Monthly Archive: November 2013

Escape From The Horrifying Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray kidnapped women and tortured them in a mobile home kept in New Mexico that he referred to as his “toy box.” He was almost certainly a serial killer and claimed to have murdered countless women. Though no bodies were ever found, several missing persons are believed to have been his victims. He was caught, however, when his final victim managed an incredible escape.

Albert Stevens: Radioactive Man

During the Manhattan Project, which would lead to the building of the first atomic bombs, researchers became increasingly concerned about the hazards of contact with plutonium. In one of the most horrifying and unethical experiments ever undertaken, 18 people were injected with plutonium without their consent to measure its effects. The most heavily dosed was a man named Albert Stevens, a house painter who received an injection that assaulted his body with 60 times the amount of radiation allowed to current workers every year until his death, over 20 years later.

The Bizarre Case Of The Axeman Of New Orleans

When you think of serial killers, your mind probably jumps to Jack the Ripper, the Zodiac Killer, Son of Sam, and the Boston Strangler. But there was another, lesser-known serial killer terrifying the city of New Orleans in 1918 and 1919 who offered people a unique way to guarantee he wouldn’t kill them. He told them he’d spare anyone playing jazz music in their homes. This was the bizarre modus operandus of the man known as the Axeman of New Orleans.

One Man Inspired Both The Lone Ranger And Django

The Lone Ranger and Django, the titular character from “Django Unchained,” are pretty far apart in terms of pop culture perception. And that’s not just because one of them is a white guy and the other is a former slave, either. Amazingly, it’s become widely believed that the inspiration for both of these fictional characters is the same man: Bass Reeves.

South Korea’s Bizarre Suicide Spike

Choi Jin-Sil was a leading South Korean actress of movies and television. After becoming embroiled in a scandal, Choi hanged herself on October 2, 2008. The aftermath of her suicide was devastating; for approximately a month afterward, the nation of South Korea saw a 70 percent increase in people taking their own lives.

You Were Once Forced To Pose Nude To Attend Harvard

For decades, several Ivy League schools, including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton, subjected incoming freshmen to participate in a bizarre nude photo shoot. Precisely what the purpose of these photos was is unconfirmed. Some believe they were used to study the occurrence of bone disorders like rickets and scoliosis. Another purpose could have been for a quack medical experiment that aimed to develop a correlation between body shape and personality.

The London Metropolitan Police Once Sued ‘Doctor Who’

Doctor Who is a beloved children’s character who travels through time in a spaceship called the TARDIS. The London Metropolitan Police is, well, a police force. In 1996, the latter launched a legal battle against the show, claiming the BBC had stolen the design for the TARDIS. The case dragged on for six years, cost taxpayers an absurd amount of money, and wound up with the Police being fined £850 ($1,350).