Forgotten Horrors: Anderlecht Veterinary School

“The lung of a sheep beside the brain of a bear, imprisoned behind half a centimeter of delicate glass.” —Urban Explorer

In a Nutshell

Since the 1990s, the Anderlecht Veterinary School has stood derelict in Brussels. The site was abandoned with all of its bizarre exhibits and creepy artifacts remaining—nestled in the dusty dying skeleton of a once thriving educational institution.

The Whole Bushel

The last remaining un-renovated building out of the nineteen that used to make up a veterinary complex in Anderlecht, Brussels has stood deserted since the ’90s. We’re thinking it remains un-renovated because crews are just straight up terrified to even go near this place.

Its deserted, crumbling halls lead to rooms that are each full of more horrifying stuff than the last. Old, hand-blown bottles of questionable fluids, syringes and other old, rusty medical equipment, and that’s just the beginning! The main attractions are the animal heads and brains and assorted parts stuffed into jars throughout the building, which has come to appropriately be called the “Horror Labs.”

Some parts are recognizable, some are not. Some are jammed together into larger jars. Some are sewn together, and we absolutely do not want to know why.

This is allegedly a fairly popular urban exploration destination, although anyone who wants to take a day trip to the Horror Labs is made of sterner stuff than we are.

Show Me The Proof

Forbidden Places: The Horror Labs or The Veterinary School of Anderlecht
Environmental Graffiti: The Animal Remains of Anderlecht’s Creepy Abandoned Veterinary School

  • inconspicuous detective

    as weird as it is, i don’t see why it’s creepy. yea i mean weird is one thing, but to be creepy and scary there’s a lot missing from the place.

    • Peach

      I’d say it goes hand in hand at this place.

  • Stalin
  • Brp Goyo

    We have equally grotesque displays at my University’s laboratory, with nine fetuses of varying months as the main attraction and it’s been a circulating story around the campus that no one shall ever dare be alone in that lab.

    • philipmarie

      Are you serious? Fetuses really? When on earth did they get those from?

      • Brp Goyo

        unclaimed ones from the hospitals

        • philipmarie

          I see. I wasn’t disbelieving him it just came as a shock you know.

          • Brp Goyo

            Where are you from? You want to tour it, alone, I know how to get you in past midnight there are only 6 roving guards in teams of two at night and I know their blindspots 😀

          • philipmarie

            Sorry bud I’m too far away from such creepy places. Sad as I love this stuff XD

          • Brp Goyo

            consider yourself lucky, really lucky. The lab stands at the oldest building also, the building that’s been the place of death of countless Japanese soldiers during the liberation of Manila during World War 2, and the many Filipinos they stuff at all surviving buildings to be pounded on by American bombers. You might survive nine ghostly fetuses, or FETI, but them…

      • P5ychoRaz

        They’re called feti…

  • LuvsHorror

    Did I miss something? Is this some new type of article here?

    • This is our sister site – you can get back to LV by clicking the back arrow

      • Hey

        I’m digging the new site. Very nice for a quick read if I don’t have time for a full list! Thanks for all your hard work!

        • J_Doe5686

          Yeah! I found it less dragging and more interesting! Why don’t they make text books like this?

  • J_Doe5686

    I’m fascinated with urban exploring. This place is creepy because of all the animal organs and stuff but it’s really cool. In my high school lab there was various species of fetuses. It was so cool!

    • I also enjoy urban exploring when I get the chance. There can be some really fascinating aspects and forgotten history to uncover in cities.

  • Hey

    I find the creepy and macabre tragically interesting, and I have a rather questionable desire to explore places like this.

  • rhijulbec

    Interesting for sure. I cannot imagine the experiments that went on there. Haunted by the poor animals that were tortured (possibly)?

  • Yikes! I did an internet search for more pix from inside the school. Creepy doesn’t begin to describe it. Weird, creepy, unnerving, derelict…not the place to take a happy Sunday afternoon outing.
    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Weird and creepy are always amusing.


    Why do they still keep them there…

    I mean, couldn’t we find some kind of use for those body parts?

    Like, let the bacteria decompose it and restore the nutrients back to Earth?

    Idk… we’ll think of something…

  • Maria Km

    I like to go into abandoned places but since this one had so many articles and videos wondering if there is not to much to see or yes? because vandalism is the main problem and the people stealing stuffs to sell do you know how much it can worth an insect or animal in a pot if you say it was from Anderlecht veterinary school, lot of money. So if someone have been there recently what to know if there is much to see thnx.

  • Nitin

    Nice article.. thanks for sharing. and Happy Holi In advance

  • Interesting – because that is the same thing I found out last Thursday….UP Basic Education

  • heena khan

    I never thought I will agree with this opinion, but you know… I agree partially now…

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