The Mass (Allied) Rape Of World War II

“Avenge! You are a soldier-avenger! [. . .] Kill the German, and then jump the German woman! This is how a soldier celebrates victory!” —Soviet Soldier

In A Nutshell

One of the most disturbing facets of war is rape. Even in the relatively modern Second World War, millions of women were raped. Under Hitler, the Wehrmacht were allowed to rape any woman on the Eastern Front. In 1944, when the Allies started to take control of the war, the situation switched and millions of German women were sexually assaulted (alleged to have been mostly by Soviet soldiers).

The Whole Bushel

During World War II, Hitler didn’t enforce laws against rape in Eastern Europe. It has been estimated that the Wehrmacht raped up to 10 million Soviet women during World War II, with between 750,000 and 1,000,000 children born as a result. Rapes were rarely prosecuted and they were seen as a way to “crush the Soviet resistance.” In the Soviet Union, women were often taken from their homes and branded with the words “Whore for Hitler’s troops.” There is also evidence that the Nazis used sexual torture and sexual slavery.

Rape was used as a form of humiliation and power mongering. However, in 1944, when the Red Army and Western Allies started to take control of the war, the situation changed and German women were the ones targeted for rape. It has been estimated that Soviet soldiers raped as many as 2 million German citizens in 1944 and 1945, killing around 250,000 of them. British historian Antony Beevor said it was the “greatest phenomenon of mass rape in history.” German women were also beaten on a massive scale. In some cases, it was reported that children as young as 10 years old were targeted by the Soviets.

All of the evidence for rape during World War II has caused many international organizations to investigate the situation and ask for a governing agency that will enforce strict laws to protect women and young children from sexual abuse in conflict areas.

Show Me The Proof

BBC: Russians in Berlin
Rape, Murder and Genocide: Nazi War Crimes as Described by German Soldiers
Victims, Heroes, Survivors: Sexual Violence on the Eastern Front During World War II, Wendy Jo Gertjejanssen

  • Bacon666

    It also led to a great number of suicides, especially German women at the end of the war

  • Gary Upp@l

    I read it was more of the allies that did the raping, not many germans…. they just say that here to make it sound equal but the germans actually took it ez…. the allies were pigs

    • Joseph

      You’re the pig.

      • Gary Upp@l

        Oink Oink 🙂

        • Exiled Phoenix

          Your justification that taking it “ez” on rape makes it less of a crime is low class.
          Rape is abhorrent no matter the extent it isn’t taken to.

          • Tom Johnson

            take it ez. I don’t rape that often.

          • ElBandito

            How much does prison charge you for the internet?

          • Exiled Phoenix

            I’d probably pawn you off for cigarettes in prison.

          • Gary Upp@l

            Ya I would love to see that happen internet gangster

          • Exiled Phoenix

            lol, I’m well versed because in prison you have two things to do. Exercise and Read. I’d make you kiss the bottom bunk!

          • Gary Upp@l

            LOL you have too much time on ur hand jailbird

          • Exiled Phoenix

            Your attempt at denegration of my person fails. In prison as in any situation in life…. You do what is necessary for your personal survival, not anothers.

          • Gary Upp@l

            I don’t know what that means, but ok dude

    • Martel

      The British, the Canadians and the Americans weren’t big on rape. They were also ordered not to, and they could be punished if they did. The British, the Canadians and the Americans saw German civilians not necessarily as the enemy, but as civilians caught between a crazy regime and liberation. It’s the Soviet soldiers who acted like beasts, because they had no positive historical ties to the Germans and they were fed massive amounts of propaganda prior to being sent into Germany.

    • Mal

      You “read” that, did you?

    • Jum1801

      You “read”? Your ignorance why I hate this site.

      • Gary Upp@l

        then leave the site, u must be a grammar professor from Oxford

    • BryanJ

      The Germans performed mass rape against the Soviet Union. The Nazis had some laws against rape in certain areas of the world, but to say that the Germans didn’t do much raping is wrong.

    • Jon Pace

      “The allies were pigs” said the concentration camps

      • Gary Upp@l

        I was talking about raping only not what they fought for?

    • Ray

      Punks like you should be beaten.

    • Gary Upp@l

      People relax… the allies did good i would fight for the cause too….. that was just my ‘opinion’ .. as this site lets every 1 have…. I know British, the Canadians and the Americans didn’t rape as much… but i just didn’t wan’t to single out the other ally………….BUT PEACE TO THE WORLD 😀

  • Carth

    This article is an obvious piece of propaganda.

  • Al Bhat

    If Only they were Muslims, as Muslim invaders are not allowed to even touch Women, Children and elderly countrymen or even harm young men who are not participating in war.
    That is a separate thing If some individual Muslim army did such thing, but overall such humiliation to citizens is not allowed in anyway in Islam.

    • Martel

      Except you’re allowed to capture the enemies of Allah (verse 8:67 Quran) and are then allowed to sleep with the female captives (verse 4:24 Quran). Of all organised religions, Islam is actually the most tolerant of rape in times of war.

      • Najdmie Firdaus

        I learn islamic law, quran n arabic language in school.
        I’m pretty sure your interpretation of 4:24 is incorrect, because many other contradicting verses and hadith. The phrase thay you interpret as “female captive” is quite ambiguous. The more correct interpretation is “the one that u rightfully own” meaning spouses as explain in hadith. Sex in Islam is only permitted through wedlock. Muslim army are not permitted to harm women, old people n children.

        • Mal

          Nice try, shill.

        • Logan Rieck

          The Qur’an has contradictions, the fact that Muhammad would authorize taking women as property is nothing new.

          Look, the Qur’an says Christians will be forbidden paradise.

          Yet this verse plainly says Christians will have a reward with God and have no fear.

          Apparently Muhammad forgot what he wrote before and thus this contradiction.

          • Al Bhat

            First verse is for The Christians who helped Jesus in his times and were his companions and didn’t consider him God or son of God.

            The Second Verse is for the Christians who consider Jesus Son of God or somehow God.Whatever!

            In that scenario God is telling in Quran about certain people from muslims that they will also Go into hell the ones who consider intercession, or associate partners with God and deny God’s oneness.

          • Logan Rieck

            Christians consider the Lord Jesus Christ as God the Son and Son of God, even unto His earliest disciples such as Saint John who eloquently shows it more than any other disciple. And the Qur’an makes no distinction between what type of Christian, that is your input and not what the Qur’an actually says, which according to Muslims comes directly from God.

            And Christians consider God One as even our Lord Christ declares it to be so. Perhaps you should learn what Christianity actually talks of. Christianity since its inception has believed Jesus Christ is God Incarnate, so when Muhammad declares Christians will have a reward he means even the same as those who says will be denied Paradise.

          • Al Bhat

            There are good muslims and there are bad muslims, If I say muslims would go into paradise that doesn’t mean all of them would go, as i mention it in above explanation that there are groups in muslims who commit sins which are not forgivable in anyway, i.e Associating partners with God, Murdering an innocent etc.
            Similar to that if a chirstian who according to Islamic faith doesn’t associate partners with God and considers Jesus just as a prophet of God like the ones before him who were sent down with a duty to guide the humans to live in harmony such christians would have high levels in paradise as the verse 2:62 states. If i m not mistaken unitarians in Christans are often taunted as Muslims by trinitarian.

          • Logan Rieck

            Unitarians aren’t Christians because they deny what Christians have believed since the beginning, that Jesus is God and Islam really can’t prove otherwise.

            What you are saying is like saying Muslims will go to Paradise except those who believe Muhammad is His prophet, those will be denied Paradise. It’s asinine logic.

            The early Apostolic Church Fathers (disciples of the Apostles) agree Jesus is God as well as the Bible which contains the writings of the Apostles. You can say it was corrupted but Islam has been unable to show how for over 1000 years.

          • Al Bhat

            Mate what matters the most near to God is we bring peace to the world and Worship only one God.
            We believe Jesus PBUH is also Prophet of God we praise him alot similar to Muhammad PBUH. He is respected as Muhammad PBUH as Basic conditions of faith in Islam are:
            1. Oneness of God
            2. Believing in the Prophets of God from Adam to Muhammad
            3. Believing in the day of judgement
            4. Believing in the angels
            5. Believing that there were books revealed on prophets before Muhammad PBUH by the same God who revealed Quran.

            The basic thing is how can we bring peace between the mankind? Is there a way?
            Islam(Quran) is a way of life not just a book with some magical words, there are many similarities between Christianity and Islam and other Abrahamic religions, So where does the problem come???


            I have so many muslims around me who often tell tales about Muhammad PBUH out of respect which are damn hard to believe that you would call them stupid and if you go into the context of such tales you wont find any solid references, i often heard muslims saying Muhammad PBUH didn’t use to expel feces whenever he urged for it he simply use to pass air and his urge was over, and things like Muhammad’s daughter didn’t use to have menses however we know that she was mother of 3 children these are definitely human made stories to praise a prophet and raise the level of a prophet as you can see but people forward these and these are part of the Society from so many years, because people respect Muhammad PBUH alot and they don’t feel bad in making up super natural great stories about him and his offspring.

            Similar to this Jesus PBUH is no exception, Humans don’t realise what should be the level of respect of a prophet and they often make them similar to God.

            God want us to be One because God is One.
            God want us to praise God above all and no one else,
            Because the one who creates is always greater than the one who is created.

          • Logan Rieck

            I would believe the peace part but the Qur’an says otherwise concerning Christians.


            This verse clearly states that disbelievers of Allah should be killed and never helped.


            This verse shows that those who fight are better than those who stay at home (except the disabled).


            This verse clearly states for Muslims to fight even those who had previously been given Scripture until they are become submissive and pay tax.


            This verse says that even if you don’t like fighting perhaps its because you don’t know what good it is.

            Yes, the Qur’an allows violence, especially against polytheists but even against Jews and Christians. The more I read it the more corruption I see. Yes, there is good in it but the devil is in the details.

          • Al Bhat

            OK Starting with war,

            First of all you can’t just invade any country without any reason.

            The reason for first muslim attack on India in around 711 AD, After so many years when they were already ruling over Persia, they could have attacked India for no reason or for them being idol worshipers but they never did this unless Raja Dahir from sindh attacked on ships of Muslims and imprisoned Muslim men and women.

            He was leading the third attack after two consecutive failed attacks by persian muslims.
            So war is always fought for a reason.

            Now you tell me what would you do if someone rape the honour and dignity of your nation?
            You will fight and kill anyone who will fight against you. RIGHT?

            In same regard God advise/order humans (believing in Quran called muslims) that if anyone (Regardless of their religion or faith) fights you, fight them back and kill anyone who resist, moreover God wants us to kill the ones who spread wrong into society so peace could be restored and maintained. (Whats wrong with it?)

            It doesn’t matter if you are a jew or Christian or muslim, if someone does wrong they should be punished for that. (If you don’t agree with that then I guess we can’t have further discussion because I don’t believe in serving thugs and criminals by providing them food and jails to stay from our tax money) To maintain peace sometimes a little bloodshed and violence is required.

            So whenever you quote me some verse regarding killing of someone it is definitely killing for some reason, and you are forgetting the verse 5:32
            whoever kills a soul unless for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely.

          • Logan Rieck

            So the fact the Qur’an says that those who fight are better than those who don’t means nothing? Or the fact the Qur’an encourages killing of polytheists which comprised most of those surrounding Muhammad until they repent?

            Please. The Quran says there is no compulsion in religion yet says to kill polytheists until they repent, it is contradicting and opportunistic.

          • Al Bhat

            Didn’t quite get what you meant by this, would you read it again and clear if you have missed something that was suppose to be there?

            What you are saying is like saying Muslims will go to Paradise except
            those who believe Muhammad is His prophet, those will be denied
            Paradise. It’s asinine logic.

          • Logan Rieck

            I meant you saying that there are Christians who don’t believe the Lord Jesus is God is silly because the Bible and early disciples of the Apostles confirm the earliest thought of Jesus was that He was God Incarnate so I compared it to assert that there are Muslims who deny Muhammad being a prophet but Islam has, since its foundation, thought of Muhammad as a prophet.

          • Al Bhat

            If you look at your statement where you are saying “JESUS WAS GOD”, “HE WAS GOD”.
            Does it makes sense? Incarnation is a silly concept, Humans die, God’s doesn’t die.
            Jesus is not responsible for what you do? If you do drugs or do things forbidden in bible how can we blame Jesus PBUH for that why should Jesus PBUH be responsible for your sins, you are doing it yourself which doesn’t have anything to do with Jesus PBUH. Can I legally punish any of your family members for your bad deeds?

            Muhammad said to his Daughter Fatima that she cannot go into heaven on the basis of being his daughter, her destiny is completely depending on her deeds.

            As in our faith Quran clearly states that on the final day no soul shall be accountable for other soul, every soul is responsible for its deeds and misconducts.

            And you often say christian faith is like this ( faith in Trinity) from the beginning, trinity is real Christianity, How?

            You guys have lived in dark ages (Every nation does), Jews planned murder of Jesus PBUH as Jews have even troubled lots of prophets before Jesus PBUH also, reasons? They always manipulate God’s orders and obligations according to their will. Jesus PBUH was sent to Jews from whom he got followers and enemies so if you trace your ancestors they would definitely be Jews.
            Your scriptures are not 100% there were so many versions of bible back in 17th century. You know it which was later reduced to one king james version.

            Septuagint – 250 A.D. Written in Greek
            Vulgate- 400 A.D. First version of the Bible which is canonized at the Council of Carthage in 400 A.D. Written in Latin
            Luther’s German Bible- 1534 A.D.

            King James Version- 1611 A.D. This is the most widely used versions
            however it has large number of errors given that none of the writers had
            a decent understanding of Hebrew.
            Revised Standard Version- 1952 A.D. Literal translation into American English which used the earliest possible text

            New International Version- 1960’s & 70’s A.D. This is a very good
            contemporary English version. Another good contemporary English version
            is New King James Version (NKJV)
            The Youngs Literal Translation is as close to the originals as you can get, translated by Robert Young in 1898 A.D.

            Who manipulated your books? Christians? No Jews actually. Jews are egoistic, believing they are sons of prophets superior from the rest of mankind and have always been involved in the corruption with the faith that even they make huge sins they cannot be thrown into hell as they have blood of prophets in their veins, What matters the most to God is “Our deeds” Not who we are on earth or who we are related to.

            Similar to that Muhammad PBUH was sent Arabs from whom he got followers and enemies, Now I live here in Pakistan and his message reached here as well, I even know when my ancestors 5 generations back converted to Islam from Santana dharma (Hinduism).

            No one is a Christian, Muslim, Jew unless one studies and observes all the religions with a neutral mindset keeping his existing religious faith aside, I have always observed every aspect of Quran with a critical mindset and people around me are not happy the way i m studying Islam because as I told you most of the people in Muslims are not converted to Islam by studying it, they have converted to Islam due influence of others.

          • Logan Rieck

            The Jews corrupted ScriptureAside from beingantisemiticmbeing antisemitic it is false. The KJV is only used popularly among Protestants, Catholics (which comprise a majority of Christians) don’t use it.

            Excuse my language, Jesus was and continues to be God, His divinity never died, His humanity did. Jesus made it clear He is God and the writings of the Apostles also show this. To say that the Bible is corrupted is unverifiable.

            I used to be an atheist, so, yes, I agree, religion should be looked reasonably over, that is why I became Christian.

          • Logan Rieck

            Perhaps you’d also like this website that shows a thousand mistakes in the Qur’an. Most are petty, I admit, but others are not and show the revelation that this cannot be from the mouth of God Himself.


            A lovely one is where the Qur’an says the Jews believed Ezra was the son of God. This is not validated in the Bible or any Jewish authority.


            And let’s not forget that men are rewarded companions after death at a garden for some reason.


          • Al Bhat

            Mate, Ezra was considered son of God by one group from Jews not all Jews believed that, you can’t just go with the words, you got to check the references and contexts to understand the full meaning.

            If I say “fuck you” which is just a part of one sentence which as whole says “Fuck you, that’s what Mike said to you.”
            now you can’t fight with me by just listening to those two words, you got to listen all of it before reaching to the conclusion.

          • Logan Rieck

            Why would God address the Jews as believing Ezra is the son of God when only a group of Jews did? Wouldn’t God clarify that? No. Because that group of Jews were close to Muhammad and he didn’t know any better which helps to show that the Qur’an was an invention of Muhammad.

          • Al Bhat

            Mate as I said you can’t just go with the words you have to go into the references and context and the scenario of every verse the circumstances in which a verse was revealed etc etc
            Otherwise God clearly tells in Quran 2:26

            Indeed, Allah is not timid to present an example – that of a mosquito or what is smaller than it. And those who have believed know that it is the truth from their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, they say, “What did Allah intend by this as an example?” He misleads many thereby and guides many thereby. And He misleads not except the defiantly disobedient.

            So! He himself misleads the one who doesn’t want to break his ego.

            I m born in a muslim family it is not easy for me to follow the right Islamic rituals and it often happens that I have to follow pure Islamic instructions by going against the people around me because the society in which I live people say things like Ohh! one shouldn’t read Quranic translation it’s kind of adult, bold and very open and the muslims which i live within are mostly inspired by their local culture, norms and values and not by Islam. Islam is very liberal for its followers.

            90 percent of these don’t know the meaning of what they recite as Arabic is not their native language neither they read it in their native language considering it sort of disrespect. LOL!
            It is our ego that doesn’t let anything enter into our head, we should be open to things with neutral mindset.
            Otherwise we would see whatever we want to see, negative within positive.

            We can have healthy discussion if you want to, you can tell me about things and I can tell you too and I have lots and lots to tell you about war captives and copulating with them as I said you can’t just go by the words it needs explanation and an open mind which is ready to accept anything that comes even it is against it.

          • Logan Rieck

            A bunch of rhetoric, fine as it is it goes away from the actual root of the matter: why would the Qur’an present the Jews as believing Ezra was the Son of God if it was just a minority, you must apply logic to it, especially if it was a sect close to Muhammad. You have to remember the Qur’an is presented as being from God Himself and therefore shouldn’t have any actual relation to what Muhammad was doing and what he was near but be universal. It fails in this.

            Why would the straight utterance of God need explanation, though? Shouldn’t it be clear and simple, remember this was supposed to be God’s last intervention through a Prophet to reveal public revelation.

            Lastly, to another one of your comments, the reason Christians believe Jesus Christ is God, and the Son of God, is because the Bible itself, and the writings of the disciples of the Apostles who wrote the New Testament, testify that Jesus Christ is God and not just a messenger. I’m not sure you’ve read the Bible.

          • Al Bhat

            Bro, I can’t tell you anything further about it as there is no other way to explain it.
            This is a tiny point in the discussion as I already explained you that Lord tells in Quran that Muslims would go to heaven. This doesn’t mean all of them would go into heaven because when you read the rest of the Quran you would realise it is promising the paradise only to the Muslims who are pious and are at the right path and fulfilling their obligations according to orders mentioned in Quran.

            You just can’t fight over one verse or one statement leaving more then 6000 verses aside.

            and for your curiosity:
            …Why would the straight utterance of God need explanation, though?…

            It is not fault of God, to err is human.
            Indeed it needs explanation because it often happens that when two guys watch a movie both reach to entirely different conclusion in the end, as you can see we both are getting different conclusions from a single verse now we have to decide whether your conclusion is wrong or my book is wrong.

            May Lord guide us to improve our knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

          • Logan Rieck

            Please be logical, though. Christians have always believed Jesus is God since its inception, the Patristic works confirming the Bible.

            So basically, you’re saying Christians won’t get Paradise unless they degrade the glory of Christ to less than He taught His Apostles. Even Saint Thomas called Jesus God and Jesus didn’t correct Him or refuse Him for it.

          • Al Bhat

            As I explained Humans raise the level of Messengers out of love and respect and this is not just in case of Jesus PBUH it is in Hinduism and it to some extent in islam, in shia Islam it’s followers raise level of Ali ibn talib son in law and cousin of Muhammad PBUH to the same extent considering him one with supernatural powers and somewhere equivalent to God.
            It is natural human instinct that they often out of respect take some very special person above to normal level of respect.
            I m not saying that you should degrade Jesus PBUH, I m just saying that he was one of some very special creations of God not God himself, DOES THIS STATEMENT MAKES SENSE TO YOU? HOW AND WHY WOULD GOD CREATE HIMSELF INTO A FAR LOWER FORM i.e HUMAN BODY?
            and you are saying that apostles of Jesus PBUH called him God, now the point is how can he accept something which is contradictory to what he was preaching, he came with the message that there is one God one creator of heavens and universe and only he deserves praise and worship. Now I don’t know how and from what source did this concept was developed into Christianity that Jesus was God as neither you nor me were there at that time.

            What we can agree to is that there is one God which you also agree that Jesus claimed, now if you want to raise Jesus Peace be upon him’s level to the level of God then its your choice you are accepting half of what he himself said that “there is only one God” and now you are adding up that he himself was also God which neither makes sense nor is very authentic.

            This is the reason why God has cursed jews so much in Quran, they kill prophets, they manipulate words of God, they hated Jesus PBUH they Hated Muhammad PBUH they hate all of the mankind considering them superior from all as we all know they are the descendents of prophets.

          • Logan Rieck

            You place a lot of blame on the Jews.

            The point of showing Saint Thomas calling the Lord Jesus God was that Jesus Christ never corrected him as if it were an error which means it wasn’t an error.

            Jesus even claims to be God. That is why Muslims have to try and say the Bible is corrupted because otherwise they are easily proved wrong. But they can’t.

          • Al Bhat

            I m done explaining here mate. May Lord (the creator of heaven and earth and Creator of Jesus PBUH and Muhammad PBUH and creator of You and Me) Show you and me the right path.

          • Logan Rieck

            Farewell, then.

            To clarify, though, the Lord Jesus plainly declares the Holy Spirit would come to the Apostles (as it did as recorded in the book of Acts) and it was under the influence of God Himself that they wrote the New Testament which shows Jesus is God the Word. It is still One God, just terribly complicated. It wasn’t just admiration, the Apostles are very clear.

            These same Gospels we use are repeated and expounded upon by the early Church Fathers who were the disciples of the Apostles.

            The Qur’an says the Lord Christ the Gospel but do you even know what it was (or the Law)? It was Jesus Christ Himself as He says, “For God so loved the world that He sent His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him should not perish but have life everlasting.”

            Even later the Lord Jesus says the only way to have life is to eat His body and drink His blood hence the Eurachrist.

            Even later Jesus says He is the I AM which God told Moses was His Name.

            The Bible says Jesus is God and it has not changed as early Patristic writings confirm. An Arab 600 years later saying different isn’t quite a good opposition compared to eyewwitnesses.

          • Najdmie Firdaus

            I see not contradiction there, as commented by Al Bhat.

            In my knowledge, Christians and Jews that are granted paradise are those who follow their prophets (Jesus, Solomon, etc) teaching, believe in God, and not associate God with creature-like trait (have son, shaped like man, etc) before Mohammad become prophet. They were technically Muslim.

            Anyone who believe that there are not other god but God, and Mohammad is his messenger is Muslim.

          • Logan Rieck

            Christians are those who believe Jesus Christ is God Who assumed human nature and died for our sins, it has been so since the beginning of Christianity. I know, Muslims believe the Bible is corrupted somehow without proof, but even the disciples of the Apostles (Clement of Rome and Polycarp among others) also teach this.

            It is a contradiction but I’m not quite sure you actually understand Christianity theology. They were Muslim? No, all the prophets in the Bible before Christ came were Jews of the Jewish faith, the Lord Christ a Jew as well until He fulfilled the Law of Moses and replaced the Law with Himself and thus Christians were come unto the world in Him.

          • Logan Rieck

            Perhaps you’d also like this website that shows a thousand mistakes in the Qur’an. Most are petty, I admit, but others are not and show the revelation that this cannot be from the mouth of God Himself.


            A lovely one is where the Qur’an says the Jews believed Ezra was the son of God. This is not validated in the Bible or any Jewish authority.


            And let’s not forget that men are rewarded companions after death at a garden for some reason.


        • Logan Rieck

          Also, perhaps you should read more the Qur’an.

          Read the context and see if it denies what the Qur’an puts here. It says their wives and whom their hand possesses as being okay to have sex with, otherwise it is wrong. The Qur’an is perfectly okay with men having sex with women who are under their power and that aren’t their wives.

      • Al Bhat

        4:24 is below but I don’t see anything here the way you are trying to manipulate.

        And [also prohibited to you
        are all] married women except those your right hands possess.
        [This is] the decree of Allah upon you. And lawful to you are
        [all others] beyond these, [provided] that you seek them [in
        marriage] with [gifts from] your property, desiring chastity, not
        unlawful sexual intercourse. So for whatever you enjoy [of
        marriage] from them, give them their due compensation as an
        obligation. And there is no blame upon you for what you
        mutually agree to beyond the obligation. Indeed, Allah is ever
        Knowing and Wise.

        about 8:67
        Quran is purely talking about killings of the ones who are rebellious and are fighting in the war and the ones who are sinful.

        Rest is up to you!

        • Logan Rieck

          Perhaps you should read this portion of the Qur’an.

          This clearly shows that men may have sex with their wives OR whosoever their right hand possesses beside their wives. This could be a concubine or a slave that the person has because they possess the slave and force them to have sex with him. It’s very strange.

    • Lyon

      So do they or dont they?

    • adamhs

      Right they’re not allowed to touch women and children. I guess suicide bombs don’t count because technically they didn’t “touch” anyone? I love technicalities. Cutting off a civilian’s head on camera certainly isn’t humiliating either right?

      • Al Bhat

        Again you are talking about some individual fool in the jungle with beard and his personal act, mate.
        Living in a muslim country with a beard is not enough to be a muslim. This is bullshit and if you believe in this then you should open your brain a little to understand, learn and see things in big spectrum.

        I would only believe things that you quote from Quran, no human actions are considerable.

    • Gary Upp@l

      B.S…. Muslims are the worst of the worst in raping women and causing war… Look at partition of India.. Paki Muslims started killing the other cultures out of no were for there own country, They could have just let them cross the border but they didn’t instead yelling Allau Akhbar and chopping heads of…

      • Al Bhat

        tu bharti hai na bhan k loray?

        • Gary Upp@l

          Well that’s right ain’t it gandu

          • Al Bhat

            SO you are accepting that you a bhan ka lora. chul nikal!

          • Gary Upp@l

            Im your Bhans lora

          • Al Bhat

            Ja kahi aur bund marwa ja k meray lun pay na char salay hindu kalay gulaam.

          • Gary Upp@l

            loll you show your true Muslim attributes

  • Roman Empire

    i rape them carthagians

  • ElBandito

    Actually, rape cases did rise to some high levels even *within* the allied countries.

    The horrifying thing about the past is that nobody had the technology or the surveillance cameras to find and track down the guys/women that were connected to multiple crimes. So serial killers and serial rapists had it far more easier to stay incognito than today.

    With the Air raid drills in the US and the UK (even the real Air-raids there), many murderers and rapists took advantage of the high-level noise and darkness to break into homes and attacking people. Everybody else were often spending their nights huddled inside their bomb shelters, cellars and the London Underground to even notice if their next-door neighbor was screaming for help. That is, if they could hear them over the sirens and bombs.

    It is also pretty shitty when the UK, the US, Russia and Germany were pulling criminals and forcing them to fight in the war front. Except that many of these criminals were caught for a REASON, and may have had a history of raping and murder that the police weren’t aware of. But once they’re given a uniform, for some reason, the government and the military left them almost completely unsupervised around civilians. Apparently, the whole ‘let’s hope they die in the battlefield’ isn’t an effective mindset, because they have to enter ports, villages and towns most of the time for resources and a ‘break’. And if the corporals and generals don’t know how many of his men were rapists or murderers before the war, then they have every opportunity to attack men, women and children. Pretty much none of those kinds of soldiers were ordered to go back to prison or the courts after the war. It was almost like everybody turned a blind eye to them.

    Personally, my grandmother was one of those victims. Except it wasn’t a war crime. One man was awarded the Medal of Honor and was touted all over her town as a brave war hero. He saved 4 guys in the Vietnam war, and no one had any idea that in fact, he was a horrible rapist who used to sexually abuse and beat his own sisters during his teens. He was caught attacking and raping a waitress when she was working a late shift, and was given the ‘Go to jail, or go fight for us’. Only problem that the war didn’t ‘magically’ transform him into a good citizen. He simply went back home in honor and glory, and turned to prey on people who thought they could trust him.
    He wound up endangering my grandmother and my father, and when she tried to divorce him, she needed the help of her own war-veteran father to stand in and prevent everyone else from thinking that she was a ‘bad wife’ to divorce a war hero. During the whole divorce process, the rapist kept trying to tarnish her reputation and tried to convince people that her testimony was unreliable. He even traveled to DC to try to get the President when the state judge vetoed his actions.

    Luckily, my family got away from him alive. But we always wondered with ill-feeling on what he was capable of when he was staying in Vietnam.

    • halfcanadian

      Wait, this was a Vietnam vet that returned home to honor and glory? I thought they were spit on.

      • ElBandito

        A vietnam vet that happened to be tossed a Medal of Honor because the government needed a ‘hero’ to dazzle its people.
        There were a lot of people who were much more ‘faithful’ to the government’s decision to ‘attack the commies’ and keep them at bay from South Vietnam, plus, you can’t fault a guy (at least on the surface) for saving 4 guys during an intense shooting. So all the people who tried to expose the truth or blame the US forces for all the damage were often met with willfully ignorant people.

        The only thing was, he had his slate swiped clean when he got back, managed to get all the respect and perks from the town he moved into, and it later made him feeling so self-secure of his status, it made him arrogant enough to wave around the “Fuck with me and I’ll call the Whitehouse” threat over people. Including the police and the state judge.

  • Rainer Spott

    Well, well, rape was not a big idea on the Nazi-Germans agenda. National Socialism being a racist ideology – it just would not have made much sense to the Fuehrers henchmen to systematically improve the blood a.k.a. genetic pool of the Eastern European undermensch. They conquered land, not people!

    That any kind of planned raping could have been part of Nazi warfare of extermination must be attributed to mainly (silly) Anti-German propaganda.

    On the other hand, many women of Eastern Germany fell victim to raping and murdering Russian soldiers that were inraged by the same Anti-German hate propaganda, mainly produced by Ilja Ehrenburg and comrades. The Russians conquered land AND people.

    (Say say even the late wife of the well known democratic German post-war politician Helmut Kohl got raped when she was 12 y.o. – she hated the smell of drunken men’s sweat and the sound of Russian words until her old age.)

    • ElBandito

      “(They say even the late wife of the well known democratic German post-war politician Helmut Kohl got raped when she was 12 y.o. – she hated the smell of drunken men’s sweat and the sound of Russian words until her old age.)”

      Anthony Burgess, the writer of A Clockwork Orange, had a wife who was attacked and beaten unconscious by Allied soldiers during World War Two. In England. She was actually pregnant at the time and miscarried.

      Even nowadays, I got parents who remembered how in the 1980s, that a lot of the American military recruits they’ve trained with were actually pretty ‘fucked up’. They look at characters like Gomer Piles from Full Metal Jacket, see how almost strange and infantile he acted, and would only nod and say, “Yeah, that was common in my boot camp”. Even quite a few guys come from very disturbed homes, and actually wind up unable to hold themselves back from robbing other military members, assaulting and touching girls inappropriately, and drinking to oblivion and trying to attack other people.

      There was even a couple of guys who sexually groomed two twin sisters who were FOURTEEN. They lived on base and wound up thinking ‘how cool’ it was to get attention from two, muscled guys in their mid-20s.

      So yeah, shit can get fucked up even today in the military bases. Luckily I only witness guys breaking into cars to steal stuff, but I’ve also noticed that many ex-military guys always made sure to teach their daughters that navy soldiers and marines were strictly not ‘dating material’. Because of their experience, they don’t want to let their own kids with someone who may be volatile, strange, or disturbed enough in the head to think raping was okay.

  • majmomendez

    “Under Hitler, the Wehrmacht were allowed to rape any woman on the Eastern Front.” I’m from Eastern Europe and this is bullshit. Any German soldier, even in officer, risked a death penalty for rape.

    • BryanJ
      • Happy Camper

        Wikipedia says it so it must be true, right?

        Hate to break it to you, but not every German soldier was some horrible war criminal. The vast majority were no different from our soldiers. They were young men who were fighting for their country.

      • Gary Upp@l

        Were talking about raping women here dude not killing jews no offence

    • Gary Upp@l

      True… Americans get fired up when you talk about things like this

  • Jum1801

    I agree with the content of your post, but I am dumbfounded at the use of of a picture of American soldiers to illustrate a story that has not one thing to do with them. How can it be? It’s not like there weren’t a gazillion more appropriate pictures.

    It would make much more sense to replace it with a picture of either German or Soviet soliders

    • UN

      until u mentioned it i had no interest in whose picture it was………..the content in the article is more important than the picture being used

      • Jum1801

        Well then there’s absolutely no need to use a pic, is there?

    • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

      If it was an article about big battles of WW2 it would show a pic of americans vs Germans, despite the fact the war between the Russians vs Germans was 10 times larger, literally.

    • Jon

      they used that picture cuz the creep at the bottom looks like a pedophile

    • John Fagan

      The Americans weren’t as brutal as the Russians but it is well known the yanks traded their rations for sex with impoverished women in Italy and Germany.

      • GardenStater

        “…traded their rations for sex” While not necessarily admirable, that’s more like prostitution than rape.

        • Jum1801


      • ElBandito

        Would’ve really helped if they thought, for a second, that these women needed it more than them.

        There were a lot of orphans in central Europe. Many of them were abandoned by their own parents after months of starvation.

      • Jum1801

        Which has what to do with a post which deals with a policy of systematic rape and brutalization as a means of subjugation of the populace by the Nazi and Soviet armies?

    • Sewo

      Americans raped too =)

      • Jum1801

        Yeah! You tell ’em! Who needs that stuff about “scale” anway. Everybody knows there’s absolutely NO difference between, at most, a few hundred rapes committed by individual spoldiers, and countless tens of thousands of rapes- committed as state policy –

        • Sewo


          See, that’s the thing. There is no difference and it can be seen here. Many of the individual soldiers that didn’t commit the rapes would’ve raped if they got the orders to do so. So, this IS relevant. “Well if higher authority says it’s ok, it must be ok”

          Studies and test comfirmed this herd like behavior. Ofcourse first they say ‘nay’ but as it goes on and they see others doing it, may people lose their sense of morals and do that which they at first didn’t think possible or even dispised.

          • Jum1801

            That’s a simply insane piece of fantasy used as a pretext to try to argue that the US was just as vile and morally repugnant as the USSR and Nazi Germany. It’s not only laughably false, but it’s so plainly ridiculous that it’s not even worth responding to, and I’m sorry I’ve done so to this point. But it was a nice try, comrade.

    • john

      americans too destroyed a vietnamese village and tortured their women

      • Jum1801

        Jesus wept. I can’t believe my eyes. I see this weak-ass shit, and I immediately think, “Here;s another adolescent so destroyed by shame and so desperate to hide his own country’s guilt that he throws any irrelevant data point – truth be damned, too – up there in an attempt to derail the discussion. It’s just pitifully transparent.

  • adamhs

    Umm…yeah. Nowhere near as bad as the Japanese during WW2…oddly omitted.

    • Jum1801

      Excellent point. Although it was probably a close run thing between the Soviets (who had plenty of provocation) and the Japanese (who had absolutely none), the Japanese win by a nose in the WWII Barbaric Brutality Sweepstakes

    • Bob Vance

      Care to provide any supporting evidence? The biggest occasion of rape by the Japanese was in Nanking and even then the rapes are estimated to be in the tens of thousands. Nowhere near the numbers given here. You have some personal vendetta against the Japanese or something?

      • adamhs

        Look up comfort women used by the Japanese army. The numbers may be smaller but keep in mind these women were kept at “brothels”…meaning raped repeatedly for months and years. I hear there’s this new thing called the internet. Don’t worry, don’t believe the naysayers, I think the internet is here to stay.

  • Demon Teddy Bear

    Odd to say the Soviet rapes ended in 1945. I read that they continued until 1948.

  • Rick Tob

    Using that picture for your article is disrespectful with the veterans on it, those are somebody’s parents, grandpas etc. A generic one or a drawing would have been better. Be more careful with the pictures and to what you want to relate them.

  • Happy Camper

    It’s a part of war that will never go away. I mean, think about it. These were young men, most between the ages of 16 and 24, who have been killing and watching their friends be killed in horrific ways. They had been exposed to terrible things that no human being should have to witness. Do you think at that point they’d give a shit about raping a chick? I know I wouldn’t.

  • Eoghan-Tony Dwyer

    Rape and war are inherently linked unfortunately and kind of fits into the “spoils of war” category. The problem was exacerbated by the Russians who wanted to take revenge on the German people for all they did

  • Sam W

    What about the Japanese Soldiers during the Rape of Nanking? Why do people always look towards the atrocities of the West other than looking towards the atrocities of the East?

    • Happy Camper

      I guess it’s because we expect non-whites to be barbarians. It’s in their genes. It’s shocking when real people do horrible things.

  • Reader

    Could have just put up a Hitler picture -.-

  • D B Burrill

    COMMUNISM. What can’t it do?

  • The Soviet War Memorial in one Eastern European country is known to the locals as The Tomb Of The Unknown Rapist. Oh, and the poster is a bad person for illustrating this story of Soviet rapists with pictures of American soldiers.

  • Hillyard

    A better title for this would have been ‘Mass rapes by the Soviet Army in WW2. There is nothing in this post that isn’t already common knowledge.

  • Jana

    Very sad. This remains a problem in conflict areas. Really seems like no effort is being made to protect women and children in war zones. There seems to be a mindset that rape is a soldier’s reward. It’s destroying another human being. Terrible and very sad. Glad someone’s writing about it.

  • FeministSafeZone.Blogspot.Com

    ALERT: This article’s third source is bunk. It considers women working in brothels as “victims of German rape.”

    That calls this whole article into serious question. Check it out for yourself.