Monthly Archive: September 2013

America’s Revolution Was Fought By The Poor, Not The Citizens

Most young Americans are taught that the Revolutionary War was decided when middle-class colonial farmers grabbed their hunting rifles from above the fireplace and rushed to meet the British on the battlefield. And on that battlefield, the Americans fought for liberty, while the Redcoats fought for imperialism, taxes, and monocles. Of course, on the battlefield of reality, American independence was won with the blood of its poorest inhabitants, who were pressed into service.

Pit Bulls Do Not Have Locking Jaws

The American Pit Bull Terrier is perhaps the most infamous animal on the planet. Banned in many countries and highly regulated in others, rumors persist that this dog is a relentless killer. The pit bull’s most fearsome weapon is its bite; many sources assert that this dog’s jaw can actually lock in place, but in fact, the structure of a pit bull’s jaw is no different than any other dog.

The Curse Of The Little Rascals

The Little Rascals comedy shorts were incredibly popular in the early years of film, but the crew could easily be described as cursed— many of the cast members died under horrifying circumstances, not limited to murder, plane crashes, suicide, and motorcycle accidents.

Ghana’s One-Legged Hero

Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah was born in Ghana with a severely deformed right leg. Against all cultural odds, he became a successful adult and has helped raise awareness and much-needed funds to help disabled people in his home country, who are seen as second-class citizens. He accomplished all this by cycling across Ghana and participating in various triathlons.

The North Hollywood Bank Robbery Shootout

One day in 1997, two professional bank robbers were engaged by patrol cops after their latest job in Los Angeles. Equipped with body armor and high-capacity assault rifles, they engaged in a 44-minute firefight with dozens of police officers that led to new standards for how such situations are dealt with.

The People Who Get Revenge On Spammers

The “Nigerian prince” Internet scam costs unwitting victims millions of dollars each year. Bringing these shadowy figures to justice on distant shores has proven nigh impossible, but there are people dedicated to getting revenge on the scammers, luring them into schemes that range from the ridiculous to the potentially lethal.