The Popular African ‘Gospel’ Movement To Torture Children

“Efforts must be made to stop this evangelical throwback from spreading her diseased gospel.” —Leo Igwe

In A Nutshell

Helen Ukpabio is a Nigerian woman who founded the Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries organization. The group has a reputation for spreading bizarre interpretations of the Bible and targeting children for abuse. In her teachings, Ukpabio preaches that the devil has the ability to manifest himself in children by way of demonic possession. She is directly responsible for a rise in the number of African infants that have been abused, tortured, labeled witches, and abandoned by their parents.

The Whole Bushel

Helen Ukpabio is a Nigerian woman known for spreading bizarre and false information. In her teachings, Helen tells parents that Satan has the ability to manifest himself in their children by way of demonic possession. She takes advantage of uneducated people in order to spread propaganda that has led to the torture or abandonment of thousands of African children, and despite her irrational claims of witchcraft, the Gospel Ministries organization has started to grow in Cameroon, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria.

In her book Unveiling the Mysteries of Witchcraft, Helen says: “If a child under the age of two screams in the night, cries and is always feverish with deteriorating health, he or she is a servant of Satan.” She doesn’t mention the fact that children in Africa often live in poor health conditions and experience these exact symptoms, as do all children at some point in their lives.

Ukpabio has published a large collection of books in an attempt to convince people that children have the ability to become witches and wizards. As a direct result of her teachings, West Africa has seen a massive rise in the number of children accused of being witches. In order to take advantage of people’s faith and target children for removal from their families, she has even cited J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, arguing that if Westerners don’t take Rowling’s work seriously, then she is a hapless victim of Western racism.

Once a child is targeted as a witch, they undergo a series of horrible abuses. They are given an official “exorcism” in which they may be splashed with acid, buried alive, abandoned by the roadside, cast out of the village, or dipped in fire. In all cases, church officials profit from the exorcisms, and Ukpabio is paid well by her followers. In hopes of stopping the bizarre teachings, many organizations have started to become educated on the Gospel Ministries, publishing articles in an attempt to help teach the African populace that witches don’t necessarily exist, but child abuse certainly does.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Exiled Phoenix

    Makes sense. Every religion that exists knows the lowest rungs of society are the most gullible.
    Education will continue to break down these institutions that preach hatred of others because of differences in belief or way of life.

    • inconspicuous detective

      this is the problem i have with your idea of religion as the reason that things are terrible. i can make it easy to understand with this question: is this woman guilty of child abuse? did she do anything wrong?

      • Exiled Phoenix

        Yes, yes she did. When you inspire people to hate others for their beliefs and denounce them as evil that is a crime against your species.
        If you don’t believe she did anything wrong because she only preached and gave her opinions while others chose to carry them out…. Then maybe Hitler didn’t do anything wrong…

        • WhiteExodus

          Well coming from a Christian perspective, these people (that stupid witch from the article) are the lowest scum in the church heck I know alot of good people who actually try to help others instead of taking advantage on the needy. But paedophile priests are much more worse I suppose…..

        • inconspicuous detective

          then is she a rational being capable of knowing right from wrong, religion aside?

          • Exiled Phoenix

            True, yet she like the rest use religion for their own purposes.

          • inconspicuous detective

            maybe so. but you don’t blame the hammer in a murder case. you blame the person who swung it. religion is as easy a tool as a gun to swing around and use to your own end, BUT it is not the gun’s fault that someone is dead. it’s the fault of the owner, or the follower of a religion. we’re rational, intelligent, and reasoning creatures. i do not believe that religion is at fault for many crimes committed in its name. it comes down to humans and irresponsibility, or greed, or madness.

  • Errkism

    Well of course the church officials profit from it. Why else would they be involved.

    • WhiteExodus

      Not all Church officials profit from the disadvantaged, the same way that not all atheists are intolerant of a persons beliefs.

  • Kaydot Mcdiamonds

    Uhm not in South Africa. Get your facts straight. But anyway… Im not surprised that a Nigerian is doing something like this since the general religious take in Nigeria is that you’re either Muslim, Christian or a witch…. No one likes Nigerians anyway. I certainly dont.