Clearing Christ’s Criminal Record

“The wheels of justice turn slowly, but grind exceedingly fine.” —Traditional Proverb

In A Nutshell

Jesus of Nazareth started the Christian faith and subsequently died by execution on a Roman cross. His death came about as a result of being convicted on charges brought forward to Pontius Pilate, then the Roman Prefect of Judea. Now, one lawyer is undertaking legal efforts to bring the Christ’s conviction back into court to have him exonerated on the basis that Pilate “violated his human rights” by convicting him and sending him to die.

The Whole Bushel

Jesus was sentenced to die when his controversial teachings and sometimes pointed comments on corruption in Jewish religious society led Pontius Pilate to reluctantly order his execution.

Over 2,000 years later, lost amid Church history is the fact that Christ was never formally cleared, exonerated, or in any way declared innocent. The decision by Roman leadership to execute him, under the same Roman law we use today, still stands, legally.

Kenyan Catholic and lawyer Dola Indidis is embarking on a legal crusade to change that and clear the Christ of his Roman criminal record. Indidis is taking his case to the international court of Criminal Justice in The Hague, arguing that Pontius Pilate “violated Christ’s human rights in selectively prosecuting him.”

Getting a court to rule on an issue in a foreign jurisdiction and a foreign time is challenging, and a refusal led him to go international. Indidis points out that Joan of Arc was vindicated and even sainted in a similar process, which he hopes to see in order to fully exonerate Jesus Christ.

Show Me The Proof

Lawyer seeking to overturn Jesus’ death sentence, says Pontius Pilate ‘violated his human rights’
Lawyer Sues Israel, Italy and Pontius Pilate for Jesus’ Crucifixion

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