The Different Types Of Stone Circles

Stonehenge is perhaps the most well known of all the stone circles that are still strewn across the British countryside. A henge is characterized by earthworks consisting of an inner ditch and an outer bank and can also contain either stone or timber circles. Henges can also be classified by the number of circles they have, as well as their size, shape, and number of entrances.


Difference Between Paranormal And Supernatural

The terms “paranormal” and “supernatural” are often tossed around to mean the same thing—something we don’t understand. They’re actually two separate terms, though. “Paranormal” refers to something that’s not understood by current scientific knowledge; there’s the potential that something paranormal will someday be explained scientifically, and there’s a likelihood there’s a good, natural explanation for it. “Supernatural” refers to a phenomenon that is beyond our capability to understand, now and simply forever, because it just doesn’t operate under our rules.


The Difference Between Herbs And Spices

Although herbs and spices tend to be used interchangeably, they do have important differences. Herbs are only obtained from the leafy part of a plant while spices can come from any other part of the plant. Salt, even though widely used with food, is neither an herb nor a spice as it is an inorganic mineral.


Holland And The Netherlands Are Not The Same Thing

For centuries, it’s been very common for people all over the world to refer to the Netherlands—to the disdain of some of the Dutch—as “Holland.” It’s so common that some of you will be surprised to know that it’s wrong. The truth is Holland did exist hundreds of years ago. It was a beacon of knowledge and wealth in Europe, and it was so magnificent that it overshadows an entire nation to this day.


The Many Different Types Of Megalith

The British and Irish countrysides are home to thousands of massive standing stones. Some are contained in stone circles while some, called menhirs, are single, solitary monuments. Others form ancient burial grounds, like dolmens and court cairns. Passage graves, like Newgrange, are massive burial grounds.


The Difference Between The Kraken And Leviathan

The kraken and Leviathan are often considered vaguely interchangeable sea monsters, but they’re actually very different creatures with many misconceptions built up around them both, largely because of the influence of pop culture. (Sorry, Liam Neeson, but the kraken wasn’t even actually Greek.) The kraken was a squid-like monster from Norse mythology said to be so large it would attack ships and most likely born from real sightings of giant squid. Leviathan was a whale-like monster from Hebrew folklore.


The Difference Between Gray, White And Black Propaganda

During World War II, propaganda was an important tool on all sides. It was from this extensive use of propaganda tools that the formal definitions of white, black, and gray propaganda were developed—and it wasn’t always possible for either side to tell the difference. White propaganda was that whose origin was clearly labeled and which had a transparent purpose. Gray propaganda is information of questionable origin that is never sourced and whose accuracy is doubtful. Black propaganda is information put out by an opposing government or institution and made to look as though it came from a friendly source.


The Difference Between Armageddon And The Apocalypse

We commonly use the terms “Armageddon” and “Apocalypse” to refer to the end of the world as we know it. More specifically, though, Armageddon is a place where the final battle for mankind will be fought, while the apocalypse is the reading of the events that lead to the end of the world. There is also both a religious apocalypse that we will be able to do nothing about, and the secular apocalypse that we might still have some control over.


The Different Types Of Depression

Major depression occurs when a person experiences depression so severe that it interferes with their daily life, while dysthymia is a mild form of this. Persistent depression lasts for several years. There are also forms of depression that come coupled with other symptoms. For example, psychotic depression comes along with a break from reality, postpartum depression happens to up to 15 percent of new mothers, and seasonal affective disorder happens when the lack of sunlight and bleary weather impact a person’s mood. Bipolar disorder is an extreme form of depression that alternates with manic periods.


The Different Types Of Egyptian Pyramids

There are few monuments more iconic than the Giza pyramids. Egyptian builders didn’t get the formula right on the first try, though, and there are a handful of other types of pyramids that came before. Some, like the mastaba, were used as early tombs. Others, like the Bent Pyramid, were corrections made to a work in progress.