Escape From The Horrifying Toy Box Killer

“If you want to discover just what there is in a man—give him power.” —Francis Trevelyan Miller

In A Nutshell

David Parker Ray kidnapped women and tortured them in a mobile home kept in New Mexico that he referred to as his “toy box.” He was almost certainly a serial killer and claimed to have murdered countless women. Though no bodies were ever found, several missing persons are believed to have been his victims. He was caught, however, when his final victim managed an incredible escape.

The Whole Bushel

In 1999, David Parker Ray and his accomplice, Cynthia Hendy, solicited Cynthia Vigil for sex. Once Vigil was in Ray’s truck, the pair handcuffed Vigil then bound and gagged her. Hours later, Vigil found herself in a mobile home and was immediately chained to a pole. Apparently, this was such old hat for Ray that he’d made a 20-minute videotape to inform victims what he planned to do to them next. For the next three days, Ray and his accomplice beat, electrocuted, and sexually abused Vigil, always promising things would get worse when they took her to another trailer.

Vigil had no reason to doubt the couple meant to murder her and constantly searched for an opportunity to escape. After the third day of torture, that opportunity came. Ray left the trailer and told his accomplice, Hendy, to look after their victim. When Hendy went to another room, Cynthia Vigil found she had just enough slack in her chains to reach where the keys to her restraints hung. Vigil freed herself and tried for the phone in the mobile home, but as she attempted to call the police, Hendy returned and smashed Vigil in the head with a lamp.

Dazed, but not broken, Vigil struggled with her torturer in the trailer. She fought off Hendy long enough to grab an ice pick from the trailer’s collection of torture implements. And with one of the very tools used to torture her, Vigil beat Hendy back from the door and made her way out of the trailer for the first time in three days. It was only the beginning of her escape, though.

With no clear idea of where she could be, Vigil took off running down the first road she found. Wearing only the collar and chains of her torturers and covered in blood from where Hendy had struck her with a lamp, Vigil struggled to get a motorist to stop and help her. At least two cars passed the bloodied, screaming woman. She passed rows of mobile homes before she saw lights on and an open door. Vigil threw herself into the home and locked the door behind her for fear of pursuit. After what must have been a shock, the homeowner immediately called the police and clothed Vigil as they waited together.

The subsequent police investigation corroborated Vigil’s testimony and revealed there had been two trailers, the second of which was filled with surgical tools, anatomy texts, and a self-authored manual on restraining sex slaves. They also found a diary suggesting Ray had murdered several victims.

The ensuing trial was convoluted and plagued by a series of strange events. Ray suffered a heart attack, a presiding judge died (as did one of Ray’s earlier victims who had planned to testify), and so on. As far as investigators were able to determine, Ray’s family actually knew of his activities. His accomplice testified in return for a reduced sentence (36 years), and Ray received essentially a life sentence, though he only served about two years before dying in prison.

Show Me The Proof

David Parker Ray: The Toy Box Killer
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  • Arjan Hut

    What a disturbing tale to tell … shocking.

  • Hillyard

    Creepy, but a good article.

  • Sweet-Sativa

    If your a woman and find yourself in this situation free yourself and find help. If it happened to me however I would have armed myself with every weapon I could use, and kill every last one of those animals. Hell hide and bait the the other freaks until like a Hollywood movie every last one was sent to their grave.

    • Hillyard

      Nice fantasy, but reality can mess you up like a MF.

      • Sweet-Sativa

        Yeah the chances of me getting re-knocked out and back in the beginning scenario are high. But anger can go a long way toward helping with the impossible and in this situation I would be mad. But still your right

        • Hillyard

          Well I’d be rooting for you.

          • Sweet-Sativa

            Lol thanks.

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    • Hadeskabir

      I like your idea, it’s not realistic, but it would be a good movie.

      • Sweet-Sativa

        “Escape From Toy Box Killer” Id go see it

    • noting_hill

      If u woman u dont want to live in pak i live here and so many cases of kidnapping raping beating of woman i have listen story of a woman killing the rapist who raped her by cutting his testicles fedding to his wife

  • Hadeskabir

    You could have done something useful with his trailer, like cooking meth.

  • Nomsheep

    Damn, this guy was pretty messed up.

  • Jessie Ford

    holy crap, I wonder if this spawned the movie rest stop?

    • ethan

      that came out before this happened

  • JustPassingThrough

    Escaped chains and held her captor off with an ice pick before making a break for it.
    Sometimes I think that it’s not all Hollywood- sometimes, humans are just naturallly bad@ss.

    • Jen369

      That’s why the Hollywood movies work. If we didn’t think that on some small scale a few humans might be able to pull off some crazy feats when we desperately need to, I don’t think the movies would sell as well.

  • Hestie Barnard Gerber

    Very creepy image you guys placed up there…
    This story reminded me of another one – the victim also escaped but she was kept in a wooden box. There’s some really f-up people in this world.

  • noting_hill

    I live in pakistan my cousin sister was once kidnapped by some mobile home owner he was parked next to our house she was beaten but strangely not sexullay assulted that man was nothin just some mad guy with long hair dirty clothes and horrifying voice god he was scary

  • Dumas911

    Guys look up the Tool Box killer! That dude was twisted as fuck also. Twisting women’s nipples off with pliers, etc…

  • Kenneth Browning

    The motorists who just drove and did nothing to help are fucking scum.

    • Nomsheep

      They were probably pretty freaked out or didn’t notice her.

      • Jen369

        How do you miss a naked woman covered in blood, screaming bloody murder, waving her arms, wearing chains and an iron slave collar, and trying desperately to flag someone down, as she HAD to have been trying to do? Never gonna buy that they didn’t see her.

        • Nomsheep

          You don’t see a great deal doing 70mph, but no, I agree that it’s unlikely.

          • Jen369

            She was up in the mountains according to the captor’s 20 minute recording and she was close enough to be able to get into another trailer when she escaped to save her life, ultimately. She passed rows of mobile homes according to the article. No one was going 70 miles an hour past her. Where did you get that impression?

          • Nomsheep

            I’m not actually sure tbh, maybe the picture was slightly misleading.

          • Jen369

            Yeah, they like to slap pictures that have NOTHING to do with the article, onto articles all the time. I’m used to it so I always go by content of the article or other information I’ve learned. You can’t trust pictures unless they’re labeled as pictures that specifically go with the article. Even then, once in awhile a bogus one slips through the cracks.

          • Jen369

            I just saw an interview with her & she said that she was so close to a car that she heard the woman lock the doors. The car was stopped because it almost hit her, but the woman wouldn’t let her in or help her. Yeah at least one person is scum.

          • Nomsheep

            That’s kinda depressing, I was leaning towards the optimsm side of it, but damn.

          • Nomsheep

            Then, yeah, I agree, that person is scum. :/

  • Pneumatic

    The “20-minute videotape” referred to in the first paragraph was actually an audiotape. Here’s the transcript:

    Be warned. This is the most disturbing thing I have ever read, due partially to the content, but mostly to the context in which this tape was played…

  • Entertainmentluvva

    horrible just horrible,i’m glad she escaped !