Monthly Archive: October 2013

Lifeboat Drills Were Canceled The Day The Titanic Sank

Around the time when the Titanic was taking to the ocean, lifeboat drills were standard operating procedure for the crew to undertake on a weekly basis. The crew of the Titanic had been taking part in these drills as well, all except for Sunday, April 14. If that date sounds familiar, it’s because that just happened to be the day the Titanic struck an iceberg.

Being Indoors Can Impair Mental Performance

It’s been known for decades that very high concentrations of carbon dioxide can have a detrimental effect on people. Scientists believed these effects started when the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air was around 10,000 parts per million. New research has shown that mental performance is reduced at normal indoor levels, up to 2,500 ppm. Scientists tested people at these levels and compared them to people working at high-end outdoor levels of 600 ppm. Those at the indoor levels performed worse on all measures and were comparatively dysfunctional in strategic thinking and taking initiative.

The Popular African ‘Gospel’ Movement To Torture Children

Helen Ukpabio is a Nigerian woman who founded the Liberty Foundation Gospel Ministries organization. The group has a reputation for spreading bizarre interpretations of the Bible and targeting children for abuse. In her teachings, Ukpabio preaches that the devil has the ability to manifest himself in children by way of demonic possession. She is directly responsible for a rise in the number of African infants that have been abused, tortured, labeled witches, and abandoned by their parents.

Jeffrey Dahmer Might Have Killed Adam Walsh

On July 27, 1981, a six-year-old boy named Adam Walsh disappeared from a Sears Department Store in Hollywood, Florida. After an extensive search, his decapitated head was recovered from a Vero Beach, Florida, canal on August 10, 1981. After a long investigation, the police concluded that Adam Walsh was murdered by a drifter named Ottis Toole. However, in 2007, circumstantial evidence surfaced that linked serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer to the case.

Native Americans Didn’t Sell Manhattan For $24 Of Beads

In a single landmark real estate deal, Dutch settlers supposedly purchased the entire island of Manhattan for some worthless glass beads. But what actually happened in 1626? Dutch settlers bought the use of Manhattan in exchange for iron kettles, axes, knives, and cloth. And as it later turned out, the tribe who sold the land at such a deep discount were taking payment for lands which didn’t even belong to them.

The Zombie Slaves Of Haiti

A Haitian man claims to have been poisoned and buried alive, only to be exhumed shortly after, drugged, and forced to work on a sugar plantation with others just like him. Much of his story has been backed up by a psychiatrist, two US-trained doctors, and a Harvard-educated ethnobotanist.

Hitler’s British Nephew Enlisted In America To Fight His Uncle

If politics makes strange bedfellows, the circumstances of feuding politics in war are much stranger. Adolf Hitler had a nephew named William Patrick Hitler, who was born in the UK to Hitler’s half-brother and an Irish woman. William Hitler moved to Germany prior to World War II to take advantage of his Chancellor uncle’s connections for work. But when Adolf refused to dote on him anymore, he defected to the UK and ultimately the US, where he joined the US Navy and spoke further against his uncle.