Monthly Archive: November 2013

The White Olympian Helped Plan The ‘Black Power’ Salute

Everyone has seen the picture of Olympians Tommie Smith and John Carlos defiantly raising their fists on the medal stand at the 1968 Olympics to celebrate black power. The act was captured in what became one of the most famous photos of the 20th century. Of course, there was a third guy on the medal stand, too: a white man named Peter Norman. What most people probably don’t realize was that he actually helped plan the black power salute.

Whipping Tom: The Weird, Serial Spanker Of London

Whipping Tom was a mysterious man who wandered the streets of London in 1680. He shocked 17th-century society by lunging at women, lifting their dresses, and spanking their bums while shouting “Spanko!” before escaping capture. At one point, things got so bad that armed men would patrol the streets dressed as women in the hopes of drawing him out.

Cowboys And Indians In The Soviet Union

“Red Westerns” were western films produced in the Soviet Union. These movies used the Russian landscape to substitute for American scenery, and many subverted Western cliches in order to criticize American culture. Some of these films such as “White Sun of the Desert” have gone on to become Russian classics.

The Gangster TV Show Made By Gangsters

Vitali Dyomochka is not just a Russian mobster. He’s also the writer, producer, director, and star of a Russian TV show called “Spets.” According to Dyomochka, “Spets” is an accurate portrayal of the gangster lifestyle. The series starred actual criminals who did their own stunts and was extremely popular with Russian audiences.

The Addicted Apes That Prove Homosexuality Is Natural

Bonobos are an endangered ape species found only in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where they live in small, largely peaceful tribes. Along with chimps, they’re our closest living relatives; which is why the study of their mating habits opens a political minefield. Unlike chimps, bonobos are naturally bisexual — and happily engage in homosexual acts for enjoyment, to solve conflicts, and to get ahead in the tribe.

The Strange Fate Of Emmett Dalton

The Dalton Gang terrorized the American Old West, pulling off a string of train robberies. In 1892, they attempted one of their most daunting stunts yet, robbing two banks at the same time in the town of Coffeyville, Kansas. The scheme was a disaster, ending with four of the gang members dead and a fifth, Emmett Dalton, riddled with gunfire. Despite 23 bullet wounds, he survived, and after over a decade in prison, moved to Hollywood where he became an author, actor, and real estate agent.

The Mysterious Tomb Of Qin Shi Huang

Over 2,000 years ago, Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor to rule a unified China. He was responsible for several vast construction projects built on the blood of his people, including the Great Wall of China. Determined to be remembered, he had a huge necropolis built in his honor, his tomb guarded by thousands of terracotta warrior statues. Legend has it that the tomb is heavily booby-trapped and run through with “100 rivers made with mercury.” Perhaps because of the danger, Qin Shi Huang’s tomb remains unopened to this day.

The Forgotten Atomic Bomb Parties Of Las Vegas

For 10 years, from around 1952-1963, atomic tourism was a big deal. Nuclear testing was taking place about 80 kilometers (50 mi) from Las Vegas, and civilian tourists would get as close to the blast as they could to throw all-night parties in sight of the mushroom cloud. What followed sounds an awful lot like the back story to the game “Fallout: New Vegas.”

The Virtual ‘Lolita’ Hunting Online Predators

It’s no secret that parts of the Internet are crawling with child molesters. For every few hundred regular people online, there’s some creep trying to get off on faraway kids. But now a Dutch charity is turning vigilante. By using a virtual 10-year-old “Lolita” to lure predators in, they’ve managed to identify over 1,000 pedophiles.