China’s Tragic Good Samaritan Laws

“No one would remember the good samaritan if he’d only had good intentions; he had money as well.” —Margaret Thatcher

In a Nutshell

In China, there are no national laws protecting good Samaritans. Should you attempt to rescue someone and fail, you can be held financially liable to the victim’s family. This lack of protection has led to the loss of countless lives as people refuse to help others for fear of losing money.

The Whole Bushel

Most of us like to think that should some unexpected tragedy occur, we would do our best to help our fellow man. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we fail in the process. That is the reason behind “Good Samaritan” laws which exist in many countries throughout the world. These laws would protect you if, for example, you accidentally broke someone’s rib while giving them CPR. Unfortunately, China’s laws are the exact opposite. The government forces the Good Samaritan to make a settlement with the family of the person who has died.

Just last week, a pair of Chinese teenage girls, Li Qing and Chen Min, 17, fell into Lotus Lake in Dazhou City, Sichuan. Friends Wu Bo and Liu Hon, 18, dove in after them. Despite the boys’ best efforts, the girls were lost to the murky lake and drowned. Mere hours after the incident, the boys were pressured to pay 50,000 yuan ($8,150 USD) each for failing to save their friends.

Perhaps the most disturbing case was that of 2 year old toddler Wang Yue, who wandered into the street in Foshan, Guandong in 2001. Video footage shows the girl being struck by a van, which drove off. For seven full minutes, dozens of people walked and cycled past the baby’s bleeding, prostrate body, none of them attempting to help. Then the helpless girl was struck by another truck, which also drove away. Finally, a woman pulled Yue to the side of the road where she was recovered by her grief-stricken mother. The 2 year old clung on for over a week in the hospital, but eventually died of brain injuries.

Although no national laws to protect Samaritans are in the works, some cities, like Shenzhen, are rolling out laws to help well meaning bystanders. Shenzhen’s “Good Person’s Law,” officially known as the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Good Samaritans’ Right Protection Regulation, is hardly comprehensive, but it can be considered a step in the right direction.

Show Me The Proof

NBCNews: Good Samaritans pay the price for rescue gone wrong
DailyMail: Two-year-old run over TWICE as dozens of people ignored her lying in the road succumbs to her injuries
International Business Times: Chinese City To Roll Out New ‘Good Samaritan Law’ In Hopes Of Encouraging Positive Morals


    All comes down to the money…

  • Exiled Phoenix

    This is why I lose faith in humanity daily. These reasons and others is also why I don’t believe in a god. How could something profess love yet turn its back on its creation.

    • philipmarie

      Oh shut up you. Is it God’s fault that people die? Why don’t you blame the people who do evil, they’re the ones responsible for their actions whereas God, whether He exists or not actually inspired people to do good. MANY people (and don’t give me the inquisition or the crusades because I don’t want another bleeding religious debate).

      Thing is, these good samaritan laws are the responsibility of the communist government of China. The actions of people not helping others through fear are their own actions, something they should feel guilty about. But just as there are selfish people in the world, there are others who realize what the right thing is, unleash their true potential and do good despite everything. So don’t be a cynical twat, grab something, study and help people who really need genuine help. I admit we can’t all be superheroes or knights like the police and firefighters, saving people from physical danger and all but we can help others by doing little things.

      • FILOSOFY

        And ‘god’ has inspired people to crash planes into buildings. Oh no! That must be the PEOPLE’s fault. Whatever good is only inspired by god, not the bad things.

        The belief without sufficient evidence in something, will inspire people to do anything. My imagination inspires me everyday, doesn’t mean it’s always good things but it does.

        “Is it God’s fault that people die?”

        Why not? If it’s not God’s fault for any of the atrocities it isn’t fair to assert without proof that he is responsible for any of the good ones either. There’s no point of him existing then… so yes he does inspire people to do both good and bad things, and that’s the problem.

        I think this maybe what Exiled thinks- that God would inspire people to do bad things, and that it shouldn’t exist.

        • philipmarie

          ‘God has inspired people to crash planes…’ no He most certainly did not. A common misconception is that these suicide bombers are random muslims who decide to fight for the cause of Islam by exploding whereas the reality is much more tragic as these people are forced to train in camps run by fundamentalist muslim soldiers. You know, like the Taliban.

          I already made my points on how God doesn’t inspire evil but only people on their own stubborness commit evil and how something shouldn’t be judged through it’s abuses but no, you took my points and like the roadrunner ignored and flew past it. Without God and the Christian religion, without the influence of the missionaries and all the bullshit that happened throughout history can you really say we would have democracy and so much knowledge and philosophy in the world today? I am well aware that there were other civilizations that existed before Christianity like the Greeks, Romans etc… but they themselves had plenty of horrid morals and without the Church their otherwise valuable teachings wouldn’t have become so widely available. Without our God’s own sense of morality, would people today view killing as wrong, pedarasty as wrong, leaving the disabled to die as wrong etc…? People still commit these things in this day and age but few of them do.

          I don’t even know what you’re getting here, are you trying to make me believe that God is evil? Because I’m way past that phase in my life where I thought so and nothing is going to change it, least of all someone who ignores my own points. Man whatever, you don’t even know what you are getting at. To me, it’s all petty nonsense.

          • FILOSOFY

            Then prove that it isn’t common misconception that ‘god has inspired people to do good’. The way I see it, people of different religion, culture, ethnicity all over the world do good things and bad things- regardless of what social group they belong to, simply because they are humans, and along with that comes human nature to do good and bad given the circumstance. I don’t see how your biased point is any more valid than the counterpoint; regardless of what actually may be true. You look like you’re giving a blank statement with no true value to it.

            ‘you took my points and like the roadrunner ignored and flew past it.’ Um what? The point you just paid right before that very sentence was the one I focused on. If you attribute things people do as a result of their ‘own stubbornness’ then they wouldn’t need a god to inspire them to do anything; they would inspire themselves- otherwise it would just be an illusion of inspiration, which leads back to my point about ‘being inspired to crash planes into buildings’. You said that it’s the people’s fault, so how is it not the fault of the people that they do good things? Why are you crediting god with the only select morally-correct actions done clearly by people?

            Your next sentence talks about how Christianity is valuable to our world today in the sense that it provides ‘knowledge and philosophy’. Although I’m not going to say this is absolute BS, I am going to say that I was a former Christian, and the bible’s morals contain stuff like incest, ‘killing your neighbour for working on Sunday’ etc. In the medieval ages, Christianity still prevailed, do you think there weren’t hangings? Drawings and quarterings? What you are basically doing is linking events A and B by saying that B happened as a result of A. Once again, regardless of what is actually true (because we need factual proof for that, something neither of us seem to have), you try to make your point sound but you’re failing at it.

            Would people today view killing as wrong? Absolutely, morality comes from emotion, not religion; if you want an explanation on that I can provide several examples but I have no time at the moment. Do you see atheists running around and kill people because ‘they don’t believe in god and therefore cannot have morals?’. Of course people still commit these things… with or without religion, you have good people doing good things and bad people doing bad things. I’m not going to finish the original quote, but the fact that that’s true means morality is in no way directly connected to religion. When people have a personal issue with something, they will think it’s wrong, it has nothing to do with god but you’re trying desperately to make it look like it is.

            You don’t know what I’m getting here? Re-read my last sentence on my previous comment, because honestly I don’t think you have any idea what I’m talking about. Man, I sure agree that 3 paragraphs is a lot of response to petty nonsense. If you really thought so, you wouldn’t bother replying.

          • inconspicuous detective

            you both have pretty biased opinions to be fair.

          • philipmarie

            You’re right, except I myself think that non-religious humanism and rationalism has done a ton of good. And filosofy is right, why am I bothering replying to a douchebag who doesn’t care in the least about my faith or how his poor excuse of rhetoric affects me or others, somebody who doesn’t even do the most basic of research on the Bible? So everyone do me a favor and leave this poor excuse of a debate to rest before we send anyone into a deep depression. Either way filosofy, take this from me and not as something all or any Christian would say; dig a hole and and leave me and other Christians the flying fuck alone. We don’t need douchebags like you here or any place in this world. Nobody should speak on things they have no knowledge of, least of all to people who aren’t as well versed as me and who are more vulnerable to fall for stupid traps.

          • inconspicuous detective

            it’s alright philipmarie. i was a catholic before, i left the faith behind, but i have remained a believer in a god. i understand your frustration when dealing with someone who claims to know what they’re talking about, but they doesn’t do their research, OR worse when they have but decide to quip or insult the faith rather than discuss it and disregard any and all opinions from the other side. the usual reasoning there is that one is “ignorant” or “unintelligent” merely for having a faith.

            having said this i don’t believe you to be either, and i still believe that IMO our god has left us to go on our own. this was and always has been the point of our free will. you are free do disagree and i appreciate your response.

          • FILOSOFY

            That’s the point… I’m giving her the other side of ‘biased opinions’ to show that this is basically just opinion vs. opinion, and the fact that she is trying to make a factual claim out of something that is just biased opinion.

            The difference is; I’m not. My point was way back in the first comment when I said this is what I speculate the Exiled Phoenix may mean… everything else is explanation, you won’t find any points there.

            So far my biased opinion means nothing, because that wasn’t what I was talking about in the first place. Like I said, all it is is just explanation, but people tend to focus more on the controversial stuff instead of what I’m actually trying to say.

            “I think this maybe what Exiled thinks- that God would inspire people to do bad things, and that it shouldn’t exist.”

            And what I’m trying to say is simple ^ … if you bother reading it; although I won’t have too much of a problem following through if you don’t keep on track.

          • inconspicuous detective

            honestly i didn’t read what you said. i got the first paragraph down and decided to go no further as it already started to sound like a typical flame war response (from you both, not just you by the by, and i don’t mean any of that to offend you).

            i didn’t get the sense that she was trying to make fact out of opinion, just defending her and others’ rights to do as they please without being bashed. obviously both sides are very guilty of this (not saying both sides in this discussion in particular, but in general each side has their “bad apples”).

            if we go back to the original poster here, EP [exiled phoenix] then we have a basis for her to come out and say to just let the whole god thing rest. i’m not saying that EP was right or wrong, just that she found the addition that “i don’t see how a god can exist if…” to be unnecessary. now that’s anyone’s debate here and obviously you took up the other end which is fine. but in regards to what i said to her, it really wasn’t about you in particular. i was saying it more about how, in general, when discussing or debating the topic of god/religion online, you tend to find many people who either don’t know the scripture, or just glazed themselves with the lesser known facts and are trying to appear to know more than they do for the sake of winning the debate or inflating their ego. at any rate, this isn’t you, and i’m not saying it was, and for the most part i’d probably agree with you if you said god isn’t involved with us. the reason why or how we’d disagree on probably, because i believe he exists and you don’t (i think). but that doesn’t matter.

          • FILOSOFY

            You said that my response was biased, and I’m going to clarify by saying that the point of it was.

            The difference between me and her (or him) was that that was her OPINION, whereas I wasn’t trying to defend or argue anything in the last response… the point of that was the offer the alternative opinion, for which I have no factual proof- to show that the entire thing was opinion vs. opinion instead of correct vs. incorrect. And if your opinion of something is true, then undoubtedly you think that it is true, and pretty much by definition if you are to defend your opinion, you are ‘making fact out of opinion’.

            inconspicuous, I myself do not enter a debate with hopes to lose, and I’m pretty sure you don’t either. To be honest, I have no idea what you’re trying to get at in your last paragraph… is there something wrong with providing a potential counterargument? Obviously it would look like me trying to inflate my ego if I want to strictly defend my position. Again, if you haven’t read correctly, she is clearly trying to defend a position with god, now in my reply, I wasn’t trying to argue anything (and that’s why I didn’t bother to provide any proof for anything)- I was just giving simple facts in order to show how her opinion could not be as true as she thinks it is- thinking the other way around.

            Like I said, the original point was my comment on the opinion of Exiled Phoenix… but if philipmarie decides to take it off track and (ironically) skip that and focus on the more controversial issue (about religion, god etc.) then I don’t have a problem following along.

            The point was simple, but if you wish to make it complicated then you leave me no choice.

          • inconspicuous detective

            why continue it if the original goal of providing an equally opinionated perspective was met already? from both sides here there is a bias. her’s is pretty obvious, but yours can be played down a bit to appear as if it’s only offering a counter perspective…but the only reason to do that more than once is because you have a bias as well.

          • FILOSOFY

            The whole purpose of that WAS ‘to offer a counter perspective’.

            Your point is what? I don’t understand what you’re trying to get at.

          • inconspicuous detective

            you have a bias as well.

          • FILOSOFY

            Isn’t that kind of obvious when I already said myself that the whole point of it was to be biased?

            If your interpretations of a simple point are complicated, then you leave me with no choice. All that ^ was to provide a counter example of ‘biased’. I never prepared to argue the point, I just was pointing out the alternative that could be potentially true.

            My original point was simple and I’m not going to bother repeating it again…

            I honestly don’t know how much longer I’m going to repeat the same point… the whole purpose of the examples was that they be BIASED, so that you can see the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY, which you perhaps cannot disprove… so it leaves it open to discussion which one is true, and doesn’t establish your own bias, anyone’s bias as true even though you think it does.

            Do you have another point? Or is that it…?

          • inconspicuous detective

            you’re taking up the opposite end of this to more than provide a counter perspective and explaination. you’re doing it because you feel (he, she) is wrong in theirs and you’re trying to satisfy your own bias. i mean, if you really didn’t care, there’d be no need to get involved and continue, but you did. so you have some desire to validate your own opinions over (whatever gender/sex philli is), probably because you have some issue with the belief in a higher being.

          • FILOSOFY

            Do I have an issue with the belief in a higher being? Depends what you mean by ‘issue’. I am not personally a believer, and I see little sense in it, do you categorize that as having an issue?

            Rather than feeling that he/she is wrong, I feel that his/her point was left not validated. As far as I’m concerned, philip has made a biased point in order to further her opinion, but I don’t see how it is valid because one can easily defend the opposite perspective given the same material, since no evidence was provided to pinpoint a particular interpretation.

            If I didn’t really care, I wouldn’t comment in the first place. You care about this conversation right now, even just a little bit, or else you wouldn’t bother replying. Does it feel appropriate to leave an opponent hanging there when you have a point to make? I think not.

            So what you tried to do is describe my behavior… with some success, but the point still stands. In my first reply, I’ve said that this is what I think Exiled may be thinking. Now clearly there were some controversial points about god prior to that, but that was the main point of the reply. He/she focused on the more controversial portion, so I went along with it.

            I don’t satisfy my ego as much as you think I do. If I did I wouldn’t bother even arguing. Isn’t name calling and attacking the opponent him/herself much easier? I’d rather do that if I did.

          • Fameister

            Religion can cause a mess. Too much of good thing.

          • Hillyard

            Almost all religions teach the same basic message: Help others and don’t be an asshole. The ‘Golden Rule’. Personally I’m an refugee from Lutheranism, I’ve participated in Native American religious ceremonies and found them to be much more open and accepting. Currently I believe that the creator simply just started the ball rolling and is no longer really interested in us. The god of Islam did NOT inspire those terrorists to crash those planes on 9/11. That inspiration came from assholes like Bin Laden. One of the commandments is to not take the lord’s name in vain. To me using a divinity to justify murder or terrorism is a greater sin than saying goddamn. Unfortunately people have twisted religion for many purposes, not just war but to enrich themselves (televangelists come to mind) gain political power and so forth. No religion is free of this. The people who do evil and justify if in the name of whatever god they choose to worship are probably just evil. The people who do good in the name of whatever they worship are just good people that would do good things anyway. Just as there is no denying the evil brought upon mankind by religion there is also no denying the good it has done. I personally no more believe in yahweh, jesus or allah than I do the gods of my ancestors (Odin/Zeus etc, but Vahalla sounds awesome.) My brother is a hard core Calvinist and this gives him solace and a source of strength and for this I am grateful to his church even though I personally do’t believe personally.

      • Exiled Phoenix

        I find fault with your logic. If god did truly exist, why would this diety allow their name to be used in hatred? Why if this all powerful diety exists are people across the world allowed to suffer?
        You claim it’s the people…. you forget though, they claim their actions in the name of their diety and it does nothing to protect the innocent. eggomaniac quoted below. ” god could exist and just be an asshole”

        • inconspicuous detective

          there is a simple answer to this but christians and atheists alike won’t like it: i don’t care.

          i, he, she, it doesn’t care about it. we were made with free will, doesn’t that right there contradict any assertion that we’re acting “opposite” to how we “should”? who’s to say what is and isn’t wrong? it’s supposed to be a choice to follow the bible, koran, whatever. point being: free will is power given to humanity to prove something. whether or not you choose to is irrelevant, because it’s your choice.

          • Fameister

            When I see God, I’ll believe in Christianity. Just like how many people claim the reason they decided to become a Christian. Liars. Until then, I’ll believe it when I see it.

          • inconspicuous detective

            you ware welcome to that opinion or belief. it’s not up to me to decide for you and if it were i’d still say do what you want.

          • Fameister

            So, still basically the same thing you said up there.

          • inconspicuous detective

            you won’t get me to fall into some trap of saying i wanna see all people worship “one god” that would happen to be mine (by coincidence of course). it’s nobody’s business. now that can work both ways if you’re looking to discuss something.

          • Fameister

            You must have misunderstood me there.

          • inconspicuous detective

            probably. or that wasn’t intended for you…i’m not sure anymore.

          • Fameister

            Lol okay.

        • philipmarie

          Because God loves humanity and He loves it so much He allows people to actually use their minds even if it means doing evil. Else, we would all be puppets unable to really show love and our actions are meaningless. Isn’t that what humanists believe, that they can do good without God’s intervention or grace? Whilst I don’t believe you need to believe in God to be a good or even great person, to do any good at all you need God’s grace.

          People suffer from all walks in life. There have been saints who suffered more than anyone can imagine like Saint Lydwine of Schiedam, Maximilian Kolbe, Cornelia Connelly… it’s easier to list the saints who didn’t suffer. But even if we are tortured, maimed and killed we will always strive to fight back and live and even if not everybody can get saved it’s better to act and save a crap ton of people than to save none at all.

          So in essence, just because people do evil in the name of religion means that religion and God are evil. A, where the flying hell did this topic come from? B, you can make the same charge against humanists as they themselves have done wars and murders in the name of their own philosophy like the French Revolution and the Reign of terror, Napoleons Wars, the murders done in the Risorgimento and the rampant immorality and indifference that exists today. Does that make humanist ideas like democracy false? No, that’s nonsense as the value of something should NOT be measured by the abuse it undergoes.

        • FILOSOFY

          You answered your own question with eggomaniac’s quote.

      • inconspicuous detective

        someone sounds like me…

    • eggomanic

      God could exist and just be an asshole.

      • FILOSOFY


      • Exiled Phoenix

        How truly sad would that be.

      • MR

        not really…depends on how you define God and asshole but I’m pretty sure they are incompatible.

    • Ryan

      I was very shocked to learn about your comment… Please stop talking about the issues that can be unconfortable to most people(especially reglious people) I am an anthiest.

      • John Bowman

        What is an anthiest?

        • Fameister

          An anthiest is someone who worships ants. Duh.

      • Exiled Phoenix

        I was unaware censoring existed here!

    • Jane Doe

      Don’t blame God for lack of responsbility in this world.

      • Exiled Phoenix

        Really? So the creator of this world should hold no blame for what this diety has created? Your case is weak.

      • Hillyard

        So by your reasoning, if I build a car that is unsafe and sell it to you and you crash and some of your family is killed, I am not to blame. Hey, wanna buy a great Pinto?

    • Your comment made me laugh. How is God responsible for the stupid laws written by human? It’s funny how all evil is blamed on God and whatever good happens in this world is thanks to humans.
      Human beings are responsible for their own misery. They are granted free will. They choose to kill, murder, burn, torture, invade, ignore, starve, enslave,… The same way there are many people who do good. Don’t be that guy who pins everything on God. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Him or not. But it’s really absurd to expect a God to intervene everytime someone decided to do something stupid. We have brains, we have the ability to think and choose freely. What we do with that is not God’s fault. It’s ours.

    • OptomesticSkeptic

      Stuff like this should make you believe in some God even more. Evil, negative energy, is rampant, and Good, positive energy, is scarce. God and satan aren’t real people, that is a stupid and selfish thing to believe because well look at this freaking universe! Drop the human figures and think of God and Satan as forms of energy and it is easier to understand that they do exist and they’re around us all the time.

      Think about it guys! The entire universe is made up of negatives and positives. We ourselves work on negatives and positives.

      The number one reason everyone is wrong here is because were too human to really truly understand anything past our world let alone the entire got dang universe!

    • you both have pretty biased opinions to be fair.

      • Paladine

        They are tearing “god’s” house down in Texas. What impotent deity can not evendefend its creation in its own house?
        Do you wonder if they prayed for help or tried to run? Perhaps their faith was not strong enough…

  • BryanJ

    The Wang Yue video is horrible.

  • Fred

    how did i get here?

  • rhijulbec

    Here in Canada at one time, (not sure if it is still in effect), members of the medical profession were not covered by ”good Samaritan” laws. So if I, as a nurse, were to administer first aid and the victim suffered any ill effects from that first aid, I would not be covered and could face civil as well as criminal prosecution. As I said, this was years ago and may have changed.

  • Phil_42

    Who cares what a law says, what happened to simple human decency? Or am I just naive?

  • Jessica Marie Sato

    Japan is the same way. I lived there for 10 years. Once I saw a kid driving a scooter that crashed out in the middle of the road. My husband, who is Japanese, held me back as I took a step into the street to help the poor kid who’s face had been badly lacerated. My husband said ‘You have to leave it. It’s too much trouble if you help.’ I couldn’t understand but now I see, if I had involved myself in the situation and say, tried to clean the kid’s face, I could be held liable by the family if the face doesn’t heal correctly. It’s very sad, but many asian countries do not have a good samaritan law.

  • Bored

    China is horrible.

  • Sarah-Kate Glenn

    I can’t decide if it’s more upsetting that there are no Good Samaritan laws, or that people care more about losing money than other peoples’ lives.

  • Fameister

    China is one fucked up place.

  • maximillianrex carpediem

    Ok, look. God gave everyone free will. He DOES care, but He is also testing us. It is our own sinful nature that causes people to do things this horrible. Humans want to keep sinning and not pay for their crimes against God. But we will all face Him one day. And your only ticket to Heaven is through Salvation in Christ Jesus. Not through any of your own actions.

    • KT

      Zealot casts
      “Irrelevant Religious Argument”

      It has no effect on article about asian civil laws.

      • maximillianrex carpediem

        Atheist nerd casts “Doesn’t read other comments and unjustly attacks Christian, thereby making Atheists look like arrogant, self-righteous jerks”. Atheist nerd loses all HP in the process and has to respawn.. 🙂

        See Exiled Phoenix’s comment RIGHT BELOW MINE.

        Yet another “durr hurr” moment for Atheists. Worse than the time one of them told me that the Council of Nicea was in league with the Illuminatti.

        Predicting a lame comeback where the big bad Atheist bully gets angsty when his target fights back.

  • I’ve got no idea how Chinese people put up with their government’s bullshit laws.

  • The Bully007

    I find it disgusting that 2 chinese drivers ran over a toddler and didn’t stop to help. Worse yet, no one helped until the child got ran over a second time. DISGUSTING.

  • Awura Mulley

    ‘Perhaps the most disturbing case was that of 2 year old toddler Wang Yue, who wandered into the street in Foshan, Guandong in 2001’. pls check your facts, this happened in october 2011 not 2001

  • Fresco Martinez

    That’s the way is should be in America. Then everything would be juuuuuuust right!

  • jigsawtest

    Typo, the tragic death of the girl happened in 2011.

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  • Julianto Julianto

    i, he, she, it doesn’t care about it. we were made with free will,
    doesn’t that right there contradict any assertion that we’re acting
    “opposite” to how we “should”? who’s to say what is and isn’t wrong?
    it’s supposed to be a choice to follow the bible, koran, whatever. point
    being: free will is power given to humanity to prove something. whether
    or not you choose to is irrelevant, because it’s your choice.

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