Monthly Archive: July 2013

How Slot Machines Came To Las Vegas

In 1947, mobster Bugsy Siegel introduced the first slot machine into his casino The Fabulous Flamingo so that the wives and girlfriends of male card players would have something to do while their husbands and boyfriends gambled. They were so popular that they began springing up everywhere.

Danger! Radioactive Bananas

Bananas, that beloved yellow berry—and yes, it’s actually a berry—contain radioactive isotopes courtesy of the element within them, potassium. They contain enough radiation to be detected in ports and there is even a unit of measurement for radiation called—you guessed it—the Banana Equivalent Dose.

Columbus Didn’t Discover America

Columbus was the first European to attempt to sail to China by sailing West across the Atlantic but he never actually landed on the mainland of North America. Since the Americas were already populated when he arrived at least one group of people had beaten him there. Archeological evidence shows that several Viking expeditions reached North America and there are fringe theories of other Pre-Columbus visits to America.

Truly Terrifying Worms

We are all familiar with Earthworms, and recognize them as soft, apparently jawless animals. In contrast, movies such as “Tremors”, and the legend of the Mongolian Death Worm present an entirely different scenario. The truth is that certain worms are armed with truly terrifying fangs capable of inflicting grievous and permanent harm to humans

The Invention of Cappucino

In 1938, Achille Gaggia, a café owner in Milan, made improvements on the espresso machine. His unique, modern design ideas eventually led to the invention of steamed milk. Adding cream or milk to coffee wasn’t a new idea, but the peaked, extravagantly frothy topping on cappuccino as we know it today evolved in post-war Italian cafés in the 1950s.