Mother Teresa Was A Crook And A Fraud

“The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.” —Mother Teresa

In A Nutshell

The words “Mother Teresa” are modern-shorthand for things like “good,” “kind-hearted,” and “selfless.” Unfortunately, the real Mother Teresa was an authoritarian crook who palled around with some of the most despicable men of her day.

The Whole Bushel

Mother Teresa is famed for being one of history’s true altruists. She devoted her life to the poor, opening her first Missionaries of Charity home in 1950s Calcutta, and going on to open hundreds more across the world. As word of her mission spread, it caught the public imagination and millions of dollars began to pour in, all of which went to help those who needed it most. At least, that’s the official version.

The reality is far grimmer. According to those who’ve volunteered there, Mother Teresa’s missions are squalid cesspits run along violent, authoritarian lines. There are reports of unruly children being tied to beds and beaten, of outdated equipment not being replaced, and of needles being reused in countries with high HIV infection rates (such as Haiti) until they were so blunt they caused pain. All of this wrapped up in a culture of unquestioning obedience, secrecy, and control that is said to resemble a cult.

This might all be okay if the Missionaries were doing some good, but they’re not. In 1991, German magazine Stern revealed that only 7 percent of donations to the organization were used for charity. The rest was funneled into secret bank accounts or used to build more missions. There are reports that missions won’t even buy bread to feed their inmates, preferring instead to rely only on donated food.

And where does all this money come from? Well, some of it comes from regular, kind-hearted folk giving what they can. A heck of a lot more came from some of the most evil men who ever lived. Mother Teresa herself personally took large donations from the psychopathic Haitian dictator “Baby Doc,” publicly defending his blood-soaked rule in return. In the 1990s, fraudster Charles Keating donated $1.25 million of stolen money to the Missionaries. When asked to return the fraudulent money, Mother Teresa simply stayed silent.

Mother Teresa undoubtedly did some good things in her time, but they may yet be overshadowed by her awful legacy. In 2010, Forbes revealed that the first home she set up had a mortality rate of over 40 percent. To paraphrase an old saying, if the poor have friends like her, they no longer need enemies.

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    Really? How bout mandella, how bout X,
    News to me. Smh..
    Who writes this hateful crap, ISIS???

  • Deborah Horvath Rowden

    Thank you!

  • Katie B.

    So typical. Take the money and forget the people in need. People all over the world need to realize that the bulk of money going to charities, approximately 90%, goes to administration fees. Very little actually helps these people. Even if you donate specifically to a drought or famine, orphanages, whatever, the charity always has the discretion to use the money where it sees fit, or not at all.

    The poor give the most, and as a result it’s like a double insult. They’re not really helping those worse off than themselves, but filling coffers of those wealthier than anyone can imagine. Every charity, every church, every religion that takes in money must have audits, public audits. It is after all donations from the public that keep it going, not some private business enterprise. Even if it was, the tax exemption status they have should mandate them having open books and operating above board with oversight. As it is, they operate with impunity and a total disregard for humanity, human life and the suffering they cause. If there is a hell, I hope she’s being slow roasted so she can appreciate her pain.

    One of these days, they’ll find where the money went, like to her family and to the crookedest of all, the Vatican themselves.

  • Flash Gordon

    “Mother Teresa undoubtedly did some good things in her time”

    Lol . . . . I guess this sentence was supposed to add balance to your incredibly biased article?

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    What a bunch of crap !!! There were reports? REALLY!

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    Wait. What did I miss? What has veganism got to do with the article? I expected a discussion in the comments to be about altruism and the need for transparency

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    Dear author,

    what have you ever done to help the poor? Kindly write an article about that. I would love to read that prior to reading about your bullshit. Yeah, I do agree that the miracles and sainthood are kinda over rating her work and her personal image but please don’t trash her life’s work. She has done more than you can think cause I have lived in this city and I have experienced what they do for helpless people. If you say that care wasn’t of the highest quality then why don’t you step into this city and check out the kind of corruption that is existing now and then you can imagine what a pandemonium it was back in the times of Mother Teresa. So next time when you wake up in the morning, think about how many lives you have saved and helped prior to tarnishing people’s names.

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