The Difference Between Mermaids And Sirens

Somewhere along the literary and mythological road, mermaids and sirens got confused into one creature: a half-woman, half-fish creature known for her beautiful singing voice. Originally, it was only the mermaid that was a half-human, half-fish creature, and a singing voice wasn’t mentioned in early myths. Sirens were the singers, and they were actually half-woman, half-bird creatures.


The Different Kinds Of Dragons

The dragon is a legendary creature that is found in mythologies and folklore around the world, and it appears in a variety of forms. Wyrms are typically British and Norse dragons, that have a long, snake-like body and no legs. Wyverns are commonly seen in heraldic devices, and have only 2 legs. Hydras are many-headed dragons, and Eastern dragons are generally the good kind.


The Different Kinds Of Serial Killers

Serial killers aren’t a new thing. It is only fairly recently, however, that serial killers have been broken down into different types based on their motivations for killing. These include those that are motivated by anger, by financial gain, by psychosis, and by a need for power. There are also serial killers that commit their murders based on ideology, inclusion in a criminal organization, or because of a sexual need. There are, of course, cases that fall between the cracks or hit multiple areas, and these categories certainly are not 100 percent complete or absolute.


How Priests Tell Between Demonic Possession And Mental Illness

In 1999, the Vatican revised its guidelines for both performing exorcisms and determining whether a person was actually suffering from a demonic possession or from a form of mental illness. Priests now consult with mental health professionals when assessing a person’s affliction. In order to be declared possessed by a demon, priests look for the ability to speak in foreign tongues previously unknown to the person as well as strength that the person should not be capable of demonstrating, as well as eliminating all other possible causes for the distress.


The Difference Between Viruses And Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are two very different entities, and they can both be either beneficial or harmful. A virus is both living and non-living, and is incapable of reproducing on its own, while bacteria are complete, living organisms that can self-replicate. Bacteria are usually much larger, come in a wider variety of shapes, and serve in more beneficial roles than a virus.


Difference Between Hades And Satan

They’re both rulers of the Underworld, but that’s where similarities end. The Christian Satan is the most evil of creatures who delights in torment and pain, while Hades was long known as defender of the rights of the dead, as well as the overseer of both Tartaros and the beautiful fields of Elysium. While Satan is said to delight in walking the Earth and causing trouble, most of the interaction Hades has with humans is when they invade his domain—and sometimes, they’re given what they want.


Difference Between Barrel Rolls And Aileron Rolls

In recent years the phrase “do a barrel roll” has secured its place as a part of our pop-culture lexicon. Usually, the phrase is used to mistakenly refer to an aileron roll. A barrel roll is an aerial maneuver wherein an airplane completes a longitudinal revolution (what we usually think of as a barrel roll) while also following a helical path (think of a plane going around the outside of a barrel). An aileron roll, on the other hand, is achieved when a plane completes this revolution without changing altitude (think of a plane doing a full rotation while flying in a straight line through a barrel).


The Difference Between Alzheimer’s And Dementia

Both Alzheimer’s and dementia are associated with a loss of memory, but what’s the difference? Alzheimer’s refers to a physical change in the makeup of the brain, which causes dementia as one of its major symptoms. Dementia can be a symptom of other diseases as well.


The Difference Between Prisons And Jails

Even though the terms are often used interchangeably, prisons and jails are very different entities. A jail is used for short-term imprisonment, and is usually run by local law enforcement such as sheriffs. A prison is used for long-term imprisonment and is run by the state or federal government.


How To Tell The Difference Between Diamond And Cubic Zirconia

While one is obviously naturally formed and the other is a man-made impostor, telling the difference between the two can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The most conclusive way to tell the difference is with an electronic device that reads the stone’s electrical and thermal conductivity, but you can also look at the surface of the stone for any tell-tale scratches (diamonds shouldn’t have any), the color of the stone’s refraction (the light of a diamond will refract gray), and for flaws that will suggest a naturally made stone. Other tests include breathing on the stone, putting it under a black light, and trying to scratch glass with it.