Daily Archive: July 18, 2013

Ancient Life Expectancy Wasn’t Much Different From Now

Today, it’s popularly assumed ancient persons lived short lives. Since life expectancy for the ancient world is typically quoted at around age 30, reaching old-age must have been like winning a lottery where the prize is watching all of your friends die before you. This widespread fallacy stems from the misleading statistic of life expectancy, however, due to high infant mortality rates.

Glass is Not a Slow Flowing Liquid

It’s often said the glass in old windows is thicker at the bottom of a pane because over time the glass has flowed downwards. It’s true that glass is an amorphous solid, and so can be described (technically) as a fluid, but it moves so slowly at room temperature that changes would never be noticeable. Most metals are far more fluid than glass. Old glass appears thicker in some parts because it was blown and stretched rather than poured like modern glass.

Difference Between Bees, Wasps, And Hornets

Bees are furry and wasps are not. Bees use pollen to make and eat honey, while wasps are carnivores. Hornets are typically black and white or black and yellow, while bees are usually a more golden color. Bees die when they sting but wasps, hornets, and bumblebees don’t. They also all have differences in nesting and protection of their territory.

How Slot Machines Came To Las Vegas

In 1947, mobster Bugsy Siegel introduced the first slot machine into his casino The Fabulous Flamingo so that the wives and girlfriends of male card players would have something to do while their husbands and boyfriends gambled. They were so popular that they began springing up everywhere.