Saddam Hussein Had A Qu’ran Written In His Own Blood

“I call on you not to hate, because hate does not leave space for a person to be fair and it makes you blind and closes all doors of thinking.” —Saddam Hussein

In a Nutshell

In 1997, Saddam Hussein decided to have a copy of the Qu’ran written in his own blood. He explained that the book was written in gratitude to God, as he was forced to endure many dangers yet escaped without bloodshed.

The Whole Bushel

One of the most morbid relics of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s reign is a copy of the Qu’ran—the main religious text of Islam—written in his own blood. Reports differ vastly on the composition of the book. Some claim that it required two years and over 20 pints of Hussein’s blood, which was drawn by a nurse and turned over to an Islamic calligrapher. Others say only a small amount of blood was used and was mixed with ink and other chemicals. Some medical authorities assert that Hussein would have been at serious risk for anemia donating such a large amount of blood in such a short period of time. Typically, donors in the United States are only allowed to give one pint every two months or so.

During the reign of Saddam Hussein, the Blood Qur’an was kept in the Umm a-Ma’arik (“Mother of All Battles”) mosque in Baghdad. When the Hussein regime was deposed, the priceless artifact was locked away. There is great debate as to whether or not the 605-page book should be destroyed.

Some view it as a blasphemous symbol of evil. According to Islamic law, it is “haraam” or sinful to write the Qur’an in blood, but others assert that it would also be blasphemous to destroy a religious doctrine. Those who have seen it claim that it is indescribably beautiful, despite its macabre origins, with lettering two centimeters (0.8 in) tall and “dazzling” multicolored decorative borders.

Saddamn Hussein was hanged for his crimes in the early morning hours of December 30, 2006. The calligrapher who scribed the work now lives in the US state of Virginia and claims the Blood Qur’an is a “painful part of my life that I want to forget about.” The Umm a-Ma’arik mosque has been renamed the Umm al-Qura (“Mother of All Cities”). On August 28, 2011, a suicide bomber killed at least 280 people at the mosque.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Phil_42

    A nasty relic of a horrible man

  • anonymouse72

    I hate it.
    I hate it.
    I hate it.

  • rhijulbec

    If I believed in pure evil, biblically, he would live among the worst of the worst. As much for the total corruption of his offspring who in turn committed horrendous crimes. That he had a book written in his own blood shows the hubris of the SOB.

  • rhijulbec

    I’m showing my ignorance here, but, was Hussein ever considered a ”good” man? I mean by his fellows on the world stage? I don’t know a lot about him. That he was a cruel person, yes, but not much about his reputation as a leader, whether he was admired at all? Anyone? Thanks.

    • I agree with you I was a brave man and a true leader of his people

      Look what happened to Iraq after his death every day bombings

      • rhijulbec

        I was actually asking if world leaders ever took him seriously. I’m sorry but I do understand that the people of his country either loved or hated him. That is universal, in all countries people have opinions about their leader, prime minister, president etc. I wanted to know if they, world leaders, as a group, thought of him as a good leader.

        • Kings and presidents of the Arab peoples have had a close friendship with him without mentioning Kuwait because hate him
          If you know the king Hassan II of Morocco They were very close friends
          The West is looking for just interests And particularly the United States, which invaded Iraq under the pretext of weapons destruction All this for Petroleum

          • rhijulbec

            Thank you for that. I’m Canadian and we like everyone. lol I remember that Muammar al-Gaddafi was once vilified, then tried to appear as if he had changed, then returned to the despot he had always been. I don’t think Hussein was ever seen as anything but a despot. The politics of the middle east baffle me by times, as do all the twists and turns of who is favoured and who is not. Please, I am not trying to be confrontational or cynical, I really am curious. If I say the wrong thing I do apologise.

          • No, you did not say anything hurts to me!! We just talk and debate
            And pleased to exchange views with you

            Rachid from Morocco

          • rhijulbec

            What is the political climate like in Morocco? Here in Canada it is very settled. We tend to take for granted how privileged we are. Thank you for talking to me Rachid.

          • The political climate in Morocco is witnessing a wave of anger after the king of Morocco pardoned on Hispanic Doomed 30 years because he raped a 11 boys

          • rhijulbec

            We react angrily when a person is let go after doing something like hurting children too. It does not happen often because we are usually certain we have the right person. We don’t have the death penalty so the worst a person gets here is to be in jail for the rest of their life. A man who tortured and killed 3 girls in their teens was in a prison that is closing. When he asked to go to a prison with less security, the whole country got upset. But we write letters and phone talk shows and sign petitions to show our anger. We cannot blame our government leader because he doesn’t make the rules himself.

          • Child abuse gruesome work, and we have in Morocco, the king is putting laws, so it has apologized to his people for what happened

          • rhijulbec

            That’s a beginning! Its a good thing. People say our children are spoiled and bratty and have no respect but do not believe everything you see on TV! Our children are really mostly good citizens in the making. They deserve the right to a safe childhood so they can become good citizens. Damaged people who have been hurt as children are usually not good citizens as a rule. I mean abused children who have been badly hurt. They are mostly angry they were not protected. So your government is taking a step to help. Good.

    • gillybean

      I recently spoke to a man who grew up in Iraq in the 60s. He said that Saddam Hussein was much respected throughout the country but had a huge intolerance for disrespect. He would pay for people to get the best education on the condition that they bring their skills home to use there. However, if he felt he had been disrespected, he would have you killed. The man also said that people weren’t so strict about Muslim dress until the Americans turned up and told them it was wrong, and that the severity that people see today is a kind of rebellion against the rules of the Americans. Don’t know how valid that is but he certainly made me think.

      • rhijulbec

        I think Hussein became, like most despots, paranoid and saw enemies everywhere. When the way of your governing changes from benevolent leader, father to your people, helper of the oppressed, to trying only to stay one step ahead of those who would have you killed in a new york second, the way you govern is changed from caring to killing. And as I understand it Hussein was monumentally paranoid. Yet, he was still loved by many. Being from a country that hasn’t known dissent in a very, very long time and where we speak by voting out the gov we don’t like, I find it impossible to understand how someone like Hussein ruled.

        • Canada is a democratic country with distinction

          I love this country because it is a peaceful country and does not interfere in the wars

          • rhijulbec

            Admine: I too love Canada. I think it is the best country in the world to be honest. We have the reputation of being polite, which is often misconstrued as being meek, timid, even cowardly. In WWII Canadians were fierce and loyal fighters. Canada had more enlisted men and women per capita, than any other country. We went into places no one else would dare. Canadians were the first into Holland when we pushed the Germans back. We are proud and able people. But after the horrors of war, one of our future prime ministers, Lester Pearson, founded the Peacekeepers, with the United Nations. Canada became known for those efforts. Maybe that’s why we have the reputation as being ”too” polite and perhaps afraid. That is just not so. I am glad though, that we are seen as ”nice”. It means we are welcome where ever we go. It is a great place to live!

          • Exiled Phoenix

            Aboot and maple syrup are the only things I’ve ever cared to know about Canada. U.S.A Rules!!

          • Exiled Phoenix

            aboot and maple syrup are the only things I’ve ever really cared to know about Canada. U.S.A Rules!!

          • Sorry !! But Canada it’s Great Countrey

          • Exiled Phoenix

            Countrey? Lmfao, maybe not in education. Its spelled “Country” No “E”
            Think about it;)

          • First: This is just a spontaneous error because I write quickly
            Second: English is not my first language but Arabic js My First Language

            Third: at least I’m good to speak four languages


            We are here to dialogue and Write a review
            No cursing and sarcasm

          • Exiled Phoenix

            I speak Spanish and English fluently, french, partially, and Italian a bit too.
            As to the rest of what you’ve mentioned, I don’t care. I can say whatever I feel. Canada will always be second to The U.S.A.

          • rhijulbec

            Please ignore the churlish child, Rachid, its a TROLL. It goes online to pick fights and try to upset others. You can just respond to me, it will go away if it doesn’t get a response. IT will get tired of trying to make us mad and try to upset other people. Please, just ignore it. Thank you. Corresponding with you Rashid has been educational. Thank you again.

          • rhijulbec

            Don’t listen to this phoenix thing…it is a child who is behaving badly. We call it a ”troll” and if you reply to it, it makes it bolder, ignore its posts…we say ”don’t feed the troll and it will go away.” So if you want to reply to my posts I would like that, just don’t reply to it, this Exiled Phoenix thing. And I’m sorry it happened. Some people are just not nice or very young. Tha

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