Forgotten Horrors: Anderlecht Veterinary School

“The lung of a sheep beside the brain of a bear, imprisoned behind half a centimeter of delicate glass.” —Urban Explorer

In a Nutshell

Since the 1990s, the Anderlecht Veterinary School has stood derelict in Brussels. The site was abandoned with all of its bizarre exhibits and creepy artifacts remaining—nestled in the dusty dying skeleton of a once thriving educational institution.

The Whole Bushel

The last remaining un-renovated building out of the nineteen that used to make up a veterinary complex in Anderlecht, Brussels has stood deserted since the ’90s. We’re thinking it remains un-renovated because crews are just straight up terrified to even go near this place.

Its deserted, crumbling halls lead to rooms that are each full of more horrifying stuff than the last. Old, hand-blown bottles of questionable fluids, syringes and other old, rusty medical equipment, and that’s just the beginning! The main attractions are the animal heads and brains and assorted parts stuffed into jars throughout the building, which has come to appropriately be called the “Horror Labs.”

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Some parts are recognizable, some are not. Some are jammed together into larger jars. Some are sewn together, and we absolutely do not want to know why.

This is allegedly a fairly popular urban exploration destination, although anyone who wants to take a day trip to the Horror Labs is made of sterner stuff than we are.

Show Me The Proof

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