Ayn Rand Was A Secret Welfare Queen

“The moral precept to adopt is: Judge, and be prepared to be judged.” —Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

In A Nutshell

Ayn Rand was the founder of Objectivism, a far-right libertarian who ruthlessly attacked the State and believed no one should ever go begging the government for money . . . until she got sick, at which point she became the biggest welfare queen around.

The Whole Bushel

We’ve all heard of Ayn Rand. She’s the most divisive figure in politics, loathed by people on the left or in the center and venerated by the far right. Over the course of her life, she spun individualism and anti-government feeling into a popular philosophy known as Objectivism—the central tenets of which include strong self-reliance, the right of the rich to ride roughshod over everyone, and a hatred of those who take government money. You can probably see where this is going.

In 1982, Rand died of cancer brought on by her excessive smoking habit. Although not exactly popular in her lifetime, she became a massive figure in the ’80s and ’90s among the very rich and a certain brand of libertarian. One of the things she was most admired for was the way she stuck to her principles throughout her life . . . or so it seemed. In 2011, it was revealed that Rand had spent the last eight years of her life receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits. At the time of her death, her estate was valued at $500,000 (around $1.2 million in today’s money), suggesting her decision was motivated less by rationality than by the sort of parasitic greed she’d always claimed to despise.

What’s most interesting about all this is how Rand and her followers conspired to keep this fact a secret, even as they preached total self-reliance. Other famous libertarians, like Isabel Paterson, stuck by their guns to the bitter end, dying in poverty rather than take Social Security. But not Rand. When the time came, she betrayed everything she stood for and kept this betrayal quiet for nearly a decade. Perhaps politicians who invoke her name to bash “welfare queens” should do their best to remember this next time.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Kim Sorgente

    She was a capitalist… Why would she take advantage of it if it was there for her to use? I see no conflict. In fact, it is in keeping with what a capitalist would do. She capitalized on the benefits at her disposal.

  • Kim Sorgente

    She was a capitalist… Why wouldn’t she take advantage of it if it was there for her to use? I see no conflict. In fact, it is in keeping with what a capitalist would do. She capitalized on the benefits at her disposal.

  • paulalovescats

    To be fair, SS and Medicare are NOT Welfare. Wanna speak accurately?

  • chasrmartin

    Remember this the next time someone whines to you that Social Security is earned.

    Except you won’t.

    Because you don’t give a fuck about consistency.

  • Jawaid Bazyar

    “In 2011, it was revealed that Rand had spent the last eight years of her life receiving Social Security and Medicare benefits.”

    Yeah, so? It’s her money. Held in trust by the government, after being taken from her by force from the government.

    I get a statement every year from the government showing my “account’ and the money owed to me out of Social Security.

  • JoeD

    She also used the roads!!!!! You fucking morons.

  • Heather

    How idiotic! Social security benefits aren’t even available to you unless you’ve earned them by PAYING into it! That’s like saying that withdrawing your money from the bank is welfare. Smh.

  • earl hickey

    Why is this author such a lying sack of sh** about Rand accepting welfare? Because Social Security and Medicare are basically insurance programs , not welfare programs. Has this idiot ever heard of the term FICA ? FICA – Federal INSURANCE Contributions Act (FICA) tax is a United States federal payroll (or employment) tax imposed on both employees and employers to fund Social Security and Medicare—federal programs that provide benefits for retirees, the disabled, and children of deceased workers. I mean the word Insurance is right there in the description of the tax. Maybe Morris M has never had a job and had a paycheck. Maybe he was too dumb to to check his deductions. Whatever the problem, this article prves he has a major malfunction in that lump sitting on his shoulders.

  • 4chewnut

    Dear bimbo, if you got that I was a trump supporter from reading my previous post, you may need to up your dosage. The man is a complete disaster.

  • Daniel Ramos

    Shep Ol’ Buddy, have you seen this? From Breitbart no less.
    I wonder how the ROK boys will react to this?


  • Daniel Ramos

    I went with Darrell Castle. Here is just a reason why. Had everyone else voted the same, neither Trump nor Hillary would have been an option.

  • Digistrom

    A malicious hitpiece attacking a dead person. The author doesn’t even have the decency to pretend to have thought the subject matter through. This is about as pathetic as it gets.

  • Bad Wolf

    She had to pay into Social Security and Medicare involuntarily. It is that or go to jail. So of course she then took the benefit she had paid for. The difference with Ayn Rand is that she at least earned money and paid her way, unlike the parasites she decried.

  • Soleil

    She paid into Social Security. The money was hers.

  • Joseph O’Neill

    She sounds rather disgusting. A hypocrite. And I understand she described arabs as “…totally primitive savages.”. Nice. I found her books unreadable. A benefit cheat who left $500,000.00 after her death. She reminds me of Katie Hopkins, the UK provocative deeply unpleasant social media troll.

  • suerobb

    Quite frankly, people like you who insist the rich pay your way to financing this government is just like demanding welfare. The rich have a right to keep what they earn and not be required to make up for what the takers do not give to the tax base. The poor are not require to give anything. they just take, but someone who toils must give and give and give???? Really?