The Devil’s Number Is Not 666

“Hell is more bearable than nothingness.” —Philip James Bailey

In A Nutshell

“666,” the oft-quoted number of Satan, or perhaps his area code, is not the Mark of the Beast as most people believe. Though it’s less memorable and certainly not as cool-looking, the real number is 616, according to an ancient fragment of, you guessed it, the Bible. The fragment predates every other copy of Revelation, where John, the mysterious author, mentions the Mark of the Beast as the tattoo you’ll have to get if you want to conduct business in the new apocalyptic world.

The Whole Bushel

If you’re not familiar with the Book of Revelation, it’s the last book of the New Testament, in which the world essentially comes to an end, and good finally overcomes evil. But not before a whole bunch of terrifying things unfold. The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse (Conquest, War, Famine, and Death) are released to wreak havoc on the world. Following this is some kind of huge event that also devastates the globe. Before anything else is done to ruin Earth, the faithful are rewarded with exemption from the next round of horrors. Fire falls from the sky, some kind of creatures described as a locusts (but not what you’re thinking) sting anyone without the previously mentioned immunity, and one-third of whatever remains of humanity is wiped out by a demonic cavalry.

Eventually, two “beasts” make an appearance, with one convincing humans to worship the other beast. It’s at this point in the Apocalypse that mankind is talked into getting the Mark of the Beast, either on their foreheads or on their right hands. John writes that people willingly allow themselves to be marked because they can’t “buy or sell” without it. The mark itself can be any one of three things: a symbol, the beast’s name, or his number. And it’s here that the traditional number of “Six hundred threescore and six,” or 666, comes from.

However, back in 2005, the number was revised, or should have been, to 616 because of a discovery made in an ancient Egyptian dump just outside of Oxyrhynchus. A large collection of really old papers, most of them unreadable, were discovered. Among them was a piece of a third-century manuscript that just happened to be from the Book of Revelation. In this piece, as well, was the new number, 616, given as the number of the Beast.

This isn’t just some random number either. According to Professor David Parker, numbers were often used in ancient days to disguise the name of an enemy. In this case, 616 probably refers to Emperor Caligula of the Roman Empire, the non-Christian ruling power in the world at the time.

So 666 becoming 616 is significant to the interpretation of the Book of Revelation, lending more credibility to the idea that it’s not a prediction of an actual apocalypse yet to occur, but a political criticism of the Roman Empire, hidden in symbols and numbers to avoid an imperial response.

Show Me The Proof

Revelation! 666 is not the number of the beast (it’s a devilish 616)
Revelation 13:11-18 (King James Version)

  • jesper


  • Exiled Phoenix

    Religious dogma in any form taught and kept by others is a group of people that never let go of their imaginary friends;)

    • Jacob

      Im curious what the religious have done to you? As a christian i never find myself talking about agnostic/atheists non-imaginary hate champion

      • Exiled Phoenix

        They have the audacity to knock on my door at their leisure to try and spread their word.
        I usually just say “fuck off!! Good luck knowing oblivion is all that is at the end of your lives!” then I happily slam the door knowing I shared my beliefs:)

        • Jacob

          Does it really bother you that people are concerned about your eternal soul, regardless of weather or not you believe in it. If they knock on your door, they truly think they can save you from condemnation. Regardless of if you believe in the validity of the consequences, i find no justification for anger at them.

          • Exiled Phoenix

            I’d rather have a hooker come to my door concerned with my sexual fulfillment. Does that offend you?
            I am offended by someone coming to my home to inturrupt my day with their snake oil salesmanship.

          • Jacob

            First off, im pretty sure that anyone would enjoy having almost anyone come to their door concerned with their sexual fulfillment. The issue is that it is snake oil to you, but not to the person coming to your door. to them is really is an issue of salvation. In the modern age, our days are measured in interruption.Be it phone calls, emails, status updates or any other plethora of things. At least the religious think that they have a higher purpose.

          • Exiled Phoenix

            My banker calling me has a higher purpose to me than some shyster trying to tell me a fairytale. Regardless of what purpose they believe they have.

          • Jacob

            Yes, but its only a fairy-tale to you. To them its a matter of conviction. I just dont see the harm, and on that not, i would like to ask you, “how sexually fulfilled are you with your banker?”

          • Exiled Phoenix

            read the reply I posted to your comment above;)

          • Jacob

            read my response to yours

          • Jacob

            even though i explained what i meant, i still doubt that you are going to champion me as a theological genius…..unless you are (fingers crossed)

          • Exiled Phoenix

            I don’t intend to champion anything. I just intend to show my position and give others reasons to research more if they are interested.

          • Jacob

            so i have to return my “theological genius trophy” to the trophy shop……you heartless son of a bitch…..jk

          • Exiled Phoenix

            Nah, I bet even a theologian would like to retain the title.

          • Jacob

            i relinquish the title, but i will not return the sash i made

          • Ian Moone

            Why can’t they just accept that I have my own beliefs? Assuming the soul exist, why is it their problem if I go to hell? It is my right to decide what my beliefs are. They can have their beliefs and I have mine. Why can’t people just accept that?

          • LuvsHorror

            It bothers me. My eternal soul is my business.

          • Ian Moone

            The justification is that they say you have to believe what they do. I don’t think you should be rude to them but they shouldn’t try to force their beliefs on you.

        • Provoke The Mind

          A lot of us sane Christians slam the door in the face of Jehovah’s Witnesses as well. We even value peoples’ privacy and think that you shouldn’t push your religion on others.
          It’s looking a lot like some of us aren’t as bad as you think we are. Crazy, huh?

      • Pyncky

        They have tried and succeeded for years to get laws passed, in what is supposed to be our secular society, based on their beliefs that I am forced to obey. They have tried to stop abortions, the right to which is the law or the land (so far). They have used their religious beliefs to oppose everything from gay marriage to beer on Sunday.

        You ask what the religious have done to me. There you go. If I had time I could go more into detail. The reason you never find yourself talking about agnostics/atheists is because they are not a threat to your person, life, or liberty.

        • Jacob

          So abortions, beer on sunday and gay marriage…..thats what you got? unless you tried to have a gay wedding during your abortion while drinking beer on sunday they have not done anything to you. what they have done is worked through their morals and ethics in a way that are contrary to yours. when it becomes an issue of morality and ethics, who is to say who is right or wrong. that being said, once you believe all people should believe your way, you are essentially becoming “the man”

          • Exiled Phoenix

            Religions all essentially believe that you should believe their way…. Hence Hell., Eternal Damnation, being apart from god.
            Also abortians, beer, gay marriage seem to be important to him… He’s just championing his rights.

          • Jacob

            but condemning others for championing theirs? I honestly believe its ridiculous either way, but it seems overly judgmental for judging one for their beliefs when acting as though beliefs contrary to yours are for hypocrites and idiots.

          • Exiled Phoenix

            Tis the modus operandi when it comes to religion, one way or the other. But I shall just say “No Thank You.” when religious believers come knocking.

          • Jacob

            and that good sir or madam, is a totally valid response.

          • It is. Remember, his word is the final say and Law, Jacob. He wants everyone to stop believing what they have been, drink HIS Kool-Aid, and that’s final.

          • And what you’re doing isn’t any different?

          • Exiled Phoenix

            No it is not. See our side is open ti learning and reinterpreting our understanding as our knowledge advances. You… You’re stuck with your beliefs… “god” does not suffer those that disagree or reinterpret. It is why you have to only have “faith”… because… “god”

          • You just seem to sound so pissed people wish to believe in a Higher Existence than Advanced Idea Mechanics.

          • Dylan

            It’s not moral to not let two people of the same sex to get married. It’s segregation. Religion is simply not moral.

          • TodosReamus

            Very true. I suggest, if you haven’t already, reading the work of Immanuel Kant. He lays out very clearly why morality precedes religion. It’s quite simple, really. Morality is one’s own understanding of how to properly act in a societal setting. Religion is simply window dressing. It’s a bunch of stories that aid some people in reinforcing the moral codes they already ascribe to. Moral duty trumps religion any day of the week.

          • Glengarry Ricky Ross

            I enjoy Immanuel Kant’s philosophy, but his categorical imperative has a few problems that do not fit in today’s society. I also think it differs from utilitarianism which most people “live” by today

          • So which flavor of Conformist Kool-Aid is Can’t? Cherry? Orange? Lime?

          • Light Yagami

            good luck getting that to happen in america today.

          • Dylan

            Hence why I enjoy living in ANOTHER country.

          • Light Yagami

            and hence why you don’t belong *here*.

          • Dylan

            And hence why I would not want to belong *there*.

          • inconspicuous detective

            then don’t comment on things that happen to be involved with us, or respond to ones about a country that doesn’t concern you. now when you’ve dropped that bullshit and you come out of whatever third world nation you’re living in where the pollution is strong enough to induce a high as if you were on drugs and say you don’t wanna live in america, you can comment again. till then off to your room, no computer for you child.

          • Dylan

            Ugh, wat?

          • Meow Meow

            Pathetic white elitist much?
            Inflated egos like *yours* are why anyone with half a brain can’t take Christian brainwashing seriously.

          • Ian Moone

            Don’t religions say you have to believe there way?

          • But Exiled Phoenix wants everyone to drink HIS Kool-Aid. No exceptions.

        • Light Yagami

          technically speaking, there is nothing in our consitution saying we need to be a truely secular society, only that we can’t influence who worships what and that no test can be administered based on faith to get a job or anything like that (social programs, etc.). the whole secular society thing isn’t real, and this debating on what laws should be passed and why is what our founding fathers intended.

          • Meow Meow

            You know, outside the whole “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” in the very first Amendment…
            Yeah, *definitely* not in there… -_-

            …it’s “people” like you that make any *real* life out there think there’s no sophisticated life on this planet.

        • Provoke The Mind

          Did you know that over 50% of Catholics support pro-choice, support gay marriage, and support being able to drink on Sunday?
          Please don’t generalize Christians as assholes, because there are just as many reasonable people as there are psychos.

          • flame821

            True, but the assholes get all the press.

        • Chad Wagenmaker

          I would add having girls break up with me because I am not “Equally yoked” in the Lord. This was not the first time I was told “I really like you but you aren’t religious enough for me.” We drove to another state for Easter and my new girlfriends dad ignored us the whole day because we didn’t come in early enough to attend church. I have been fighting discrimination my whole dating life.

          • Kathrine S Eads

            Here’s a thought, stop dating religious girls….

          • Chad Wagenmaker

            You may as well be saying stop dating women. In the US, back in 1990, 86% of people believed in a God (that % has fallen to 76% by 2011). Women are more apt to believe in Gods so that number was probably 90%+. West Michigan seems to have a higher concentration than other areas. Women believing in Gods were probably approaching 95% in my dating pool. A long time ago, I used to be on a few dating sites. I would search for ..non religious and non smoker. I would get the message “sorry there are no matches”.

        • Justin Castillo

          That’s just plain not true. I know of plenty of religious people who are pro choice, happy for homosexual relationships, and just basically want freedom for everybody.
          Am I to assume you’re a troll simply because you choose to be a guest rather than logging in? I mean, after all, trolls would rather remain anonymous.

          The answer is no. I should think the trolls are trolls, and you are simply a regular guy with a close minded opinion. If you can’t see how you judging ALL religious people as gay-hating, law-passing, bible-thumping xenophobes is even slightly related to me judging ALL anonymous users as mother-insulting, flame-spouting, topic-ruining douchebags, then you either are a troll or you have some kind of mental deficiency.

          Judge individuals add they, individually, deserve to by judged, and not by their choice to associate themselves with a group that you, from your individual viewpoint, unfairly don’t like because you never thought to consider their side if things.

        • I still say you wished for things from God as a young babby, and when they didn’t happen, BAM! RAGING ATHEIST! Do you want to see the article about critters like you?

          • EFC442 .

            I’m guessing it was because there is no evidence for God/s

          • Ya like ta stalk, huh? 😀 Oh boy!! Stalk my Facebook, it’s for best results! And use your “Big Words” and Lexicon to REALLY send it all home. 😉

          • EFC442 .

            Or maybe just answer the questions you run away from.

          • I don’t have to! That’s the thing! You can’t deal with this can you? :D!! Always NEED an answer. Are you this needy in a relationship? 😀

          • EFC442 .

            I can deal with it just fine, you wanted questions, so I asked you a question. You didnt (couldnt) answer. Are you this confused in relationships?

          • Not really. I’m a harlot. I get paid. :3

          • EFC442 .

            Not much I imagine.

          • Of course not! 😉 Stop by Junon!

      • What did they do? Well, you see, Lil Feenie wished for his puppy to not be dead, a bike for Christmas, and his Daddy to come back. God didn’t provide, and now he rages vehemently against every single Believer, because he hates God, and feels repressed. But what he doesn’t understand? God doesn’t work that way. Lastly, to be an Atheist, you can’t hate God. He doesn’t exist to an Atheist. So to make him feel smarter, he has to say things like “Magic Sky Fairy”, “Magic Genie”, or “Imaginary friend”. There’s a whole satirical article on things like him.

    • Provoke The Mind

      Says the man who will most likely proceed to call himself a ‘gamer’ and go escape from his shit reality by having fun with a different kind of the aforementioned ‘imaginary friends.’
      If religion is terrible, and it is only prolonged escapism, then please explain to me how Call of Duty and The Walking Dead are alright. Imagine watching new episodes of The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones every day for the rest of your life. Not such a bad thought? The only difference is that our ideals are slightly more grounded. PLEASE note the word slightly, as there is at least some factual evidence proving the validity of many events in the New Testament. Also, we choose to believe that we can escape into this paradise at the end of our life- is that so bad?

      • Exiled Phoenix

        I don’t have a game system and hardly watch T.V. I enjoy reading interesting things and enjoying my time with friends and family. While I don’t dispute some things may be true in the bible, hell the koran and torrah probably have some truths. I however fail to find the majority of these texts used to indoctrinate children to a common belief system and propagation tool for conversion of those that may be down and looking for something more.
        I admit I was once taken in by these people and when I began asking what the differences between religions were and to discuss them. I was told, god prefers you believe his true word. every religion glosses over their hateful moments in history and want you focused on what they perceive as truth. I would rather be a free thinker.

        • Dylan

          Reading is still a form of escapism. (Like religion)

          • LuvsHorror

            Not like religion. Read a book and be entertained. Read the bible and set your whole life and belief system on it.

        • Light Yagami

          i believe, personally, you can be both religious and a free thinker. i can understand not wanting to be part of an organized religion though, trust me. i ditched catholocism.

          • Exiled Phoenix

            I ditched it all because I don’t believe in a false deity!

          • inconspicuous detective

            well that’s nice, but not the point haha.

          • FILOSOFY

            Are you atheist/agnostic/theist id?

          • inconspicuous detective

            i’ll answer, but only if you tell me why you’d like to know first.

          • FILOSOFY

            Curious. I was scrolling through the comments and your animé dude popped up. I see that you are talking something about religion, might as well ask.

            If you don’t want to share I don’t really care. What can I possibly do with your religious identity anyways other than to troll? Something which a person like you would probably care least about.

          • inconspicuous detective

            i was just curious to know why you’d ask. not every has their personal beliefs shared and i like to know what people are so interested for, no offense intended. i didn’t mean to make it sound like i assumed you would want to use it to mess with me or something. anyway, i’ve said it before a few times but for the record, i’m a deist.

          • FILOSOFY

            I’m not really that interested… it’s like if we were friends and you usually wear a green hat, but today you wore a blue hat. Just for the sake of starting a conversation I would ask why? Does it really mean I care? Not really… like i said, the question, to me, is of utmost simplicity and is of little importance. You can comment as you wish.

            Your a deist? K.

            Yeah it’s that simple, I’m not going to argue anything or make any assumption… it’s just a simple question id, I assure you.

            Thanks for reply.

          • inconspicuous detective

            Alright….lighten up mate…

          • FILOSOFY

            I wrote all that with a straight face.

            I don’t mind adding a few more sentences to the point if I feel necessary. Don’t worry about me I’m pretty lit up.

          • Nope! Filly’s word is LAW too!! One of us! One of us!

          • If you’re not really that interested, why on Earth did you engage in replying to him?


          • Exiled Phoenix

            John 3:16. For god so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son. That, those who believeth in him shall have ever lasting life. So the father sent his “son” to die for something “god” deemed a “crime” yep… that is your belief. Too bad he didn’t have the power of forgiveness… being “god” and all.

          • YOUR WORD IS LAW.

          • Stop the madness!! Exiled Phoenix’s word is LAW!! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

          • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone


        • Provoke The Mind

          I tend to agree with you on most points- religion causes problems, and seems to try to block out the most of its negative connotations and effects, as well as simply ignoring its darker moments. I also agree with you that organized religion is rather successful in indoctrinating its believers into a common school of thought.
          Bad people indoctrinate children and make them believe exactly what they want them to.
          However, not all religious people are bad people. A lot of us prefer to use the Bible, or Torah, or Koran to instead guide our choices, and help influence our opinion rather than make them.
          A lot of us aren’t put in a box, and are willing to face the evil that their religion has done, and ask, “What can I do to help make up for what my people did in the past.”
          A lot of us are normal people who enjoy the Walking Dead, and Call of Duty, and other forms of entertainment, escapist or otherwise, and a lot of us read our religious books to guide us rather than listen to those who wish to interpret it for us.
          A lot of us enjoy thinking for ourselves, and a lot of us doubt our religion itself, because that doubt and wonder is what keeps our religion alive.
          A lot of us are just like you.

      • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone


    • I’cia( ❤ My Falcons)

      I absolutely agree!

    • Right, because we all should think, conform and be like you. 😉

      • Exiled Phoenix

        Love… Yeah, your “god” sees you doing just that. You dare to stand in judgement of me? I can judge you… I have no book telling me I can’t. Yet, you do. Repent sinner.

  • Jacob

    The fact that it was a page of rubbish found upon rubbish makes me less inclined to believe in this change of theology

    • Exiled Phoenix

      I find it funny on my post you have no issue calling me out about how I treat religious rubbish peddled at my door as wrong. Here though if it is another affiliation it automatically is rubbish. You’re hypocrisy is showing.

      • Jacob

        ” to 616 because of a discovery made in an ancient Egyptian dump just outside of Oxyrhynchus. A large collection of really old papers, most of them unreadable, were discovered. Among them was a piece of a third-century manuscript that just happened to be from the Book of Revelation.”

        • Jacob

          it was literally found in a dump

          • Exiled Phoenix

            I did not disagree. I do disagree it has been their since the third century. papyrus was used back then, even concealed in protective vases buried in the desert they dissintegrate within a few hundred years. you contend it would last 1700 years? I believe like a lot of other manuscripts,it was tossed by someone who found it buried and didn’t like the text. Besides, Catholic church tossed or burned books it view as heretical.

        • Exiled Phoenix

          It is known the new testament was written between the 1st and 3rd centuries. It may be rubbish to you. but to survive so long, I doubt it was their since that time. also parchments have been known to be discovered in vases only to be burned or tossed by those that disapprove of the text. Reference the library of Alexandria. burned 3 different times.

  • mamamia

    fail. didn’t even know why 666.. zzzz

  • Shawn-W.-Larson

    Well, I’m originally from the 616 area code. And I have it tattooed on my arm. Does that mean I took the number of the beast? Pfff.

    • LuvsHorror

      Yep. You are going to hell. See you there. 😉

      • wendy

        don’t wink a someone saying ill see you into the depth of hell this world is so diabolic that’s no very nice u should say if you have the devils number marked on your skin take it off cross it off or hide it god doesn’t want to see that think about hell and watch what it really is like but don’t go there become a gods son were god wont have to punish you hell is not a big party its a nightmare living for eternity!

        • Steven Stellar

          God chooses us, not the other way round – Jesus had no say in being Jesus – just like we have no say in going to hell – the Bible clearly tells us that only some are chosen by God – some of us are not chosen –

          • frank

            we’ve taken the Devils number witch is also man’s number we have numbers in our heads that we remember we have credit cards in our hands when we use them most of us are dependant on this social structure to survive most people drive car’s that are polluting the earth they also have numbers that identify us our youths dream of owning a car when they come of age school children are introduced to the banking system in junior school. Need I go on. Ask your priests or Vickers or elders do they have bank accounts do they drive a car they’ll find some excuse why it’s okay for them and how their not dependent on this social structure but they are and as such they’ve taken the Devils number.

          • General Zog

            Hide from God? How does one hide from the omnipotent boogeyman?

        • General Zog

          Hide from God? How does one hide from an omnipotent boogie man?

        • Jason Hay

          *God …. just saying

        • Juliana

          And you have bad grammar. ☺

    • Sativa Savant

      You have been chosen.

      • Jayden Fey

        The bible isn’t true what do you think God just plopped a book on this fucking planet and said “here you go do what I say or your going to hell bitch!”.

    • RayLaen

      Question? God Bless Israel? Is that a joke? Are you Jewish? I thought it says in the Torah that tattooing is forbidden? So if you did put 616 or any other marking, then you committed a forbidden act. To make it more interesting you put the forbidden mark of the beast on your body! With that being said, don’t worry, according to Billy Joel, he’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, cause the sinners have much more fun!

    • Ozzie
    • Mosin Nagant


    • MSMsucks

      Well, that Hexagram symbol by your name is surely Satanic anyway. I wouldn’t worry about your tattoo when you go around representing King Solomon’s seal of witch craft, brought to you by the Satanic Rothschild family who run the World banks and use the Mossad to carry out false flag attacks on anyone who crosses them. The good news is that the goyim are catching on. The days of America being ZOG are numbered. 🙂

      • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone


        • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone


    • phaymousb

      same here, “padre 4give me 4 all muh sins”

  • TodosReamus

    Religion of any form only divides us. The people selling the stories won’t admit this, but it is always far more divisive than it is unifying due to the inherent creation of an “us vs. them” mentality. Religion has controlled us for so many centuries using this very method. Start using your minds, via critical thinking and rational thought, and free yourself from the chains of servitude that have bound you and all of humanity.


      The presence of religion, like culture, unites those who are alike more strongly and repel those who are different more strongly than the absence of them.

      I agree with your statement, being someone who is neither cultural nor religious.

      • Of course you’d agree. However, you also make it sound as if we should conform to what he says alone. That too, is hypocritical. If you ask how, you’re the “Critical Thinker”. Explain to me -your- Kool-Aid.

    • Provoke The Mind

      Religion, by nature, teaches acceptance of others, and if anyone excludes people simply because they don’t believe in the same stuff after death, it’s probably not just because of that religion- it is possible that they might just be a douche.

      • Viktor von Gerdenheim

        The Bible actually has verses that can be, and has been, interpreted as a prohibition from mixing with unbelievers.

        2 Corinthians 6:

        14 Do not be yoked together with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common? Or what fellowship can light have with darkness? 15 What harmony is there between Christ and Belial[b]? Or what does a believer have in common with an unbeliever? 16 What agreement is there between the temple of God and idols? For we are the temple of the living God.

        It even continues:

        17 Therefore,“Come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you.”[d]

        • Mason Z. Harp

          Actually that verse refers to marrying an unbeliever. And there would be a large amount of tension between an atheist and Christian couple, yeah?

          • Ileana Campos

            Well the bible was also written by man, Interpreted by man (not accurately from it’s original language being Aramaic) and changed by popes to fit their needs.

          • Fe en el Señor Jesucristo hast


    • Because conforming to -your- ways alone is what you’d rather prefer? Dictating how one should live their life in accordance to what -you- say? Sounds hypocritical if you ask me.

      • RevChannel

        At least he doesn’t believe in an imaginary guy in the sky, who has both sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.

        • indyjeepman

          Oh quit your fucking proselytizing. You sound as bad as a Sunday evangelist. Make you feel good to demean others? THAT’S a good way to convince them. Asshat.

    • Shelter Somerset

      actually, you just created a division by denouncing all religions.

  • TodosReamus

    All I have to say is Non Serviam.

  • Spartacross

    A totally misinformed article.
    The New Testament was originally written in common Greek (a language well understood by many scholars) and the numbers are indeed χξς, which translates to 666. Also, a single slightly more aged written record does not automatically equate to a more reliable source nor can it negate a far greater number of contradicting records. No room for such childish errors as the ones claimed here, I am afraid.

    More importantly, the number 666 also signifies conquest by and subservience to the Beast, as it echoes the amount of gold paid as tribute to king Solomon by the nations conquered by him (1 Kings 10:14 “The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was
    666 talents”).

    • Viktor von Gerdenheim

      The logic is actually: Older is closer to the original (truth).

      And just because one version has more copies does not mean it is correct.

      If a document was copied and the copyist made an error, and that error was the one that became printed a million times, which would be true?

      The original, or the copies with the error?

      • Spartacross

        Not a wrong assessment, Viktor. That is why scholars, when facing such issues, then try to the find corroborations for each version.

        And the books of the Bible are so heavily cross referenced and foreshadowed that such childish mistakes (as the one claimed in this article) are easily dismissed.

        • Guest

          Just because an error is dismissed, doesn’t mean that there isn’t an error.

          You can cross reference, double check, triple check, whatever, and still an error could happen, the odds might be lessened, but then again, mistakes are prone to happen. Scholars make mistakes too! Just look at Aristotle, St. Augustine, Galileo, even Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution has holes in it. Kelvin estimated the earth, when he was alive, to be 20 million years old which didn’t explain why the earths magnitude was aproximately 4.5 billion years plus, Kelvin had a serious vendetta against Darwin which, for all we know, was clouding his judgement, people make mistakes, it’s what makes us human. Others include people like Pauling, Hoyle and Einstein.

          In the Latin language version of the New Testament (Vetus Latina), The number 666 was written instead of 616 either because of simple mathematics, where 666 is a triangular number, or because it is the sum of the first 36 numbers, or because of analogy with 888 which was the number of Jesus.

          Around 2005, a fragment from Papyrus 115, taken from the Oxyrhynchus site, was discovered at the Oxford University’s Ashmolean Museum. It gave the beast’s number as 616. This fragment happens to be the oldest manuscript (about 1,700 years old) of Revelation 13 to date.

          Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus, known before the P115 finding but dating to after it, has 616 written in full: ἑξακόσιοι δέκα ἕξ,hexakosioi deka hex (lit. “six hundred and sixteen”).

          Papyrus 115 and Ephraemi Rescriptus has led some scholars to conclude that 616 is the original number of the beast.

          • SpartaCross

            I am sure there is nothing strange going on here…

          • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone

            I used to study numerology n I FEEL U!!

        • Jered Hoss

          These guys have no idea what they are talking about. The bible is accurate, different books of the bible match up. There is this one verse that I’m not too sure what verse It’s from but it states you take away from this (bible, gods word) then I shall take away from u, you add to this and I shall add to u. So these FALSE TEACHERS should really watch what they say. I PROMISE YOU ONE THING FOR U NON BELIEVERS, if u stay reading the bible and putting your heart into it, it will give u a high u never ever felt before, the holy spirit…..

          • RevChannel

            It’s called psychosis. You’ve never read the bible. Do you follow all the rules of Deuteronomy?

          • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone


    • Jim Fox

      It is all B/S- have you not yet realised this fact??

      • SpartaCross

        I am sure there is nothing to see here…


    Was there really a point to having this as a nut?

    • Glengarry Ricky Ross

      Yes! Now when you see 666 when you play cards, see a home address, or mobile number you will not feel like a heathen!

      It also will spark debate among atheists and religious people in the comments! Just take a look!

      • FILOSOFY

        To be completely honest, I never had any idea what any number would have any connection to any mythical being… and I never did care, and nor will ever care.

        Give me a couple of months and I’ll make up a story about another fictional character. ‘5 is actually the holy number of the insect gods’.

        Does more of this mythical magical fluffy serve any real purpose? If it does to you that’s great, I just don’t see any remote value in even having any of this.

        “666 is not the devil’s number”
        Umm, k

  • ThisIsMyUsername

    I’m getting a 616 tattoo to be a hell merchant and party with the devil.

  • rhijulbec

    Hmmmm…what to believe, what to believe? I’ll take none of it for 500 Alex.

  • Aciphex

    I bet what Satan really hates is when people get his favorite number wrong… Theists never cease to amuse me

  • stingray68

    LOL, “616” is the area code for Grand Rapids, MI.

  • Daniel Joseph

    I tell this to people a the time, they usually look at me like I’m off my rocker. Most people act like if something isn’t common knowledge, then it couldn’t possibly be true.

  • Drayton

    123 [ 45 ] 6*** 789 [ 0]

    • Drayton

      This is the timeline from Adam to Spring 2014,[ which is really 2016 completed years from Birth of Christ] using Rev.13:18 and 666 as year spans.
      Adam] 1318 . 666 . 2015[JC33]1318 . 666 [YEAR 2014/2016YRS.
      The also year 1 of Jesus.
      The Cross + 1318yrs. + 666yrs. = 2014

      • Drayton


  • Drayton

    123 [45] 6*** 789 [0]
    Noahs Ark 450ft.long
    “Noah Built An Ark”=[666+216] / a=6, b=12, c=18…Z=GOD156
    Rev.3:10 “KEEP THEE=[450] , FROM THE HOUR=[666+216]
    “JESUS is our ARK”=[450+666]

  • Mama Hanifah

    46664 was Mandela’s number in prison,when you erase 4 in the begining and 4 in the end doest mean that MANDELA was a beast?

  • Josh Taylor

    If religion or law wasn’t here where would we be? Most of the Jedi mind tricks you guys are using on each other is of religion. The good out ways the bad, never let the left hand know what the right hand is doing. Your heart not you brain is suppose to speak and if religion helps mankind be more understanding and compassionate towards one another then so be it. To me the power of the holy spirit is almost ready to leave the earth cause it was a Christian way the made this world what it is today and blaming one another is only entertainment to me. The thing I wanna see next is y’all fight each other to see who’s body is more correct. Its like sex religion who got a bigger slong might get praised better by a woman who worships it that way. But while their hunchin Ima steal they shit at night. Mary Magdalen was a hoe. Peace Josh Taylor’d

  • Tsadi Waw Mem Taw

    The entire thing seems odd due to the fact that the word prior to the supposed 616 in the manuscript fragment usually shown looks nothing like the word which precedes it in other manuscripts. Also, in those manuscripts which
    contain six-hundred and sixty-six, the number is in a totally different format from that in which the supposed 616 is written in those in question. The number 666 is actually written in the form of three words, with those words meaning six, six tens and six hundreds. This is obviously very different from the three digit number given for 616.

  • jaklin hammam
  • Donna Clayton

    nice try satan. It’s 666. In math it form the sum of a triangle. The symbol of the pyramid/illuminati/satan.

  • MrMarco855 .

    I think everyone is wrong about the interpretation completely. I’ve never heard anyone mention this, but let me explain what mistake I believe people are making.
    Read the sentences that relate to this number. If you read,… and comprehend what you’ve read, then how can anyone think that 666 is the number of the beast? The scripture says; (paraphrasing) this takes wisdom. let one with understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man and his number is 666. Now, if it clearly says that this takes wisdom, and that it requires a person with understanding, and that person has to make a calculation,……………..then what sense does it make that the number is given to you…………….666 ?
    It makes no sense, and I can’t believe nobody realizes that. If the number is 666, and that number is provided, why would I need wisdom, understanding and then have to make a calculation to realize the number? It’s ridiculous when you interpret what it says. I believe, therefore, that neither 666 nor 616 is the number of the beast. So,… what is the number if not these? I haven’t concluded that yet, but I’m working on it. My point is simply this; if everyone thinks 666 is the number, and therefore they focus on that and look for it,…….they will never find the truth. You have to start with the correct premise or you will flounder forever. The reason you need wisdom and understanding is clear to me, it’s because what we’re told in that scripture is difficult to comprehend. It appears to be contradictory, and that’s where the mystery is and where knowledge and understanding are needed.
    Does anyone agree with me?

  • brandon

    No no no, 616 and 666 represent Nero Caesar, not Caligula, his uncle. Nero Caesar was a murderous emperor. Please fix this so others who come here are informed. An old way to spell Nero was Neron, which his number would then add up to 666, but with the “n” it is 616. It was a riddle, names were often coded.

  • Rashed Monzur

    My birthday is on 6th jan. Do it mean anything. 6 jan means 1 year 1988 so my dob means 618.

  • Mark Williams

    Revelation is just that, REVELATION. It talks of what is to COME, NOT what is PAST. MAYBE this paper said something about Caligula and his number being 616 but that has no bearing on the beast. WHY would Revelations talk of the number being 666 of the beast to come but then say that it is actually 616 because of a ruler that is past? That makes no sense and sounds more like people who are trying to confuse things.

  • Teezy

    Let me help everyone out with what THE ones who wrote the bible in Rome & Greece really don’t want you to know.

    This is factually true, and biblically encrypted.

    The number 666 equals 18 when you add them together. The numbers 616 equals 13 together.

    Follow me.

    The scripture Revalations 13:18 first off represents these to added numbers.

    Now lets look at the verse.” This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.[a] That number is 666.”

    Yes, it does call for wisdom. Christians tend to pay attention to the first part of the verse, but not the second.

    They get caught up on a fire breathing dragons and demonic minions like the picture above.

    This is far from the truth.

    Actually, 666 comes from Carbon 12, which is the number of man; 6 protons, 6 neutrons, and 6 electrons.

    The number 616 comes from Carbon 7, which is 6 protons, 1 neutrons, 6 electrons.

    This is the number of the “new” man.

    Please look up Carbon 12 & Carbon 7 for yourselves. This is what they didn’t want the masses to know.

    The power is in your pineal gland. That, people, is the true window to your soul.

    Thank you.

  • Yayy

    Gods not real

  • Yayy

    Abortion is always the answer

  • bill pluta

    Who da hell cares about Satans number ?? The only mark I’ll get is yet another tattoo. Satan can kiss my Irish ass! !

  • bill pluta

    I’m a recovered alcoholic-addict. I’ve taken myself to hell and back a few times. I was brought back from the dead twice. That’s way more than enough ! Ya think ? Hell is not a vacation spot, it’s something that no one should see. When I say, “I’ve been to hell I’m serious”. Booze + drugs can take you anywhere ya DON’T want to go !! I am so thankful that my H.P. stepped in + put an end to my misery. I’m not gonna say,” don’t do drugs or drink your drugs. we all have free-will. Use it wisely !!!

  • Steven Cohen

    Thanks for the info! I saw my ex drunk at a party, so I was able to tattoo this number on her right hand. Now I feel satisfied that she will finally go to hell. Ironic, considering she told me to go there so often. Next, maybe I’ll do it to my neighbor, I owe him money. Bwaa ha ha ha.

  • Anonymous

    So I’m going to hell because in my new school im in class 616

  • YourDaddy

    J. Bush, adds up to 616 in Greek gematria.

  • MrMarco855 .

    Why do people believe 666 ( or 616 ) is the number of the beast? if you read the text and comprehend it as written,………….neither 666 nor 616 could be the number of the beast. I must be alone in my belief but I challenge anyone to explain how I’m mistaken.
    The text says wisdom and understanding are necessary and then a calculation is needed to discover what the number of the beast is. The last sentence says ‘for it’s the number of a man and his number is 666’. Here’s the problem; why did the author specify wisdom, understanding and a calculation were necessary if he gives us the number 666 in the text? Nobody comprehends what they read apparently. The author provides the number 666, why then does he indicate the need for wisdom and understanding and then a calculation? It makes no sense at all. I believe 666 is only a clue, and wisdom and understanding are needed to discern what variables ( other than 666 ) are involved in the calculation that’s required.
    This has been misunderstood by everyone for ages I believe. If I’m wrong, please explain to me my error. Nobody has come forward to tell me how my assertion is incorrect. I welcome any scholar or average person to explain my misunderstanding. I have no problem being wrong about this but if I’m right then I would like acknowledgement of that. This is an extremely important issue and it bothers me that nobody can answer me. Please, anyone that knows why I’m comprehending the text wrongly explain it to me.
    I believe this was misunderstood long ago and everyone accepts it without thinking. I like to read and comprehend, taking nothing for granted. Again, if I’m wrong so be it. Someone has to come forward to explain my mistake and I’ll be content. I’ve not had a single answer in rebuttal, which leads me to believe I’m correct…………..

  • james

    If you have the number 666 tattooed on you you can still be forgiven it says in John 3 17 that God sent his son not to condemn the world but to save the world

  • HeatherAnnCzerniak

    Disregard the whole number of the beast thing, folks. The gematria bit is pagan in origin and how it came to be used to identify the Antichrist in Revelations is anyone’s guess. Revelations and all other books of the Judeo-Christian realm should be totally void of pagan ideas and influences.

    There are several different formulas for calculating the name of the Antichrist and as many criteria for how the name should be entered into the formulas. For example, some believe that only the person’s last name is needed. Other believe that the first and last names are used. And yet other believe that the person’s full name – first, middle and last names – are necessary. Hogwash, sayeth me! The last name alone, or even the first and last names together, would obviously be insufficient. The first, middle and last names together would be even wilder, since some folks have no middle name while other have several first names (i.e. Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau).

    To further confuse the matter, some famous evil-doers’ names don’t add up to 666 (i.e. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-Tung, Idi Amin, Pol Pot). There are also quite a few decent folks whose names DO add up to 666 (i.e. Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, Jonas Salk, John F Kennedy, Mikhail Gorbachev). And again, that there are several different formulas only calls the gematria’s validity into question.

    And finally, nowhere in the Old or New Testaments does any God-fearing mortal indulge in such nonsense, at least not without incurring the wrath of The Almighty. And neither should we.

  • js73

    Rev. 13:18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.
    God didn’t say the number is 666 or 616. God said the number is Six hundred threescore and six. We must use gematria to count the number. Gematria assigns a numerical value to each letter.
    Gematria A=1, B=2, C=3…etc.
    Six hundred threescore and six Total count=313 and 26 letters
    Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Total count =313 and 26 letters
    3 means complete and 13 means rebellion from God.
    President Vladimir Putin of Russia is the beast of Rev. 13:18
    Pope Francis who became the pope on 3-13-13 or 313 is the 2nd beast or false prophet that is described in Rev. 13:11
    America is the whore of Babylon Rev.17, Jer. 50, Jer. 51, and Isaiah 13
    Las Vegas Nevada is the great city of Babylon that God destroys described in Rev. 18
    Russia Putin with 10 other countries destroy America Rev. 17:16-17
    God get all the glory and credit.
    Your only hope is in Jesus and Repent

  • Taniya Verma
  • Philip Sieve

    There’s a lot of off scripts posing as earlier bibles. The reason The Church made the Bible is to settle that kind of thing that was also happening, then.

  • Olusegun Iselaiye

    Religion by nature teaches acceptance of others, but those practicing it do the exact opposite. Religion has divided and killed humans more than any other known force in this world. This is the reason some of us have decided to take a second look at all we have been told about religion. Now, we are liberated, because we know the truth.

    As for me, I want to cohabit peacefully with everyone; LGBT, Muslims, Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, etc. It does not concern me whatever your belief is. I see every human as my responsibility, whose wellbeing is of concern to me than anything else.

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  • Yaeshawn Edward Davis-Carlone

    “the real number is 616, according to an ancient fragment of, you guessed it, the Bible. The fragment predates every other copy of Revelation,”

  • Treylor12

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