Rosalia Lombardo: The True Sleeping Beauty

“The custom of embalming and mummification is most praiseworthy and highly to be recommended.” —Earnest Hooton

In a Nutshell

Rosalia Lombardo died at aged 2 and her distraught parents had her embalmed. She was the last so-called “mummy” to be preserved in the very creepy Capuchin Catacombs and her remarkable preservation has led people to name her the Sleeping Beauty.

The Whole Bushel

Rosalia Lombardo was an Italian child born in 1918 in Palermo, Sicily. She died on December 6th 1920 of pneumonia. Rosalia’s father was so sorely grieved upon her death that he approached Dr. Alfredo Salafia, a noted embalmer and taxidermist, to preserve her. She was one of the last corpses to be admitted to the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo, Sicily and one of the most well-known.

Her preservation is such that it appears as if she were only sleeping, hence receiving the nickname “Sleeping Beauty”. She is considered one of the world’s best-preserved bodies and it is hard to believe she died nearly 90 years ago. For many years, the formula that preserved her so magnificently was a mystery, but it has recently been discovered that she was injected with a mixture of formalin, zinc salts, alcohol, salicylic acid, and glycerin.

Formalin, now widely used by embalmers, is a mixture of formaldehyde and water that kills bacteria. Dr. Salafia was one of the first to use this for embalming bodies. Alcohol, along with the arid conditions in the catacombs, would have dried Rosalia’s body and allowed it to mummify. Glycerin would have kept her body from drying out too much, and salicylic acid would have prevented the growth of fungi.

According to Melissa Williams, executive director of the American Society of Embalmers, it was the zinc salts that were most responsible for Rosalia’s amazing state of preservation. Zinc, which is no longer used by embalmers in the United States, petrified Rosalia’s body. “[Zinc] gave her rigidity. You could take her out of the casket, prop her up, and she would stand by herself.”

Show Me The Proof

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    I find this very sad…poor wee bairn.

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        I come from deep Scottish roots although I was born in Canada. My Nan called all children bairns and so she still speaks whenever I say it. Habit more than anything. Your reply was cute…thanks.

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        They must have been crushed! I couldn’t imagine losing a child.

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    Having had a child die I understand the grief. Julie Diana: 12 Feb ’84 – 7 April ’84.

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        How lovely, thank you.

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    sleeping angel

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    On another site I read that several time lapse photos show evidence of her eyes opening 1/8th of an inch, revealing her blue eyes. They believe it is caused by the heat (temperature rising). I’m truly amazed by how well preserved this little sleeping beauty is. Sad, but fascinating!

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    Is the technic similar to what the ancient Egyptians used? Wouldn’t mind to be mummified once I am dead. X Victoria – London Escorts

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