America’s Real Proposal To Attack Its Own Citizens

“People love conspiracy theories; they’re very attractive.” —Neil Armstrong

In a Nutshell

In the 1960s, a series of proposals was submitted and, luckily, rejected by the US government that planned for Central Intelligence Agency operatives to commit several acts of terrorism in US cities. These acts were intended to gain public support in a war against the Cuban regime. These proposals were not released to the public until 1997.

The Whole Bushel

During the Kennedy administration, a series of proposals landed on JFK’s desk that became known as “Operation Northwoods.” These were plans for attack under a so-called “false flag.” Essentially, this means that the United States would attack its own citizens and then blame another country in an attempt to justify a foreign invasion. This country was Cuba. Originally titled “Justification for US Military in Cuba”, it was written by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara passed along this proposal on March 13, 1962.

In its most basic form, the proposals were plans to initiate terrorist attacks by US agents disguised as Cuban military forces on the US base in Guantanamo Bay. After these attacks occurred, the agents would then stage terrorist attacks on the US mainland in various high-population cities—again disguised as Cuban forces. In fact, one section of the plan called for these pro-US agents to hijack an American passenger jet and divert it away from radar, only to replace it with an unmanned aircraft. This aircraft was to crash and simulate an airline disaster resulting in the deaths of all the “passengers.”

One of the more nefarious proposals was to initiate a series of clandestine operations in Florida, around Miami, that would target Cuban nationals who sought refuge from the Castro regime. This attack centered around the possibility of destroying a ship full of Cuban immigrants. Also proposed was the shooting of innocents on the street by “Cuban” forces. Using the words “We could,” repeatedly, the proposal lists several ideas: destroying US vessels, shipping frigates, burning cane fields, inciting terrorism in Florida and Washington D.C., the use of Soviet Bloc plastic explosives to destroy a ship in a “Remember the Maine” sort of scenario, and even the use of planes designed to look like MIGs flying in US airspace over populated areas. All of this was to justify the US engaging in a war with Cuba.

Show Me The Proof

Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuban Invasion in 1962
US Military Wanted to Provoke War With Cuba
US Planned Fake Terror Attacks On Citizens To Create Support For Cuban War

  • rupi pal

    America sucks cock

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      Not very nice.

      And I am a pakistani, you can see where I come from.

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      big tasty ones.

    • Matt Begley

      Actually, The predominent suckers of cock are United States government as well as several international corporations dealing in petroleum products, munitions, mercinaries, and construction just to name a few. Iraq had nothing to do with the attacks of
      9-11-01 yet half of Americans still believe they were involved. It’s all just a pretext for war. It is every bit as likely that the Bush/Cheney criminal organization were aware of these impending attacks and used them as an excuse for war. It was not for Iraqi freedom, it was for greed. The American citizens are programmed by the very best PR groups in the world and thus still think America is the good guy… even while we ourselves are being bent over… pitiful really.

    • Micho Rizo

      Just like ur sweet little mother except she swallows.

    • ConnorHaberland

      This wasn’t written as an indictment of the United States government. I wrote this simply to question a lack of clarity by the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Fortunately it was roundly rejected. I see this short, 400 word article has stirred up quite the amount of controversy and conspiracy, which was not the intent.

    • mlk12

      NO not America. The political leaders and their banking cabal suck cock. America and the everyday normal folks who live here would do anything another human needed help for. anything. We the people would not go bomb our neighbors, spy on them, send drones to bomb them, sabotage their way of life. Nope not the people of “We the people” , we send humanitarian aid, travel to foreign places to learn and enjoy the local customs, food and people, make new friends we hope to meet again someday. So please understand when you say youhate America or some other derogatory about her, that you should be saying youhate America’s political leaders. Because “we the people” harbor no intent to cause harm to others until we must defend ourselves from others intending us harm.

  • Glengarry Ricky Ross

    If this was the mind set in 1962, who is to say that they still don’t lob these ideas around.

    • anonymouse72

      I am guessing its the government. Actually, some people say they invaded Iraq for oil.

      I wonder what pakistan has?

      • Adeel

        Strategical maneuver?
        Military bases in pakistan affect the region (afghanistan, china, India)

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          It is High time you play High Tea on Kongregate.

    • IvLiberty

      They do! Propaganda is real and the American government target certain populations every day. It is time the world realizes that America is not what we pretend to be…

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    What do you think 9/11 was?

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      A date?

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          I did say.

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    9/11 was a successful one

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    Let the conspiracy flood gates of the comments section open….

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      Why did you let it open…WHY??????

      Ok, I’ll calm down.

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  • patrick weidinger

    “Remember the Maine!” it worked so well in 1898 why not do it again? Not mentioned was Kennedy’s reaction to receiving this proposal from the Joint Chiefs. He was outraged, shot down the plan on sight, and removed General Lemnitzer as Head of the Joint Chiefs. Between this action, and his reaction to the botched invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs (firing the very powerful Allan Dulles as head of the CIA and trying to reign in their power) and you can see why, 18 months later, Kennedy was killed. He was standing in their way, so they eliminated him using Executive Action. The other usual suspects (Oswald, the Mafia, the Cubans, Cuban exiles in Miami, etc.) may have been involved, but none of them had the power and access to power to pull off the hit in Dallas by themselves. The US military and CIA had both the motive and the means – and they did it.

    • Mom424

      I don’t know that they did it—I think it likely they knew something was up. Was very convenient—but we also tend to over-estimate the awesomeness of JFK because he died so young. Maybe over-estimate his threat to the status quo too.
      ps: Not much chance of that with the current President. I’m so disappointed.

      • patrick weidinger

        Why do you think the current President gives them (NSA, CIA, military) anything they ask for?

      • ConnorHaberland

        In the Bush administration he signed the Patriot act, allowed for PRISM (an NSA surveillance program), another NSA surveillance program which allowed them to tap civilians phones without warrants (before Patriot act). In the Reagan administration there was the Iran-Contra affair. This sort of thing isn’t new to the office of President, though that doesn’t deflect any blame from Obama. To be outraged at this NSA scandal when previous things of the sort have happened in previous administrations is dubious.

        • mlk12

          Plus the fact that a new president does not have to put an end to his predecessors executive orders. He can “let them ride” so to speak if he chooses.

    • mlk12

      I do think your theory is correct except for the why. I am convinced those who control the money supply did it. Kennedy had begun taking down the federal reserve by having the money supply backed by silver certificates. The day after his assassination the executive order or statute that had been passed for making those silver certificates was negated or repealed. Kennedy had single handedly rocked the boat of domination and control of the populace through the federal reserves slavery practice. Today everyone, almost everyone, carries huge amounts of debt even if they are not buying a house. If silver had replaced the federal reserve note debt instrument successfully, the people today would be using cash for transactions more frequently because higher saving interest rates would allow it. Today there is no reason to save when you can try your hand in the stock market either with or w/out using a money manager and your rate of return will rarely be more than 5%. And w/out most end up losing it to the bankers on Wall st. This is the real reason interest rates have been kept low. Not to stimulate anything economic, but to take any excess cash a person may have through their investing it. Today the only owner of those federal reserve notes is the federal reserve. Not you or me, to us those are debt instruments or notes. Every single one of them is an IOU from the US gov’t who have rehypothecated all our land and thus no one is able to hold allodial title to property anymore.We pay yearly rent for it in property tax. Although I think the reason I give is right I also think they used the gov’ts own assets to carry it out. Meaning your idea of the JC and CIA and their anger with Kennedy has merit, just not enough for one of them to assassinate a president.

  • Chester

    How ya gonna blame Bush for these ones lol.

  • Liege_Lord

    This was a nefarious plan to say the least. That being said, ideas are ideas and there is a reason we all have freedom of speech. Just be glad they were turned down and pray it never comes to fruition. This is not exactly an original idea and I am surprised people are so shocked unfortunately. Two case examples are the Boston Tea Part (Americans dressed as British to conduct sabatoge) and the Mountain Medow Massacre of 1857 [which listverse recently reffered too] in which Mormons dressed like Indians and slaughtered families on their way to California.

    Either way the idea of massacring your own population to popularize a war is very low. It is sad that our government would consider this, but it is not their only ludicrious idea, they even considered nuking the moon at a point.

    • ConnorHaberland

      The Boston Tea party saw Americans(who were upset at having to buy British Tea as opposed to the favored Dutch tea; taxes were cut on the East India Trading company tea to make it more competitive. Local tea distributors prices were undercut by the tax free tea and still had to pay taxes on other tea) dressed as Native Americans, not British. Also, this was not an event planned by mere citizens, this was planned and executed by the Sons of Liberty. The phrase “No taxation without representation” makes everyone think the colonists refused to pay taxes at all, however all they wanted was representation in parliament which they gladly would’ve payed taxes for.

    • ConnorHaberland

      The Moon nuking plan reminds me of Austin Powers: “Would ya miss it? Would ya miss it?”

    • IvLiberty

      It happens every day. Police misconduct and brutality is one way the American government declares war on the people. The American government is responsible for so many abuses against the people such as infecting certain people with diseases and bombing citizens. This is not just a though crime…it happens.

    • mlk12

      Keep your eyes closed. These nefarious plans are happening every single day. What do you think drone killings are in foreign coountries? They are happening aren’t they? Propagandized to make you feel okay about killing those innocent civilians caught in the cross fire. Hope you feel good that these things don’t really happen.

  • Micho Rizo

    Nothing new to the tinfoil hat community

  • IvLiberty

    America is not what we pretend to be. We kill innocent civilians daily and use propaganda to justify it…if only the world really knew…we are just like you!

  • mlk12

    If you want to know what things are propagandized and many times false flags, just turn on the TV. TV is a tool to mold you into a good supporter of The State holding opinions the statists wish you to have. Every single opinion you have of those events they televise has been constructed to twist reality into whatever they want you to believe.