The Gordon Ramsay Suicides

“Kitchens are hard environments and they form incredibly strong characters.” —Gordon Ramsay

In A Nutshell

Superstar chef Gordon Ramsay has built a name producing cooking-based reality shows where he has a forum for expletive-laced tirades. But it may be that Ramsay’s vicious behavior has deeper consequences than merely entertaining a home audience. At least three people who have suffered his derision on TV have gone on to commit suicide.

The Whole Bushel

Gordon Ramsay is a celebrity chef known for his incendiary outbursts. To get a full appreciation of his personality, one should view the BBC version of his programming, where his vocabulary is not censored and flows forth like a vile river. He has multiple reality-type shows on at any given time, and while the rewards of excelling under Ramsay’s tutelage include massively successful careers, restaurants, and cash prizes, losing leaves one on the barbed end of his wrath. At least three different people that have appeared on his shows have taken their own lives.

One of the shows in Ramsay’s entertainment empire is MasterChef, where contestants vie to impress the palates of a panel of judges with their cooking talents. In Season 3, one of the competitors was hulking 218-centimeter (7’2″) Joshua Marks, whose talent in the kitchen got him into the final round, where he lost to Christine Ha. Marks’ family claims that the stress of being on the show led his mental health to decline dramatically. He was diagnosed with both bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and in one skirmish with police, claimed that he’d been possessed by Gordon Ramsay, who turned him into God. In October 2013, Marks’ mother was driving home in Chicago when she received a frantic call that her son had been seen wandering around outside holding a gun. She rushed to find him, but arrived too late, discovering his body in an alley. He’d died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

Hell’s Kitchen is quite like MasterChef, although it begins with the contestants cooking in teams until enough people are eliminated to compete individually. Prizes have included $250,000 cash or executive chef positions at restaurants owned by Ramsay. In 2006, the show featured Rachel Brown, who came in fifth place. In May 2007, Brown was found dead in her Texas home. Like Marks, the 41-year-old woman had also died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Kitchen Nightmares follows a bit different formula from the other shows; in this program, Ramsay visits foundering restaurants and rescues them. During the course of an episode, he samples the food (often spitting it out), viciously disparages the chefs and owners, then rehabilitates the business, introducing new menu items and giving the building a makeover.

To a certain extent, the failure of the restaurants featured on the show is already sealed, Ramsay’s production only swooping in when the businesses depicted were teetering at the edge of bankruptcy. Many, if not most of them have closed since his visits. In 2007, Joseph Cerniglia was featured on Kitchen Nightmares. The young chef, whose Fair Lawn, New Jersey restaurant Campania was failing, butted heads with Ramsay during filming, but at the end of the episode, it appeared things would turn around for Campania, which was deeply in debt. Unfortunately, in 2010, Joseph Cerniglia took his own life, plunging off the George Washington Bridge into the Hudson River. In a morbid turn, Ramsay told the chef that if he didn’t turn things around at his restaurant, “Your business is about to f– –king swim down the Hudson.”

Show Me The Proof

BBC News: ‘MasterChef’ runner-up Josh Marks commits suicide
Rachel Brown, contestant on “‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ found dead in Bedford
Most Restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares Are Now Closed
Joseph Cerniglia, ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ Suicide — Second for Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Shows

  • Arjan Hut

    Too many cooks in this world.

    • Bluestreak .

      And still half population is without food.

    • accorn

      And too many sadistic people that enjoying trolling and watching other people be abused.

      • Patrick Eigenmann

        U clearly never worked in a kitchen. As a chef i guarantee you ramsay is just a regular chef not tolerating any kind of bullshit. If you are a professional which can’t handle this sort of treatment, change your profession. Kitchens are no safespace for some sissis. It’s a warzone with one King. You do what you been told or you leave. Simple as that.

  • CariHislop

    These reality shows are the modern day equivalent of the freak show. Instead of paying money so we can gawp at some deformed person or poke them with a stick to hear them babble in rage, we now watch people expose their hearts, dreams, wounds and sins on tv to “celebrity” sharks who devour them for the desired ratings. The more vicious the attack…the better the ratings. Who cares if it destroys the life of the freak? Sharks like Ramsey are the worst; he’s not even pretending to be a bottom feeder. He’s devouring hearts live (for the gluttony of fame and money). I’d never knowingly eat in one of his restaurants.

    • sumshine213

      your dramatic! and get your info right he was famous prior to these shows. this isn’t a snooki and jwoww come up for Ramsey. your attitude is part of the reason why young kids are so sensitive and lazy. so he screamed at you or someone else GET OVER IT! the only person you should fear is God. and that’s real.

      • Jeff Maas

        What is “his dramatic”? Oh wait, should be “you are” or “you’re”. I agree with CariHislop, mostly because I read the comment and understood the point. I do not see anywhere in the poster’s comment that indicates Ramsey wasn’t known before his TV career, rather, the implication that he belongs to a group of people making tons of money in the reality TV genre at the expense of exposing the participant’s weaknesses to (sadly) millions of viewers. If you (Sumshine) want to support this type of inane programming, that is your prerogative, but please do so by only speaking out if and when you take a moment to understand the comments you are replying to. Also, I find it ironic that you describe young kids as “lazy”, yet, your post displays the laziness of someone that has a “shift” key that works, but is too lazy to use it appropriately. The “God” reference is a classic non sequitur, another indicator of a lazy person.

        • larobenoire

          First off, hating on the vile, mind numbing nature of reality shows was thing of the times of jersey shore and big brother. If you watch reality telly now, especially cooking shows, they’re a much milder version of the above, the “make believe reality” is even more easily discernable, id like to think of it as a subtle mockery of its own concept. Which kind of really males it more about the cooking and the hard work and a wee bit about the little bits of rind for the viewers that like their bacon fatty. You my friend, are among the less tolerant tellevision viewers and maybe you should consider cancelling your subscription to cable. Go watch the news ( because that’s apparently not a freakshow in,itself? Ive seen more drama on news night at 9 than maybe even on Clifton shores). Another point is, why are the contestants and participants in this show always portrayed as the sacrificial lambs? As if they didn’t have a choice? For all Gordon and Joes bad mouthing and food spitting I hardly think,they’re some kind of modern day Frank Costello’s that clandestinely get what they want with shady brute force. (I mean really) Also, trashing on someone’s grammar in,retaliation to a comment…. Real mature. Also, don’t you think its a wee bit in bad taste to snub ones religious views as Laziness?

        • ResonanceDefined


    • The people who go on his shows beg him to come to their restaurant (Kitchen Nightmares), or go through stiff competition (which they have to apply for the chance to be considered to even get I to the preliminaries)for the competition shows. They know what they are getting into. They want to get into it. They beg and plead to get in.

      • CariHislop

        You’re right. Many people beg to go on “reality” TV. Some even want to be gawped at (or yelled at – anything on TV that will make them feel like “somebody” etc), but most of these people are delusional (or desperate for some delusion to become their reality). Just because they think they know what they’re getting into doesn’t mean they really comprehend the consequences (whereas the producers of the shows probably have a fairly good idea – if only to cover their butts if the worst happens). If people want to play freak-show-exhibit that’s their business, but even most of the shows that purport to help people are starting to make me sick. None of these shows are about helping the contestants, they’re about making money for the producers. I don’t think I’m being overly dramatic by pointing out that these shows aren’t what they pretend to be (that the real entertainment lies in the exploitation of fellow human beings).

        • Have you watched any of Gordon Ramsey’s shows? It doesn’t sound as if you have. Since his shows are the only “reality” shows I have ever seen I can’t comment on any others. I see the commercials for them and they hold no interest for me. Since my family and I are foodies, however, the Ramsay shows do hold interest, so we watch them all.
          none of the shows fall into your “exploitation” category. The participants do get helped, even those I think he should just chuck out the door. And contrary to what the article above states, the majority of restaurants he helps do stay in business for, at least, the year between his reinventing them and his revisit. Those who don’t manage to stay open are usually the victim of the economic times, gross mismanagement of the owners, or their ignoring the advice Ramsay gave them.
          Now, I have no idea how this parallels with any other “reality” show, so I can’t make comparisons. Give a few of the Ramsay shows a watch then come back and make your comments.

          • CariHislop

            I tried watching his show many years ago (in England) before he launched his international “reality tv” career. Yes, my original comment sounds like I’m ranting (because I was), but that’s my perspective. Perhaps if I was a foodie who loved high pressure kitchen reality drama I’d share yours.

          • Perhaps. Perception is, to great degree, subjective.

          • Jeff Maas

            I would imagine most “Foodies” would be interested in watching programming that is more about food and less about the drama of what goes on behind the scenes. CariHislop is simply making a statement about the social impact of the reality genre and drawing a comparison to “Freak Shows” that existed long before media technology got to where it is today. The greater the audience, the greater the impact, thus, CariHislop makes a valid point worth consideration. Arguing in favor of “reality” entertainment by suggesting that it relates to an interest one has is completely missing the point CariHislop is making.

      • accorn

        Right.. and you love watching them fail and then kill themselves.. all the while telling yourself how innocent you are and how it was all their fault.

        • lookin4trace

          you’re like ramsay, bullying and projectionistic.

          move along dear.

    • Miha Evans

      I wouldn’t eat at one either, but not for those reasons. Mostly it’s because I’m betting the prices are high enough for a single dish that I could’ve just bought enough groceries to last me a month or so…

    • josue betances

      you little shit he cares for people but you are to blind to see it just because he is on tv does not mean he is like that you judge people based on appearances not by the way they act of the way they treat people you are the worst you shit

      • accorn

        He doesn’t care about them.. he uses them just like you do when you watch the show.

    • josue betances

      you should watch the British version of his show the American version just shows his abuse the British version shows that he cares do some actual investigating before you stay stupid shit like that because you have no evidence to back you up

    • josue betances

      The people who go on his shows beg him to come to their restaurant (Kitchen Nightmares), or go through stiff competition (which they have to apply for the chance to be considered to even get I to the preliminaries)for the competition shows. They know what they are getting into. They want to get into it. They beg and plead to get in

  • Guest

    Here’s the deal, they all know what it’s like, nor are they forced to join as though guns were pointed at their temples. Sure Gordon Ramsay has a mouth made from the slabs of Satan’s pothole, but it ain’t his fault people can’t handle pressure right?

    • Sarah Habibi

      No I totally agree. I feel that the blame and responsibity falls solely on the people themselves. And come on, you don’t develop bipolar disorder or schizophrenia from a little verbal abuse.

    • ppkuma

      I agree that they are consenting adults in a situation they put themselves in. But I think we need to evaluate the kind of entertainment we are suppoting by watching shows that push their participants in this unhealthy mental environment.

    • Marozia

      I very much agree with you. They went on willingly to learn from a master of the art and to get help.
      BTW. I can’t stand Ramsay, but admire that he tries to help these people and their businesses.

    • accorn

      Actually it’s societies fault that they enjoy creating artificial pressure and abusing mentally ill people. It is societies fault that you have no morals.

  • Alexandra Escobar

    They must of had something else going on in their lives as well…. although RIP to all of them.

  • Kate Cooley

    Several points – if you go on Hell’s Kitchen, you have to be ready for the storm to hit. He’s relentless on that one and for good reason – this is his livelihood. He’s basically auditioning for a head chef for one of his restaurants. You’d better be up to snuff. And frankly, I’ve never seen anyone yelled at on that show who wasn’t asking for it.

    As to the gentleman on MasterChef, there was obviously something else happening. So many people have “lost’ on that show that you can’t point the finger at the show. In fact, that’s the show where Gordon’s at his cuddliest.

    Kitchen Nightmares is another animal entirely. If your restaurant is on there, it’s already failing. And let’s be honest. You signed the papers to be there, you invited Gordon and his reputation for not sugar-coating anything in to help. I don’t remember this specific episode, but you can’t just invite him in, let him give suggestions and then fight with him about it. This is someone who KNOWS the restaurant industry. So many owners immediately freak out like Ramsay just peed on their mom. Do what the man tells you, don’t get your hackles up about it and play the whole “macho I’m a man” card and there won’t be an issue. The problem is, once the show’s done filming, most of the restaurants fail because they DON’T listen to Ramsay afterward and go back to their old crappy ways.

    • accorn

      Just another piss poor rationalization. You enjoy watching people get abused on TV.. regardless if the end result is if they kill themselves. You want to enjoy it without taking responsibility for your sadism.

  • ZAallDay85

    This article is so one sided and inaccurate it’s hard to believe it was ever published on this site.

    1) How in the hell can you blame someone’s bipolar disorder and schizophrenia on Gordon Ramsay? If anything the man himself, his friends and family should have known better than for him to participate on the show given his mental condition. And while he mentions Gordon during his hallucination, it was just that AN HALLUCINATION! He could not distinguish between fiction and reality.

    2) Gordon can in no way be blamed for Joseph Cerniglia’s suicide for the simple fact he picked up the man and failing business and gave them a second chance. Joe’s suicide was probably prompted by his deteriorating marriage which was triggered when he ignored his family to start an affair with his head baker. Or it could have to with his nasty coke habit that took money away from the restaurant and his family. Or maybe it was the embarrassment he felt after news broke of how he had to call 9-1-1 because he began to OD inside his restaurant after hours. (Let’s be real! Even if he was never on Kitchen Nightmares a headline like “Local restaurateur OD’s in back office and has to call 9-1-1 himself!” would’ve made headlines somewhere.

    3) As for Rachel Brown’s suicide I’m going to quote a statement that’s in numerous articles on her suicide (the other person he’s referring to is in fact Joseph Cerniglia) “My guess is that both of these people had major problems before appearing on the show,” Dr. Robert Yufit, former president of the American Academy of Suicidology, tells CBS News. “I would almost bet that the show itself should not be held responsible. I would say that the show might have tripped off something else that was going on in their lives.”

    I love listverse in that it’s supposed to be about knowledge and fact, but more and more lists like this keep popping up and it’s a put off and sometimes makes me feel like I’m on tmz instead of listverse.

    • sumshine213

      ThIS is not listverse. its knowledgenuts. but you do have a point with everything else. you seriously should think about writting for either listverse or knowledgenout

      • Doone00

        This is not knowledgenout.

    • I was going to make all the same points. I watched the shows involving the people in question (to be fair, I’ve watched all his shows, and one not mentioned “Best Restaurants”). The people who committed suicide, one possibly accidentally, were under enormous stress because of already existing issues. Gordon Ramsay did not create these illnesses, nor the stress they were under. He, in fact, created an environment wherein they could have pulled themselves out of their problems.

      • ZAallDay85

        I love Gordon Ramsey and feel he gets a bad wrap because he doesn’t coddle the people on his show or bite his tongue. I truly respected him when he a mini series where he wanted to learn how to cook curry. He didn’t go to London or work with other five star chefs from around the world. Instead, he traveled to the different areas of India and learned from the people who live there. In fact the last chef that he worked with was the cook for the giant slum where they filmed Slum Dog Millionaire. He wore the mans uniform, and was cooking in the street (the area is notoriously impoverished), while dodging cars and traffic to help cook a meal for a local child’s birthday. He went to the people and absorbed the culture and really wanted to learn by tradition. I can’t knock a man or think badly of him when he does nothing but show respect towards people and their culture. He’s only disrespectful AFTER he’s been disrespected.

        • I did not see the show in question, but it doesn’t surprise me in the least. For someone who so obviously respects the food, the history, and the culture of a people it’s a natural behavior. You can tell he loves what he does and respects those who love food, the preparation of good food, the proper handling of food. It is additionally obvious he shares my own feeling about preparing food for others; the preparation of beautiful food is one simple way of showing love. It doesn’t have to be fancy food. It doesn’t have to be expensive food. It just has to be made with care.

    • Shane Wielding

      While Ramsay may not have been the direct cause of these people’s demise, he certainly played a supporting role, in my opinion. Ramsay is not the saint portrayed by some of you here, nor is he the devil intimated in the story. He falls somewhere in between like the rest of us. My only concern is that people who are not mentally stable are being put through stressful situations all for the sake of ratings. There doesn’t seem to be any concern for their welfare. I would go so far as to say contestants should undergo a psychiatric evaluation before being thrust into possibly traumatic situations. This way, Ramsay still gets his precious ratings and those who encounter his verbal abuse (which is what it is) don’t go over the edge.

      • Miha Evans

        They could always leave the show if their poor precious sensitive mentalities can’t handle it. They aren’t forced to stay; many contestants HAVE taken themselves out of the competition in the past. If you know anything about Ramsay you know he’s like that, and if you can’t handle it, then what the hell are you even doing on a show where he’s going to be judging you? It’s their own idiotic faults honestly…

        • Ben

          Another hypermacho douchebag. One day, guys like Chef Ramsay and his fans will be stuffing the rest of us “losers” on trains headed for concentration camps, just you wait.

        • accorn

          Yes are your clearly full of compassion for suicidal people. No actually you happily heckle them from your TV set and probably hope they all die.

          • josue betances

            Here’s the deal, they all know what it’s like, nor are they forced to join as though guns were pointed at their temples. Sure Gordon Ramsay has a mouth made from the slabs of Satan’s pothole, but it ain’t his fault people can’t handle pressure right?

      • onlyomen

        im sorry if you’re a wuss who can’t take someone hurting your feelings then here’s something simple to do..DON”T ask a blatant asshole like gordon ramsey to judge your stuff if you’re going to get all butthurt about it. No one can MAKE you commit suicide anymore than someone can save you from it, both are decisions you make totally on your own.

    • accorn

      It’s obvious the people had mental health issues. But it’s also equally obvious that Americans are enjoying taking advantage of such people by being entertained by their abuse. So stop rationalizing it away.

      • Jill Beckwith

        Woah now, hold up. I love a good Gordon Ramsay show, the fact that he is such an imperfect human being as we all are yet has managed to identify and truly harness his passion and remarkable talent then use his own success to help others in his own personally unique way is why I love it so so much, however I have left numerous comments on how overdramatic the American version is. I’m an American and tv producers are giving us programming they THINK we want, but we are all more a like inside than we realize…NONE of this is a purely American problem. It’s a Scottish born British chef’s show for fuck’s sake! I’ll gladly state that we bungle and drop just about every show we adapt after dragging it kicking and screaming across the pond (except The Office, I looooove BOTH versions in their own special way) but this show is unique in that it’s not got different actors, writers, staff, and shit but is esentially the same show with the same name, host, and concept. Yes, the editing and sound design is much different but I have a hard fucking time believing that Gordon fucking Ramsey would allow ANYTHING to be happening that he didn’t approve of or be made to participate in any goddamn thing he doesn’t want to.
        People are so fucking dense, once we realize we are ALL sharing the good and the bad of the human condition, stop trying to point fingers and lay blame on others based on stupid shit like nationality and ethnicity the quicker we can start fixing the buckshot in this world. I’m not delusional, I understand this IS part of the human condition and we’ve done since the dawn of man and will continue to until the sun sets on is all, however it can never ever hurt to try and help reduce this as much as we can…I have a daughter that is like to grow up just a tiny bit better than the one I did at least. I also understand there are cultural differences in people, but again…human condition, we like to keep ourselves separated and different from one another because we like to have scapegoats available when we need them.

      • lookin4trace

        oh please on the american hate.

  • Pawesl

    3 people commit suicide out of the 300 who have been on these shows. Okay….

    • benbenben

      Do not understand whether you are sarcastic or a smartass. But that’s a sick, sick number….. 1% of 300 contenders killed themselves. I freaking love every show with Ramsay but would never wish death upon anyone except maybe some of the evil bastards who act like heartless morons on the shows

      • accorn

        If you watch the show you are participating in the same evil that ramsay is.. namely using mentally ill people for your benefit, be it ratings or entertainment.

  • Bryan Hernandez

    So many heartless remarks.

  • sweatynumbthumb

    Says more to me about America’s gun laws and failing mental healthcare system than it does about a celeb TV chef.

    • shaqwon_bayul

      What about America’s bridge laws? They obviously need to be changed.
      How is it that a man can go to a bridge and jump off under his own power
      without someone stopping him?!?! Incredible! We need a bridge
      watchman (or woman) to be on alert for this type of behavior. After
      all, it’s not the person jumping off the bridge that is at fault for
      killing himself, it’s the bridge’s fault. Oh yeah, same thing for guns,
      and stuff. People don’t shoot themselves, the guns jump into their
      hands and pull the trigger for them. I have a great idea! Let’s take
      all the guns away even though that’s impossible and we’ll also tear all
      bridges down. After that, no one will ever shoot themselves or jump to
      their deaths again! Problem solved and now we’ll never have another

      • Doone00

        No more caffeine for you.

      • DieMcCulloch

        it’s watchman(regardless of gender) do you go around saying huwoman?

    • Doone00

      I agree with you about the failing mental healthcare system. But if someone wants to kill someone or kill themselves, they will find a way. Taking away the means will do nothing but delay the inevitable. People who are against gun ownership are trying to solve the problem by simply putting a bandaid over a deeply infected wound.

    • Say what? Gordon Ramsay is British. Most of his shows are filmed in the UK.

      • lookin4trace


    • accorn

      The fact that America has TV shows designed to mock people says a lot about the state of morality in our society.. or I should say lack of morality.

      • lookin4trace

        you’re not even a good troll.

        your family must be in hell living with you.

    • lookin4trace

      oh? we don’t care about some celebrity chef, again, enough of the ignorant hate.

      if you don’t know what you’re talking about zip it.

  • Hadeskabir

    When Leonidas said in the movie “Tonight we dine in hell” I guess the cook was Gordon Ramsay .

  • Chloe

    Honestly, I think that it has nothing to do with Ransay; it’s likely that this would happen. Consider the vast number of people who have been on his many shows, and it’s a sad truth that, statistically, people one these shows will have committed suicide.

  • Paynefully

    Regardless of whose fault these suicides are on, I think Gordon Ramsey is a lame one trick pony. If you have to scream at people like a drill sergeant to get them to cook better than you suck as a boss. In no other employment is losing your temper as frequently as he does acceptable.

    And people who commit suicide are weak minded. I have no sympathy for then. I know that’s heartless but I reserve my sympathy for those who deserve it, who have the strength to keep fighting on.

    • Doone00

      The world is full of people who make the same choice for VERY different reasons. Not everyone who commits suicide is lucid or of sound mind, which means they’re not always aware of the effect their actions will have on themselves or other people. Unfortunately, society has created such a stigma against mental illness that many people never get the proper treatment. Save some sympathy and compassion for those types of people. It won’t hurt you and it could end up helping another person.

  • Sweet-Sativa

    I understand the will to win especially on national t.v. But lose or not it would take more than a British dude with a foul mouth to make me commit suicide. Plus with his accent it sounds awesome when he bugs out. I like when he calls people “stupid cows”.

    • Doone00

      Oh god, he would totally call me a stupid cow. And I would probably cry.

      • Sweet-Sativa

        He would probably call me a stupid cow too or worse but i think it would be funny. Id tell all my friends i was reamed by THE Gordon Ramsey.

    • J_Doe5686

      I love british insults.

  • benbenben

    Of course this is not Ramsays fault nor anyone to blame. But i sincerely, completely understand his frustration – he went a little bit too far though

    To Joshua’s defense: if you take a quick look at the show you might change your mind, honestly. Josh seems very friendly and very bright. I would genuinely say he was the very best of all seasons when it came to culinary skills and social skills.

    But he was unlucky enough to meet a blind, overrated woman in the finale. I am not religious but i swear to every higher power that he lost because she had built up a “wow”-feeling and probably generated more fans and viewers than him.

    Josh put up some amazing, unearthly dishes in the finale vs pork chop on rice and asian rice soup. I swear to whatever that was the most ridiculous win ever in MasterChef history.

    Instead of glory and fame he was left with pure bitterness on completely wrong premises

    • Sheokaf

      I loved Josh on his season but I just knew that “blind” b was going to win; it was too good a schick for MC to pass up. I was very sorry to see him initially in the news for attacking cops; they should have kept him under psych care longer than they did. A sorry state of affairs since we keep seeing several people in the news who should have received help instead of becoming front page news, ie, all the shoot outs of late in US.

    • accorn

      Yes.. it’s Ramsays fault and everyone else that participated in producing and watching Ramsays bullying sessions.

  • ZacEckstein

    Gordon Ramsey’s bark is much bigger than his bite. It you watch any of this shows where he’s not yelling, it becomes clear that he’s actually a good guy with good intentions. These three people had other problems, not associated with him, and that’s why they died. Plain and simple.

    • accorn

      Yeah.. really good.. and he has 2 body bags to his credit to show for his “goodness”.

      • josue betances

        you should watch the British version of his show the American version just shows his abuse the British version shows that he cares

  • Alun Daniel

    Thank God! I thought was going to a big reveal about Ramsay’s true demonic and regenerative capabilities. Turns out he is just a cunt

  • MarkHulkus

    This is a spoof article, right?

  • gillybean

    Mike Devlin, I love your nuts! Lol! Just read the comments and am frankly amazed at the amount of people that didn’t get that the coincidence alone is worth the article.

  • Doone00

    First one was mentally ill. Second one struggled with judgement of her sexuality. Third one did drugs and got himself into a world of debt even before the show. Why are Gordon Ramsay’s shows being blamed? All Ramsay ever tried to do was help these people fulfill their potential, even if it was in his unconventional manner. It’s sad that they met their ends this way, but if you do a little research, it’s obvious there were horribly debilitating problems in their lives even before they were in the public eye.

    • accorn

      No he wasn’t trying to help. He was bullying them for ratings just like you enjoyed watching them get abused for your entertainment. Both you and Ramsey have blood on your hands.

  • Guest

    There’s another

  • Fakir Smith

    Everybody these people were in contact with were responsible. From a tiny bit to a lot. That’s just reality. Every interaction you have with someone affects them. The blame absolutely is not 100% on the people. Now am I saying Gordon could be charged or is significantly responsible no. I am saying though that he owns some piece of it. Every person on their life did – family, friends even strangers they came in contact with. Every interaction affects a person and is connected to everything else.

    • accorn

      Bull.. the show pushed them over the edge.. which is no surprise since the whole purpose of these shows is to abuse people for the entertainment of viewers like you.. It takes a person that desperately wants attention and affection and then crushes them.. and then you like to wash you hands after their body is rotting away saying it was their fault.

  • J_Doe5686

    I like Gordon Ramsey. He’s passionate and from what I’ve seen he’s a good guy. All this screaming and yelling is all a show. Especially for the american TV. The BBC version is less dramatic and it shows the warmer side of him. Now, you can’t blame him for the suicides, especially for the latest one. The guy was mentally ill and couldn’t handle another diagnosis. He was delusional. It’s really sad when someone commits suicide, but we can’t blame Gordon Ramsay for it.

    • accorn

      Yes I can.. since Gordon Ramsey knew the guy was mentally ill and he was willing to use him for ratings.. just like you are willing to use people for your entertainment.. you enjoy watching people get bullied and then want to wash your hands when the results turn sour.

  • P5ychoRaz

    Probably a bad idea to set yourself up for so much stress and possible humiliation. Especially, if you have a history of mental instability. Not to diminish the loss of lives, by any means but I believe the only true victims of suicides are the ones left to clean up the mess. The despaired get the easy out.

  • something287

    1. Gordon Ramsay didn’t give that guy schizophrenia or bipolar disorder lol, he was going to get those anyways, and without treatment that probably would have happened anyways.
    2. Maybe she committed suicide because of stress over her sexuality in Texas? Maybe she had some form of clinical depression and was not treated for it? Losing on a TV show is not something rational people would commit suicide over. The guy who had to leave because of his diabetes and who later died, Aaron Song, appeared on a bunch of other shows and was very successful.
    3. Gordon Ramsay can’t guarantee a business customers. Your food has to be good. Most of the restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares probably don’t take his advice completely to heart, slip up and just fail. Also, the article you linked said 10 of the 20 on the US show, and 12 of the 22 on the UK show, so wouldn’t that mean that “most” by just over half of them have closed? And the rest are still fine? That doesn’t sound like a disproportionate amount considering how incompetent some of the people on that show were. The guy who killed himself in particular didn’t seem to have his life on track at all.

    • accorn

      Another list of lame rationalizing.. the whole purpose of the show is to find desperate people and then crush them for your entertainment. both you and ramsay are responsible for the deaths since your both using mentally ill people for your sadism.

      • something287

        I get where you are coming from, but as someone with a mental illness, it is a subject that I take very seriously. I am far from belittling of people who have mental illnesses, and I certainly do not believe a mentally ill person should be abused for entertainment. That isn’t what happens on Gordon Ramsay’s shows though. Plus, if a person is aware of their own sensitivity to people yelling and getting stressed and sometimes angry at them, they shouldn’t place themselves in that environment. I hope everyone who deals with mental illness gets the help they need. That guy didn’t get the help he needed, which is a shame. Any life lost before its rightful time is a sad day. Obviously Gordon Ramsay wasn’t going to be able to give him that help though. He’s a chef, not a psychiatrist or counselor. If he was aware of his schizophrenia/bipolar disorder, he should have gotten in touch with a doctor who could have helped him.

  • JRHatt

    I must have missed these in the recaps.

  • Katherine

    Gee..I have bipolar disorder..i personally, could tear down Chef Ramsey because of it..I could not however, blame him for the disorder; however, a different type of person could certainly blame him for exacerbating the symptoms…by being an annoying, over zealous, over confident creep; he could exacerbate me too, i guess..he sounds fairly unhelpful and deeply exploitative; maybe he’s a narcissus. I actually googled Chef Ramsey because my 12 year old son commented on how the chef was very insulting and often spat out contestants food, labeling it poison. My response, as a “stable” bipolar with no signs of Chef Ramsey inhabiting my body, is that: food is a gift; should never be spat; that every person has an individual palate and in no way is Chef Ramsey’s palate worth agonizing over; and that every person has an individual style. I am a single mum..and if all you have for me is a grill cheese and canned tomato soup and YOU or someone else is cooking??? I will appreciate it vastly..even though i grew up on a fully sustainable farm with our own maple syrup, cattle, milk, etc..YOU NAME IT. and have been much accustomed to the best..including many and a wide variety of wonderful and wild things in my spread. Chef Ramsey.. you will never get a chance to sample my wild strawberry jam..(those tiny little berries take way too long for your wannabe palate to spat every where just to prove you are superior). I would tear you to bits if you came near me.

    • josue betances

      you should watch the British version of his show the American version just shows his abuse the British version shows that he cares Do some actual investigating before you stay stupid shit like that because you have no evidence to back you up also if you’re seen Kitchen Nightmares and stuff that he finds in the fridge you probably spit out the food you ate too filthy kitchen filthy floor sometimes the entire kitchen has to be condemned because of how nasty it is is just an example some of the filthy stuff that Chef Ramsay ended up eating and would have spat out and sadly some of these restaurants know better most the time when Chef Ramsay spits out food it’s because it is truly vile and disgusting also The people who go on his shows beg him to come to their restaurant (Kitchen Nightmares), or go through stiff competition (which they have to apply for the chance to be considered to even get I to the preliminaries)for the competition shows. They know what they are getting into. They want to get into it. They beg and plead to get in another example of another disgusting restaurant that Chef Ramsay went to would you spit out the food if you found the food in this condition and knew that you ate it and still had it in your mouth

  • Guest

    Ramsay is not the saint portrayed by some of you here, nor is he the devil intimated in the story. He falls somewhere in between like the rest of us. My only concern is that people who are not mentally stable are being put through stressful situations all for the sake of ratings. There doesn’t seem to be any concern for their welfare. I would go so far as to say contestants should undergo a psychiatric evaluation before being thrust into possibly traumatic situations. This way, Ramsay still gets his precious ratings and those who encounter his verbal abuse (which is what it is; TV or not) don’t go over the edge.

  • Eshkin Kott

    So right off the bat the first case is a mental health issue, so I’m not even going to read any further. You guys shoudl be ashamed of yourselves. Using the deaths of people, lying about them, just to make a sensational post. Never visiting this site again. Disgusting.

  • Nx

    This is the biggest load of fucking horseshit I’ve read in a while, and that’s in a world where Donald Trump is a nominee for President.

  • lookin4trace

    ramsay is a piece of garbage.