirits of the dead. There are so many different kinds of lightning that it’s not surprising that sometimes people just don’t recognize it for what it is. In addition to the most common lightning that accompanies thunderstorms, there’s also the ball lightning that many see as a UFO, the jellyfish-like red sprites, blue jets that are more often seen from the sky than from the ground, and the rather disturbing dark lightning, that you may have been hit by without knowing it.


The Different Ways To Be Dead

The more we learn about the human body, the trickier it is to define just what death is. A person can be different types of dead; when a person is declared brain dead, that means that all brain activity has stopped, including control over the rest of the body’s function. But there’s also circulatory death, in which only the lungs, heart, and the circulatory system stop functioning. One can happen without the other, and it’s led to some tricky moral questions about just when a person is legally, absolutely, completely dead.


The Benefits Of The Different Types Of Naps

There’s a lot to be said for the benefits of napping, and taking differently timed naps during the day can provide you with quite the variety. Short naps lasting no more than about 20 minutes will increase your immediate processing ability, while slightly longer, 60-minute naps can provide you with a boost to your creativity. And 45-minute naps will leave you with health benefits like lowered blood pressure.


Telling The Difference Between Real Memories And False Ones

Separating false memories from real ones is a tricky thing; sometimes our brain creates false memories to protect itself, or, occasionally, on accident when it puts together information in such a way that it suddenly revolves around us instead of the friend we heard the story from. But science can tell the difference. The body has a series of involuntary movements that can reveal whether we’re remembering something that really happened or not, and our brain waves actually follow different patterns when they’re retrieving something we’ve actually seen, heard, or experienced and filed away for future use.


The Many Different Types Of Ice

Ice seems like one of the most straightforward concepts out there—it’s just frozen water. But there are many, many different types of ice, forming under different conditions and even in different temperatures. For example, glaze ice forms when water that’s above freezing hits a cold surface that supercools it and forms a clear coating. Hail is ice that starts as frozen rain, growing as it rises and falls through the atmosphere. And pack ice is frozen seawater that freezes at varying temperatures because of the salt content.


The Many And Varied Types Of Archaeology

Archaeology is one of those careers we’d all like to have, as long as we can be Indiana Jones. It’s rarely like that, though, and it’s also one of those careers that’s been vastly misrepresented by the media. Archaeologists aren’t just archaeologists: They’re marine and underwater archaeologists, prehistoric archaeologists, battlefield archaeologists, aerial archaeologists, or even biblical archaeologists.


The Many Different Kinds Of Angels

Biblical lore tells a variety of different stories about the angels that serve as God’s messengers, as conduits between the mortal and the divine, and as personal guardians. There’s actually an established three-tier hierarchy of angels, consisting of three different types of angels in each tier. Each has their own distinct purpose, their own role to play and, in some cases, their own strange, strange appearance. The Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Thrones make up the first tier, the Dominions, the Virtues, and the Powers the second tier, and the Principalities, the Archangels, and the Angels in the lowest tier.


The Different Types Of Mythological Brownies

Brownies are well known as the small (but eternally helpful) mythological creatures that are said to live in the British Isles. There are several different types of brownies, and some of them should definitely not be angered. Angry brownies can turn into boggarts, but there are also brownie-clods, named for their love of throwing dirt at people, and Brown Men, who protect the animals on Cornwall’s Bodmin Moor. And then there’s the gruagach, a brownie that was originally a divine creature that farmers and shepherds appealed to for the safety of their herds.


The Difference Between Being Shy And Being Introverted

Shyness and introversion are two types of personality characteristics that are very often written off as the same thing by those that don’t have to deal with one, the other, or both. Introversion is one of the pairs in the Myers-Briggs personality tests that is given a higher rating if the person recharges their energy by solitary activities such as reading, writing, and reflection. Shyness defines how a person deals with others and unfamiliar situations; those who are shy have a hard time talking to and meeting new people, and are often uncomfortable in new situations.


The Different Kinds Of Airships

The most iconic image of an airship is perhaps that of the Hindenburg, crashing as it’s engulfed in flames. That’s just one type of airship, however; the Hindenburg was perhaps the most popular zeppelin, characterized by its rigid metal frame. Blimps might look the same, but they lack the rigid internal structure of a zeppelin. There are also semi-rigid airships that contain only a partial frame, and it was one of these that was recognized as the first aircraft to traverse the frigid North Pole.