Glorious World of Islamic Toilet Etiquette

“You know an odd feeling? Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate candy bar.” —George Carlin

In a Nutshell

When using toilets Muslims must: Say a prayer before and after going, enter the toilet with their left foot first, leave with their right foot first, and always wipe down, not up. Muslims must also pee sitting down and not talk to anyone else during the act.

The Whole Bushel

People all over the world follow a specific set of rules when using the restroom. Everyone’s routine is different and people are expected to act a certain way when going to the bathroom. In the Islamic faith, Muslims are required to follow the Qadaa’ al-Haajah when relieving themselves. The rules include a very specific routine for entering the restroom, using the facility, and washing up.

A Muslim must follow a collection of rules when using the bathroom. First off, the person should try to relieve themselves as few times as possible. If you have to go, it is required that you say a prayer before entering the bathroom with your left foot first. You must always face away from the Qibla when using the toilet and remove anything bearing Allah, such as the Quran or jewelry.

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You are required to keep quiet on the toilet and shouldn’t talk or answer questions. If someone else talks in a public restroom, you should cough three times to let them know it is unacceptable. You are allowed to read, but shouldn’t make any noises. If you encounter another person in a public restroom you need to keep your head down and shouldn’t touch your genitals with your right hand. There is definitely no eating on the toilet and you should always finish in a timely manner. Men should pee sitting down and always clean up after themselves.

Muslims must wipe down not up and do the washing with the left hand. You need to perform an odd number of wipes and men should do istibra, which is making sure all traces of urine are gone. When finished, you need to wash your hands and say a prayer: “Praise be to Allah who relieved me of the filth and gave me relief.” You must leave the room with your right foot first and not joke about your experience. The rules surrounding bathroom etiquette have been in existence for a long time and are referenced in verse 5:6 of the Quran.

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