America’s Real Proposal To Attack Its Own Citizens

“People love conspiracy theories; they’re very attractive.” —Neil Armstrong

In a Nutshell

In the 1960s, a series of proposals was submitted and, luckily, rejected by the US government that planned for Central Intelligence Agency operatives to commit several acts of terrorism in US cities. These acts were intended to gain public support in a war against the Cuban regime. These proposals were not released to the public until 1997.

The Whole Bushel

During the Kennedy administration, a series of proposals landed on JFK’s desk that became known as “Operation Northwoods.” These were plans for attack under a so-called “false flag.” Essentially, this means that the United States would attack its own citizens and then blame another country in an attempt to justify a foreign invasion. This country was Cuba. Originally titled “Justification for US Military in Cuba”, it was written by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara passed along this proposal on March 13, 1962.

In its most basic form, the proposals were plans to initiate terrorist attacks by US agents disguised as Cuban military forces on the US base in Guantanamo Bay. After these attacks occurred, the agents would then stage terrorist attacks on the US mainland in various high-population cities—again disguised as Cuban forces. In fact, one section of the plan called for these pro-US agents to hijack an American passenger jet and divert it away from radar, only to replace it with an unmanned aircraft. This aircraft was to crash and simulate an airline disaster resulting in the deaths of all the “passengers.”

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One of the more nefarious proposals was to initiate a series of clandestine operations in Florida, around Miami, that would target Cuban nationals who sought refuge from the Castro regime. This attack centered around the possibility of destroying a ship full of Cuban immigrants. Also proposed was the shooting of innocents on the street by “Cuban” forces. Using the words “We could,” repeatedly, the proposal lists several ideas: destroying US vessels, shipping frigates, burning cane fields, inciting terrorism in Florida and Washington D.C., the use of Soviet Bloc plastic explosives to destroy a ship in a “Remember the Maine” sort of scenario, and even the use of planes designed to look like MIGs flying in US airspace over populated areas. All of this was to justify the US engaging in a war with Cuba.

Show Me The Proof

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