The Man Who Owns The Moon

“Space, the final frontier.” —Captain Kirk, Star Trek

In A Nutshell

Dennis M. Hope is, at first glance, just a normal guy. But what makes him unique is that he’s the President of the Galactic Government, and the owner of the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Io (one of Jupiter’s moons). He makes his living selling acres on the Moon and on Mars.

The Whole Bushel

His story started in the early 1980s when a still young and unemployed Hope thought he’d make a good property owner. The only problem was that he had no property. But one day, he saw the Moon through his window and had an idea that changed his life drastically. He went to the library and looked up the 1968 Outer Space Treaty in which stated that “No nation by appropriation shall have sovereignty or control over any of the satellite bodies.” Meaning that it was unowned land.

Hope decided to write a letter to the United Nations saying the Moon was his and asked the group to come with a legal reason why an individual could not claim ownership of the Moon. He never heard back.

So Hope formed Lunar Embassy Corp, got all the property rights to the Moon and more, and started to sell off one-acre lots (one acre of land on the Moon will cost you $19.99 USD). Hope has sold more than 611 million Moon acres (more then 7.5 percent of it) so far, to more then 4.25 million people worldwide. That includes 250 celebrities and three former presidents (George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and Ronald Reagan). There are also 1,800 major corporations who purchased property from him (corporations like the Hilton and Marriott hotel chains).

Today, he’s the President of the Galactic Government, which is a democratic republic representing landowners on the Moon and on his other planets. They have their own currency named Delta, and a constitution that took them three years to write. They plan on building a city on the Moon, which would be shaped like a four-sided pyramid, three kilometers by three kilometers (1.9 mi by 1.9 mi) at its base and 2.5 kilometers (1.5 mi) in height. There would be 5,750 square kilometers (2,220 sq mi) inside of it, and it could hold 70,000 people. Every government from Earth would be represented, and there would be restaurants, hospitals, and theaters like in any normal city on Earth.

Hope even went so far as to threaten China, who planned to be on the Moon by 2012, that if they don’t make a licensed agreement with them, their spacecraft would not reach the Moon.

Show Me The Proof

Meet the Man Who Owns the Moon
The Man Who Says He Owns the Moon (Interview with Hope)

  • Mwaniki Gachoki


  • Joshua Duarte

    this just cannot be true….how insane!!!!

  • Joshua Duarte

    and hilarious….

  • blazelux

    Don’t believe this it has to be a joke

  • edzyl blane

    If he claimed the Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, and Io for free, then why didn’t he claimed the whole galaxy except earth instead?

    • yadin

      Don’t be surprised if he claims the entire galaxy, earth included. Seriously, I think the guy is out of whack.

  • Guest

    Actually according to article VI of the outer space treaty,

  • ken

    According to Article VI of the outer space treaty, “The activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty.” So he still would’ve had to get legal permission to own the property.

  • john

    This is so funny !!

  • Hillyard

    Love it, this reminds me of Robert A. Heinlein’s ‘The Man Who Sold The Moon.’

  • kyros kyros

    One thing i agree is he threathen China. Soon China will claim the whole milkyway galaxy is theirs… they already claimed thewhole southern sea under them

  • robertrobin10 .

    you can have mars but keep you hands off of uranus!

    • cire

      ugh ur anus

  • Itsmeagain

    My favorite planet has always been the sun. It’s like, the king of all planets.

    • Jesse M.

      The Sun is actually a star. Come on, thats like grade 4 stuff!

    • Debra Howe

      You are a Moron besides some woman in mexico already owns the sun go by it from her or at least sue her for a bad sunburn. READ a BOOK with all the people in the USA that can’t read, I am surprised at how any people are on Facebook. Which by the way is not a BOOK.

      • Joseph Wilson

        Say what?!? Since when?!?

  • Jon Adamson

    This is really just a case of enforceability. He’s “allowed” to “own” these bodies, because nobody cares enough to stop him. It’s not like there’s going to be a Hilton Resort up there in the next 20 years, so why waste time fighting it? If any government wants to “own” property on the Moon that he says he already owns, how is he going to stop them? What military does he have at his disposal to defend himself? If he wants to go to war with China, let him. That will be the shortest war in history.

  • yadin

    I refuse to think our world is peopled by wackos unless people takes him seriously. He doesn’t even own his own soul and now he wants to own the entire galaxy. Which planet he came from anyway?

  • PotatoPassingBy

    You’re face to face, with the man who sold the world.

    • Insert name here. Insert name


  • Frank Gatica

    all wrong.. the moon was property of a 1954 he made a claim , source:,1171216&dq=gajardo+moon&hl=en

  • cire

    ” Every government from Earth would be represented”, then “Luna” is expecting to be doomed in the future too. tsk

  • Typical human being. Selfish. The Christopher Columbus syndrome.

  • Ian Moone

    What’s really depressing is that people paid him money for an acre on the moon.

  • D34THLY 3V1L 2

    I have no words to express how idiotic this sounds.

  • Alien Gray

    The U.S. owns the moon and Mars. It’s if you know how to physically send something there to touch it first. Just like the conquistador’s with Mexico. Dutch with N.Y. etc. Anybody can say but it’s if you do.

  • Debra Howe

    yea that stupid moron made 8 million 500 thousand dollars out of nothing. how much did YOU make this year and how hard did you have to work. crazy is as crazy does, sounds pretty damn smart to me