There Are More Tigers in the US Than In The Wild Worldwide

“It is not part of a true culture to tame tigers, any more than it is to make sheep ferocious.” —Henry David Thoreau

In a Nutshell

Believe it or not, there are currently more tigers in the United States than anywhere else in the world – combined. Over 5,000 tigers are currently kept in captivity in the US, far more than the approximately 3,200 anywhere else.

The Whole Bushel

Tigers are always mentioned on the endangered species list, and the World Wildlife Foundation is constantly working to save the giant, ferocious cats before they are wiped out. These days there are an estimated 3,200 tigers living in the wild around the world.

Amazingly, this means that there are currently more tigers being kept in captivity in America than there are wild tigers everywhere else in the world combined. There are more than 5,000 tigers being kept in the United States, generally in zoos but occasionally as private pets if your name happens to be Mike Tyson.

Just remember that the next time you travel across the continent of Asia and start worrying about when, not if, you’ll be mauled by a tiger just keep in mind that you have a greater chance of coming face to face with one of those big cats in the United States than anywhere else in the world. And it’s by a really, really wide margin.

Show Me The Proof

WWF: More Tigers in American Backyards than in the Wild
National Geographic: America’s 5,000 Backyard Tigers a Ticking Time Bomb, WWF Says
Big Cat Rescue: Tiger Facts

  • mck

    The article is total crap. This is complete misinterpretation of the facts. Clearly, neither the author nor the editors went through the links given.

    The actual fact is “There are more tigers in captivity in US than the tigers in wild in the world” as against the title “There Are More Tigers in the US Than Everywhere Else Combined”. The fact is also true for tigers in captivity in china.

    Tigers in captivity in US – 5000 (approx)
    Tigers in captivity in China – 4000 (approx)
    Tigers in the wild any where in the world – 3200 (approx)
    Tigers in the wild in US – 0 (as there is not mention of wild tiger population in US)
    Tigers in the wild in India – 1700 (approx)
    Sources : Same links given in “Show me the Proof”

    And your warning about encounters with tigers, the dangers are with the tigers in wild than with the tigers in captivity.


      Nice observation.

  • edzyl blane

    How about

    ( the number of tigers in captivity outside U.S + the number of tigers in the wild outside of U.S ) – (the number of captive tigers in U.S) > 0


    p.s dont say that our chances of meeting tigers in U.S is greater than getting mauled by tigers in Asia. You haven’t been in Asia before, have you?

    • Guest

      That makes no sense. The sign should be less than. Because if you subtract captive US tigers (more) from the tigers elsewhere (less) you get a negative.

      • edzyl blane

        I’m implying that In my own opinion, there’s still more tigers in Other countries than in U.S

    • EvaAllard

      The sign should be less than.

  • Matthew Price

    I can trace what you’ve done to write this pathetic article in 10 seconds. You’ve found out there are 5000 tigers in america, done a quick check on WWF or something like that, ignored the fact it says ‘3200 in the wild’ and wrote this infactual bollocks. There are far more tigers worldwide than in the USA as you’d know if you weren’t showing that oh so american trait of being ignorant to whats in the rest of the world. You’ll probably emphatically proclaim that theres more people in the USA than the rest of the world…combined next.

  • WastedTalent

    Not only is this misleading, its not even interesting to begin with. Never thought id find something i like less than the painfully fictional ghost, alien, and crypto stories on this site.

  • edzyl blane

    Well, then, if there are more tigers in u.s than anywhere in the world, There are also more crocs in the Philippines than anywhere in the world………especially in the government