Forgotten Horrors: The Human Experiments of Unit 731

“We removed some of the organs and amputated legs and arms. Two of the victims were young women, 18 or 19 years old. I hesitate to say it but we opened up their wombs to show the younger soldiers. They knew very little about women – it was sex education.” —Unit 731 Doctor

In a Nutshell

During the occupation of China, the Japanese army set up the secretive Unit 731. Behind closed doors doctors infected civilians with plague, subjected them to extreme temperature changes, and had them dissected alive.

The Whole Bushel

When the bombs landed in China’s Quzhou province, locals didn’t know what to make of them. Instead of exploding, they merely cracked open – spilling rice, wheat and microscopic fleas across villages. It wasn’t for another week that their purpose became apparent, when an outbreak of Bubonic Plague began to decimate the countryside.

Such plague bombs are only one of the atrocities linked with Unit 731: the Japanese answer to Mengele’s Auschwitz. In a vast complex on the edge of the Chinese mainland, surgeons took turns at dissecting civilians alive, removing organs one by one until the patient died. Some were hung up and vivisected without anesthetic. Others were tied to the ground in freezing weather to see how quickly they would succumb to frostbite. Yet others were gassed or herded into decompression chambers, where researchers timed how long it took their eyeballs to explode. And then there were the germs.

Cholera, typhoid, dysentery and anthrax were spread over Chinese cities. As many as 200,000 people died in outbreaks that lasted until 1948. Russian, Filipino and Allied prisoners were infected then pickled in formaldehyde. Yet, for all this brutality, no-one was ever punished. US forces exchanged immunity for data and helped cover-up the evidence. There has been no apology, no compensation, no recognition. Unit 731 remains a darkly open secret—one its victims still suffer with 70 years later.

Show Me The Proof

New York Times: Japan Confronting Gruesome War Atrocity
BBC: Unit 731: Japan’s biological force
DailyMail: Doctors of Depravity


    Man I’d really like to see those pro-‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ people face atrocities like these. So, no revenge? You sure you’ll just stand there like you said and accept the ‘slap on your face’ and not fight back in any way?

    If you’re naive enough to quote Ghandi in that way then honestly, let’s see how you can last in Unit 731.

    Revenge is not the best, it is not moral, but it is a couple trillion times better than doing nothing, and it is the only true justice that we have. Punish them as they would punish you, or face the above- it’s simple. In nature, the only morality is POWER- that’s the only thing nature cares about. And guess what? That’s the only thing you should care about when it’s a matter of ripping your organs out or not.

    In a justified society, yes you can quote Ghandi and I won’t be an asshole… but the world is nowhere near justified.

    If you honestly believe in that quote under all circumstances… then honestly, let’s see how long you will last getting tortured- let’s see for how long you’ll last. Because you simply don’t understand nature; you simply don’t understand how cruel nature is…

    Yes I’m being an asshole right now; I just can’t believe how absolutely naive people nowadays have gotten…

    Revenge is the ONLY justice we have- maybe not an eye for an eye, maybe a broken leg for an eye, or a bruise for an eye, but the main idea still stands- punishment for a crime. Wait that sounds like 99% of the justice system in the world!

    Again, an eye for an eye is not the best justice; it’s not possible to have a perfect justice system because we don’t live in a perfect world, but nothing for an eye like many people apparently misquote, is not even justice at all… it’s just pathetic stupidity.


      Nature is very simple: If you’re a lion and you can catch up to a deer then you deserve to kill it and eat it.

      We’re much more complex with our system of morality and all the other fluff… but it doesn’t replace the philosophy of nature- it still stands.

      Morality only works when everybody contributes; it’s either we all are morals, or none of us are morals. Law exists because some of us are not good people… and it issues appropriate punishments for those people… but what if law didn’t exist?

      Law and morality are similar, but they’re both COMMITMENTS- like promises, they will break the very instant we decide not to carry on.

      The only thing that cannot be ignored in life is power. Because the definition of power is the ability to influence, the ability to break down that barrier of ignorance. The most promising way to fight power is… with power.

      In a simplistic environment, it is the most powerful tool you can have. Obviously in our 21st century society that is not the best case… but we have to remember something.

      And that something is… if and when law and morality ceases to exist (in this case, unit 731 where people torture and mutilate without giving a shit) power, remains your only solution to a problem.

      And that solution is revenge…

      • MR

        Your spelling of philosophy expresses equally your understanding of it.

        • FILOSOFY

          I don’t see your point.

          If you have something to refute, or something to point out, I welcome it, but if you don’t then I can’t help you.

          There is no morality in nature, is my simple tl;dr- if we were to be reduced to that sort of crude behavior (example: If we were to kill without secondary thought like animals) then there would consequently be no place for morality in our society, and only power will succeed.

          If these good commitments are ignored, then there is no choice for people but to resort to power. No I’m not saying it is good, nor am I saying it is the best solution, I’m saying that it is something that will always work when it is strong enough, and I’m saying that if everything else is ignored, that is something that people will have no choice but to use.

          Nature is just a metaphor for an atmosphere in which these human values don’t exist (and therefore serve the equal meaning as ‘being ignored’) and as a result, the only contest is between two different powers (say, a lion’s running speed vs that of a deer, deciding whether the latter will escape or get eaten).

          If we lived in a human society that resembles the lawless state of nature (things like unit 731, concentration camps, millions of examples), then really, the only thing we can do is act like animals- use power.

          You can condescend all you want but I can’t tell you much more than that unless you provide a good point as counterargument, because you don’t seem to agree.

          • Hillyard

            All justice is to some extent revenge. You hurt me/mine/society so I will punish you by locking you up, making you work, or in the extreme cases killing you. We need to come to terms with this, all modern methods of execution have been designed to make the execution more ‘humane’. This allows society the falsehood of thinking that the execution was only justice and not revenge. Ask the victims’s family, some may say that they don’t want revenge but most will admit it. Of course these days with the super-max prisons, 23 hour lock downs and little/no human contact perhaps hanging IS too good for them. As far as using the A-bomb on Japan, don’t start a war and then bitch about the ass whooping you took. We should have tried and then (when the circumstances dictated) executed the asswipes of Unit 731 and some of the Nazi scientists that we gave shelter to after the war.

          • FILOSOFY

            Justice is pretty much just humane revenge.

            Vengeance precedes modern justice; it is an ancient form of justice (when it was to more extent revenge)… but without it we wouldn’t have a legal system.

            The thing is, people nowadays go deep one level- they say stuff like ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’, thinking that there is a perfect, absolute justice, and revenge is all just bad bad bad and we’re all goody two shoes… but go even deeper, and you’ll see that justice is founded upon pure hatred- hatred of criminals, of crime.

            In the end it’s just a little whining most of us can’t get over- whining about murder, theft, crime in general; don’t get me wrong, we have a good reason to whine, but that’s all it is. When we all complain about something we try to change it… so we build jails for criminals.

            As for the unit 731, I would have to agree, because I have no reason not to agree. There doesn’t even need to be any torture, just simple CP. I do not think that any civilian that didn’t participate in any sort of warfare deserves to be involved, like many of those who were killed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If their families bitch about the war, by all means go ahead, but there’s little excuse for the country to also bitch about it- like you said, they started the damn thing… too bad. It’s like going up to a snake and threatening it with a stick, then bitching about how you got bitten, right? Well no shit you got bit… For the rest of the people, too bad, that’s all I can say… unless you want me to shed some tears and be all like ‘oh no they didn’t deserve to die’. I try to speak the truth; if your feelings are hurt because of TRUTH, then it’s your own fault.

            Because I think that if you are humane to truly evil people, you’ve betrayed your own society. To give them sympathy, is to abandon the same for all those people you love and live with… family, friends- you’ve already turn against them.

            REHAB is for people that are mistaken, people that are willing to do good but say, are drawn into crime, coerced… they made a mistake, but are good at heart. EXECUTION is for people who, in their hearts, don’t give a flying duck about the victims they kill (they might even enjoy it). I understand it is extremely difficult to separate the two, but pin pointing at truly evil people- they deserve execution, by the standards of our society. Simple. If you’re anywhere near qualified for rehab, or imprisonment, then you probably aren’t the kind of evil I’m talking about.

            Is it cruel? Of course it is… but the way I see it, it’s either all of us are moral, or none of us are moral, and if you ignore all that, you leave me no choice but to ignore it as well. I will only be moral with those who are moral- it is only fair that way, it only makes sense that way.

            The ultimate question is- what is more important to you? Your feelings or your intelligence?

          • MR

            morality comes from man’s reason, which is a natural part of being human, morality is natural. humans are a part of nature.

          • FILOSOFY

            Humans are part of nature, like less than 0.1% of it.

            When I mention nature, I usually refer to the other 99.9% that don’t depend upon morality in their everyday lives, but depend on necessity.

          • MR

            .1%? Have you seen a map?

          • FILOSOFY

            I was never referring to area… but the sheer volume of nature.

            The biomass of our human population is roughly equivalent to that of all insects (or a type of insect, I forgot which one)… and now consider the rest of the couple million species that thrive on Earth. Yeah you get the point.

            We’re not that big… the only reason it looks like it on maps is because humans make the maps in order to illustrate population areas. Why not go check out a map of all the bacteria on Earth?

          • MR

            Wow…just wow…

          • FILOSOFY

            tl;dr- Count the number of organisms that don’t rely on morality vs. the total human population.

            It’s like well over 1000 to 1.

            My point is made, you can wow all you want now.

          • MR

            Valid but questionably sound, I suppose might (even though it isn’t real might, with the lack of rational intention) makes right then? So wow, your first year of logic was fruitful. Wow.

          • FILOSOFY

            ‘Valid but questionably sound, I suppose might makes right then?’

            Are you talking about power? Technically, power does not DETERMINE what is right or wrong, but it gives OPPORTUNITY for an entity to ESTABLISH what is right or wrong.

            The notion of rightness and wrongness comes from emotion- comes from the fact that you have a personal issue with something (because why bother have law? justice? if you didn’t care? obviously things like murder hurts your feelings and that makes you want to do something about it).

            An interesting question to ask is: Who are the people who think what is right right now (like helping others, giving to charity, all that cliché stuff you get it) to decide what is right for everyone? I mean, why can’t the criminals establish their own law? Why can’t it be the other way around? Murder be right and donations be completely wrong? I’m sure there are people like that in the world? You can call them insane, crazy, but in their perspective you are crazy as well. So what gives any faction leverage over another to say what is right?

            That what, is power. Simply because we have more PEOPLE that believe in that.

            I’ve explained much so far, and apparently you’re still going with the original plan to condescend until you feel better about yourself. Do you or do you not have a valid point?

            Because as far as I’m concerned you don’t even have a point to begin with… good to think before you comment.

          • MR

            tl; dr, n. did I allude to having a point? thanks for all the attention.

    • Pavel39

      The Japanese of today are much different and more humane than the Japanese of 70 years ago. Would you not say that dropping two atomic bombs in populated areas are enough revenge? For the most part, the Nazis answered for their atrocities, though some escaped prosecution. Thanks to so called “Nazi Hunters” some of the escaped officers and members of the SS are still being brought to trial. I am proud of my German ancestry because one of my relatives testified against several Nazis during the Nürnberg Trials and though a few served in the German army, none were members of the Nazi party. Also, German Wehrmacht suffered greatly at the hands of my other ancestors, the Soviet Union. Every side suffered, and every side dealt out their share. Every side is different, now. If you think the American army (though they didn’t commit atrocities to the extent of the Germans, Soviet Union, and Japanese) took every single prisoner they found, then you are mistaken. The only justice that could be served to the Japanese does not involve murdering innocent civilians that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the events that occurred 70 years ago, it involves finding those who were responsible and putting them on trial.

      • FILOSOFY

        “The Japanese of today are much different and more humane than the Japanese of 70 years ago. Would you not say that dropping two atomic bombs in populated areas are enough revenge?”

        I know they are much different; my rant was about the general topic of REVENGE rather than just unit 731. Of course I understand this has already happened in the past… I only used united 731 as one of the examples, but the main idea is about vengeance- the fact that it isn’t what many people think it is.

        “If you think the American army took every single prisoner they found, then you are mistaken.”

        I think nothing of the sort; I was barely talking about World War 2 to begin with. If you think that I was, then I’m afraid you, are mistaken.

        “The only justice that could be served to the Japanese does not involve murdering innocent civilians that had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the events that occurred 70 years ago, it involves finding those who were responsible and putting them on trial.”

        To clarify, I didn’t say killing of the innocent was necessary. I said that if you want to protect yourself, in the event that reasoning and morality breaks down, then you have no choice but to accept nature’s option of vengeance, because that is its standard. Of course we shouldn’t be killing civilians just because they are associated by nationality with people who were actually responsible, but we should find those who ARE responsible and promptly deal with them. There is no place for criminals in a justified society, that’s why we have prisons.

        It seems that I might have misguided you with an intense tone of voice, because I do agree with you on many accounts but you think that I do not.

        Again, I wasn’t talking about World War 2. I was talking about the concept of revenge and how it is the way I see it, using unit 731 during WW2 as an extremely minor example.

      • FILOSOFY

        And no, I wouldn’t hate you because your ancestors experimented on and systematically exterminated Jewish people. If I was personally involved, I would hate THEM.

        The point is that’s the only logical conclusion. Would you… like them because they commit atrocities? Hate is good in the sense that it drives people to do something, rather than just stand around and join the community bandwagon of submission and obedience towards pretty much everything.

        The fact that things like the Holocaust happen mean that SOMEBODY has to do something about something else, not just accept whatever’s thrown at them. Vengeance is crude and largely imperfect, but it is much better than doing nothing in a world of no reason and morality. Power then becomes your only tool to solve problems, and to survive. You can’t argue your way out with a lion, but your gun could avoid the problem completely. Power, if sufficient enough, can never be ignored.

        If you go up to a SS officer and explain in detail why the Jews should be released, you will get shot and laughed at (circumstance where both logic and morality is ignored right here- Nazi’s don’t give a crap)… but what if you bring an army… of adversaries? Like the allies? What if you use power to fight power? Then the problem is solved! Then, the Soviets, for instance, liberate the camp. Just like how the Jews couldn’t ignore being forced to work, the guards can’t avoid an advancing army waiting to obliterate them upon arrival. My point is not that power is always good, my point is that it will always work if sufficient enough.

        Basically, it is your best and only weapon when you cannot reason yourself out of a situation or discourage an opponent by saying that it is wrong.

        This is regardless of what situation you’re in. I was talking about a general concept.

    • anonymouse72

      Revenge is one (ONE) of the causes of Terrorism, murders and many other feared things.

      • FILOSOFY

        Like I said, it is not perfect.

        The thing is it is better than simply doing nothing and accepting whatever’s thrown at you, because it’s a sign of respect for the self.

        • anonymouse72

          In the short run, it makes you a coward–”Hey, just gonna sit there being hit on the face? Loser!”

          In the long run–”Wow, you were so patient, the world would be awful with one more fight back”–it makes you a hero.

          • FILOSOFY

            Umm… in the short run, it makes you a coward… but in the long run, it makes you a pile of decomposed flesh and organs with multiple cuts on either side of the abdomen with your eyeballs exploded becoming a liquidy mess.

            It has nothing to do with what will happen in the future, because it is impossible to predict the future without knowing everything there is to know… so now.

            You will risk your life like that? And the lives of hundreds of thousands? For a tiny hint of a possibility that it might turn out to be good?

            What matters is now, not the future, because you know now, you don’t know the future.

            You choose.

    • Luciano Gianola

      That quote doesn’t mean that we just let evil be done.
      Observing an atrocity and being victim to it are two very different things.
      Of course it’s better than nothing, but who ever argued for nothing? We all want justice in some form, even if definitions of the term vary. “The only true justice that we have”? Depends on how you define justice, and if that definition is viable on its own. If we punish a thief by making him pay for all losses and damages, all wrongs were made right, but the thief has only learned to be more careful when thieving. Rehabilitate the thief, teach him/her the values of good and honest work, and you’ve not only made justice for a crime, but prevented future crime from occurring.
      So we should be animals when dealing with animals?
      We’re humans. We’re smarter than nature. We freaking defined nature. We’ve already come up with a half-decent justice system, and it works most of the time.
      The relationship between victim and offender is vastly different than offender and the court.
      It is indeed naïve to believe that we should do nothing in response to a crime, but I can’t really think of anyone who’d campaign for such amnesty.
      No, it’s not the only justice we have. Punishing the criminal is easy. Changing him/her is hard, but much more worthwhile.
      Eye for an eye is a lazy justice system that has many flaws. It’s not ideal, it’s not the best we can do, it’s not even the lesser evil. We’re people. We can do better than that.

      • FILOSOFY

        “That quote doesn’t mean we just let evil be done.”

        Don’t worry, I’m not bashing the quote, I’m bashing the popular interpretation of the quote.

        “”The only true justice that we have”? Depends on how you define justice, and if that definition is viable on its own. If we punish a thief by making him pay for all losses and damages, all wrongs were made right, but the thief has only learned to be more careful when thieving. Rehabilitate the thief, teach him/her the values of good and honest work, and you’ve not only made justice for a crime, but prevented future crime from occurring.”

        When I said the ‘only true justice that we have’ I was referring to our justice SYSTEM, particularly a system in which criminals are PUNISHED because they did harm to somebody or something. You hurt me (society), I hurt you. It is not the same as revenge but technically there is little in difference. Your description of the thief is controversial because that is obviously not always the case. Let me just give you a counter example alrighty?

        “If we punish a thief by making him pay for all losses and damages, all wrongs were made right, and the thief will learn not to steal again because he doesn’t want a similar punishment in the future. Rehabilitate the thief, teach him/her the values of good and honest work, and you’ve not only wasted your time giving him a second chance to steal, but allow him to laugh in your face at the resources you wasted.”

        And yes this happens all the time as well.

        See? It’s a double edged sword, and this depends upon the PERSONALITY of the thief… because it is his decision that will change everything… so it’s useless arguing about which one is right or better.


        “So we should be animals when dealing with animals?We’re humans. We’re smarter than nature. We freaking defined nature. We’ve already come up with a half-decent justice system, and it works most of the time.”

        Yes. Luciano, what do you do if you have a hunting rifle, you’re out in the woods, some tiger claws at you. You run away? Do you believe you can outrun a tiger? No no how about this!

        We sit down, and have a chat about it. We chat with the tiger, telling it that it is morally wrong to kill people (nature disapproves), and giving a detailed explanation as to why he should let you go.

        Or… I dunno, you could try to scare him away with you gun, or even shoot at it -shrug-. Maybe that will work? And yes it does work, because your gun represents true power, you don’t. Why? You can’t ignore being shot at, but you CAN ignore a good debate or any reasoning for that sense.

        Of course, in a civilized community you shouldn’t just go all out rampage, but that’s NOT what i’m talking about. I’m talking about what you should and have to resort to when you live in a place where all the animals go out rampage, where people DON’T listen to ANY reasoning OR morality of some sort- they just want to kill you, simple, like a hungry tiger… or unit 731… or Auschwitz concentration camp- they simply don’t give a shit. In that circumstance, power is all you have, use it or… die. You’ll probably die even if you do use it, but you’re at least TRYING to make a DIFFERENCE. Trying to fight for your own respect.


        “It is indeed naïve to believe that we should do nothing in response to a crime, but I can’t really think of anyone who’d campaign for such amnesty.”

        That, I think, is a problem people are not aware of. They campaign for something that they don’t believe in, but they think they believe in. I mentioned that somewhere in my page long rants… like first comment I think. Wasn’t my central point though.

        “No, it’s not the only justice we have. Punishing the criminal is easy. Changing him/her is hard, but much more worthwhile.”

        Change comes with punishment. You don’t see criminals living in luxury hotels to pay compensation for their crimes… you see them in JAILS. Change, and rehabilitation comes at the cost of freedom, it is a branch of punishment in the justice system. And sometimes dude, it isn’t worth the time trying to change somebody. It is futile. Yes it is, because we have billions of other people waiting to obtain resources, and one is hoarding more than he should because he committed a crime.

        My sympathy for them only goes so far, so no, they don’t deserve as much as some regular person does… I’m going to have to be cruel and draw the line there, because it only makes sense that way. I’ll be nice and say you could get some treatment… but no more… because after that we’re only fooling ourselves the importance of citizens.

        “Eye for an eye is a lazy justice system that has many flaws. It’s not ideal, it’s not the best we can do, it’s not even the lesser evil. We’re people. We can do better than that.”

        It certainly does have many flaws and is not ideal, nothing is idea. I don’t promote the idea of ‘an eye for an eye’, but I was talking about something akin to it. I don’t say you should pull out the eye of somebody who pulled out yours… the punishment, in a justified society, should not be as such (because you know, we’re humans, so much better than nature all that stuff)… like I dunno a punch in the face… exile? Something, we always think of a punishment.

        Yes we can do better. Just like a person who lost the lottery CAN win. You may spend your whole life one in a billion chance-ing… and waste all of it.

        Honestly, I feel like the fact that ‘we can do better’ is said with similar motivation when somebody tries to promote consequentialism (I partially do, a little bit)- the ends will always justify the means, the right is the action that causes the most happiness for most people. That information is in the future, and is useless to me NOW. What I need is methodology, ideas… not information about the future- it could be true or false, but I can’t do anything with that because I’m not omniscient. I can’t use it or justify it in any way.

        So yes we can do better. And you know what? We are. I wasn’t talking about the society we live in NOW. I was talking about a primitive society… without reason, or morality, and what we should do *THEN*. Example: Out in the middle of Amazon alone facing 12 animals that want to kill you. Arguing your way out won’t work (I’ve tried it before can you believe it… with a bee, still got stung, was like 6 yrs old). So?

        Fight your way out. Or stand there and get eaten.

        Man… it’s your call.

        Yes I know I was being a little to harsh, but the idea still stands. Hope I clarified somethings with this reply.

        • avy

          Stop yapping. What are you trying to prove? You got way too much free time.

      • Stillstrugglingattimes

        Your cup is entirely too full, Mr. Optimism. Good for you though. The world desperately needs more people like you. Unfortunately, I am not one of them and am on the polar opposite side of almost everything you have written. I am all about revenge for the victim, and revenge for society at large.

        To say, “We’re people. We can do better than that.”, is non-sense. When in the history of mankind have we done anything to make you think we are better than mere animals, especially when it comes to punishment, or having mercy shown to the worst in our society. I for one, am happy that we show no mercy to the worthless, sorry ass, violent criminal element in our society.

        • Luciano Gianola

          Humans have done plenty to separate themselves from animals.
          What’s an animal’s justice system? Going into a rage over stolen food and brutally killing any and all suspects? Lashing out viciously whenever it’s upset? You can’t honestly assert that the human concept of justice is anything but millenia more advanced than that of animals.
          I need to know what you mean by “mercy” before I can reply further.

    • Phil_42

      I think perhaps you should focus more on how Japanese culture has learnt from it’s past to become a very moral passive people. Another example would be the German culture today. You may call it naivety, I call it progress.

      • FILOSOFY

        I wasn’t talking about anybody’s culture. You could call that progress, but I don’t see how that’s relevant…

        I feel like I keep having to remind people that this is a very general idea, free from any culture, nationality, event… about the general idea of power and revenge. It has nothing to do with anything in particular, but something to do with pretty much everything. It’s like if I talked about LIFE, or HAPPINESS. I just mentioned unit 731 to show the extent to which human cruelty can possibly get… no more.

        • Phil_42

          Fair enough.

    • Michael M

      You have no concept of what nature is. Yes, animals kill but the reason they do it is food, protection or the purity of their lineage. Man kills others because he likes it. Don’t try and pretend these so called doctors did not enjoy cutting a man open. The simple thing to do when ordered to do this is put a bullet in your brain. When superiors see that no one would do it they would not give such an order. It’s like this. Why take someone else s life just to keep your.
      have a great in eternal damnation. That is what such a piece of crap deserves. Naive is not the word. Evil is what they are and they sold their soul so they could keep their own skin. Idiot. We how long their pain will be. Eternity. Get it. These scum doctors can save their soul now and blow their head off. They may have a chance but I doubt it

  • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

    The book at includes some additional information on Japanese atrocities during World War II, including the Rape of Nanking. Some of this stuff is so horrible, it is almost hard to imagine it actually happening!

  • P5ychoRaz

    Man, a lot of Men Behind the Sun info lately…
    “Friendship is friendship. History is history.”

  • I tried to read the articles about Unit 731, started reading the NYT piece. I barely got through the first two paragraphs and had to stop. I can’t imagine the horror and I certainly don’t want to.
    Awful, awful, awful!

    • joshua

      please watch ” MAN BEHIND THE SUN MOVIE ”

  • rhijulbec

    And man’s inhumanity to man just keeps rearing its ugly head.*sigh*

  • Fresco Martinez

    Bahahaha my mothers ppl sure know how to have fun

  • Fresco Martinez

    Jesus saves…..on groceries!

  • spengler1

    As morally abhorrent as the gruesome experiments performed by the Unit 731 members is the pardon granted them in 1947 by general Douglas MacArthur with the connivance of President Truman and his advisors. That 12,000 or more people died in these gruesome experiments was of no concern, only the procurement of the data on the experiments for which one USG official gloated ” we got them for a bargain! ” Ishii and his 3,000 partners in crime were never prosecuted. Josef Mengele and his experiments pale before the scale and cruelty of Ishii’s heinous deeds yet no one seems to know about him or the sordid deal that the Truman administration negotiated with the criminals to obtain the data. Today Truman is viewed as one of the best presidents the U.S. had. Think again………….

  • spengler1

    The Truman cabal which included top officials in the US government, were responsible for the immunity given these monsters and for mountains of data (which misteriously disappeared) on the death throes of thousands of victims who suffered horribly at the hands of their murderers. Even today, seventy years after the fact the USG is still stonewalling the issue. But an atrocity of this magnitude will not remain under wraps for long…..That the champion of “Democracy” was capable of this heinous deal is even more troubling.