The Founder Of The Boy Scouts Was Probably A Flaming Homosexual

“It’s easier to be accepted in our society as a murderer than as a homosexual.” —Abby Mann

In A Nutshell

Lord Baden-Powell is one of the most influential men in history, a war hero who went on to found the deeply conservative Boy Scouts of America. There is also a lot of evidence that he was a severely repressed homosexual who hated women and was obsessed with masturbation.

The Whole Bushel

Scouting for Boys is one of the most influential books ever written (right up there with the Bible, Koran and Mao’s Red Book). Inspired by Baden-Powell’s wartime adventures in the South African bush, it set out the principles that continue to bind the staunchly traditional Scout Movement to this day: self-reliance, wholesome Christian charity, sexual repression, and lots of masturbation.

No joke: Baden-Powell was a deeply odd man. For one thing, he was terrified both of women—whom he divided into either “Hags” or “Heifers”—and the effect of women on young boys. The original edition of Scouting for Boys has whole pages devoted to teaching adolescents how to repress their lust, including advice on periodically dipping your “racial organ” in ice-cold water.

In person, Powell was no less obsessive. He frequently urged his Scouts to avoid “girlitis” and do their best to repress “the animal instinct.” When he finally got married at the age of 55, the simple act of sharing a bed with a woman gave him blinding headaches, and he quickly took to sleeping alone on his balcony, even in the winter. The only time he ever seemed comfortable around women was when he was playing one: During his time in the army, Powell became famous for cross-dressing on stage to entertain his troops.

In fact, Powell’s entire life reads like a caricature of a closeted gay man. When he was a child, the young “Stephe” liked to play with dolls and formed close bonds with other boys. He was an open admirer of muscular men—and even fondly recorded dreams where strong, young soldiers would whip him and ask if he’d ever been “disciplined.” Then there was the matter of his close friendship with Kenneth McLaren—a boyish army officer on whom Powell openly doted and who fell into a deep, lasting depression after Powell’s sidelined wife forbade the two from seeing each other.

Sadly, Powell never got the chance to acknowledge his secret side. He grew up in Victorian England, after all, and the mere suggestion of homosexuality would have been enough to completely discredit him. The huge divorce between his feelings and actions can perhaps best be seen when, during World War II, Powell was informed that a German scoutmaster had been sent to a concentration camp. With a shrug of his shoulders, Powell simply remarked that the man had been taken away for “homosexual tendencies” and left it at that.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Scott

    That’s obvious by how fricken gay their stupid uniforms are. I mean, c’mon. The shorts and those ridiculous neckerchiefs make them all look like little pole smokers. I’m proud to say I’ve kicked the asses of a number of their members over the years.

    • Tesla420

      Sad lil scotty. Daddy touch too much?

      • Ji99a

        Those bullies must have scouted your apertures for you to be this mean.

    • DontTreadOnMe11

      Being modeled off the British desert uniform probably means nothing to you.

      • BC1335

        The British military/scouts love their shorts, not like our big tough US Marines! Won’t ketch any of our boys in them things, nossir!

    • BC1335

      And those scout activities where they dress as Indians in their little loincloths! Ever read Henry Fonda’s biography? He writes of his humiliation when a movie short was filmed of his scout group walking single file in the buff. They promised him it wouldn’t be shown in his area. He describes his humiliation when he saw himself on Movietone news or whatever, last in line, his little backside fully visible to the audience.

  • CQSteve

    Really? I was never a scout and had no interest in being one but “Cross Dressing on stage to entertain troops” is not exactly new. The lack of women in the Victorian era armies may have something to do with that. Kids today are playing with dolls and forming close bonds with other boys – its called friendship. He was probably more a product of his time than anything else and wrote accordingly. We could apply the same principle to many men of that era & ilk – Scott & Speke among others – they took off for long trips only with other men, doesn’t necessarily make them gay.

    • Myki von Ferro

      I guess you ignored the rest of the article lol… but I concur dressing up for entertainment means squat. Dudes do that all the time be it Halloween or bets or Frosh week at College or whatever. Kind or irrelevant IMO. It’s the rest of the article that makes me wonder. Dolls and fawning over other men… fantasizing of being submissive to other men… different story.

      • BC1335

        George W. Bush dressed in drag as a male cheerleader in high school. A picture of him in drag can be seen on line. The other guys are laughing; George seems to take it seriously. I wonder if he enjoyed being submissive to Dick Cheney.

    • inconspicuous detective

      look who wrote it. it should provide all the answers you need as to why this stuff was interpreted that way (gay or not, the bias is clear as crystal).

  • diablo135

    So a knowledge nut is now a PROBABLY? I noticed there is yet ANOTHER Christopher Hitchens BS story used as a reference. Do the authors use any legitimate citations at all? Sigh

    • inconspicuous detective

      i pointed this out above, but look who wrote it. your questions will be answered.

    • amarjeeth sr

      Totally agree with Diablo. This site is soon losing its credibility and in the rush of publishing more articles, its getting on sides a little south of proof and science

      • philipmarie

        The site isn’t losing it’s credibility, only when it publishes 99% of Morris’ stuff. And any mention of Hitchens whom I absolutely fucking LOATHE. His writings are full of purple prose, he deliberately eschews evidence, rfuses to see anything good in the things that he disagrees with, not to mention the fact that he was very arrogant and mean spirited.

  • Kate Cooley

    Wow. “Flaming” right in the title. Click-bait much?

  • Mom424

    His gravitation towards very young men…it’s a bit icky. He took pictures of naked boys …. get the pederast vibe. An attraction to post-pubescent young men/teenagers. Like I said, Ick.


      decorate me baby!!!

    • Hillyard

      Creepy, but he is known or thought to have molested zero boys, unless someone has better info. So he’s still doing better than the Catholic church.

  • cheeseontoast69

    There’s something a little odd about a grown man wanting to surround himself with young boys and take them camping.

    • disqus_NNz0t1GSdz

      Tell that to Ron Fucking Swanson…

  • sigmund

    haa gayyy

  • Markharr

    I don’t know that this is really surprising to anyone.

  • PP

    Opinion nuts: “This good person was actually a bad person”: by Morris M. Featuring: poorly cited evidence from tertiary sources and book reviews, provocative/offensive titles (what is a “flaming homosexual” anyway?), and personal bias (“no joke: Baden-Powell was an odd man”).

    It seems like the article equates homosexuality/ closet homosexuality with abnormality or deviance, whereas the NY Times piece (where most of this is stolen from) comes to a more balanced conclusion:

    “Still, Baden-Powell’s life is a poignant story that should be known. This man who gave so much to so many suffered from the forces of repression and taboo. It is unfortunate that the American branch of the movement he founded should perpetuate them”

    I am inclined to agree with the journalist rather than the internet sensationalist.

    • Hillyard

      A flaming homosexual is a cocktail created by the Spanish Inquisition.

  • Joseph

    I didn’t realize a website called knowledgenuts would have the purpose of outing a dead man for “probably” being gay.

  • Canmon

    He did have three children with his wife. He wouldn’t be the first gay man to father children, but that should at least be mentioned.

  • Kenneth Browning

    BoA is no different than the Catholic, they just camp instead.

    • BC1335

      No different than the Republican Party, including the administration of Reagan and Bush 41, both good conservatives. And don’t forget the conservative Margaret Thatcher.

  • Monkeypimp

    The founder of KnowledgeNuts was probably a flaming homosexual.

  • brianj1949

    And still Scouting has benefitted millions of boys around the world.

    • ElBandito

      The only real fault are the Scout Leaders. I was a Brownie-to-a-Junior Girl Scout, but because I was doing my scouting in a middle eastern country (that even then, was pretty shaky and forced the English and American settlers to be far more diplomatic to the natives than they would back home), the leaders kept religion and cultural differences as far away as possible from becoming an issue.

      So we had plenty of muslims, hindu and atheists in our squad. So it was a HUGE shock for me, when I got older, to see how even being an atheist in the US could ban your kid from joining the Scouts.

      These are rules that were completely set by the Scout leaders. But somehow, they turned a blind eye only if a Cub/Brownie were children of american military soldiers, Arabian Qalifas or oil shiekhs. Even to the point of allowing them to become Senior scouts.

      I really loved the Scout movement. It was a great way to help kids make friends, learn self-sufficiency and even work out their own roles in their towns/neighborhoods. Having weekends where you do crafts for charity or even get into a volunteering program for animal shelters are the best things ever for a kid. But banning a kid for being an atheist, or being gay, is the shittiest thing to do to a child.

      And it kinda makes me feel that all the friends I had (and even all the Senior scouts I looked up to) were only ever allowed in on the program just because someone had to tell the Scout leaders to hold back their judgement and make exceptions. I had friends who only remembered Jesus when it was time to decorate a Christmas Tree. Many of us weren’t even baptised or active Christian worshippers, so seeing religion as still being the requirement in my own country is awful.

  • Kirrah

    This is sad. Your running out of things to write, writing crap about a great historical figure is a terrible past time.
    I would also like to point out that:

    1. Baden Powell was married.
    2. He was the one who told his sister to form Girl Scouts.

    • carledgar

      He actually told his sister to form the Girl Guides. However, the name “Guides’ was changed to “Scouts” in the US. No idea why – Guides seems a good names to me. Armies thrive on them to show the way in unfamiliar terrain.

    • BC1335

      No crap, he was a repressed homosexual, period. He enjoyed looking at nude boys and other paedophiles’ collections of nude boys. After his marriage, he developed blinding headaches, until his shrinks advised him not to share the marital bed, which seemed to have the desired effect. Also, and this is where he really deserves blame, he lied to his scouts about the effects of masturbating, telling them that indulging in the “nocturnal vice,” would drive them all insane, no exceptions. And that craze advice to his horny scouts: that they should dip their willies in ice! What guilt trips he must have caused for these trusting kids. What a repressed creep. I guess the English suffer from inbreeding.

  • Hillyard

    So the man might have been a homosexual. So what? He created an organization that has benefited young men of many countries for decades now. Once again Morris takes a historical figure and tries to defame him because of some small thing that he sees as a defect. This is getting old.