You Can Actually Get Addicted To Chocolate

“Well, folks, it looks like we’re up chocolate creek without a popsicle stick.” —Gingerbread Man, Shrek 2 (2004)

In A Nutshell

Addiction is a serious issue for many people, with alcoholism and drug abuse being the most noteworthy examples. But real, actual, scientific studies have been done and conclude that there’s another indulgence that leads to all of the same behaviors exhibited by people with addiction: chocolate.

The Whole Bushel

Anyone who has ever dealt with addiction either firsthand or by witnessing a friend or family member succumb knows how serious an issue it is. Alcoholism and drug abuse ruin families and lives, leading to a downward spiral that can often result in death. What you probably didn’t realize is that, according to studies, one of the things that you can get addicted to is chocolate.

Yes, it turns out that when you’re craving a Hershey’s bar you may in fact be experiencing actual, legitimate addiction. Actual scientists, using actual science, have put this to the test and (while they aren’t quite ready to say that chocolate is on par with a narcotic) found that people in these studies exhibited all of the same reactions as an addict.

Those include things like losing self control, cravings, and overindulgence regardless of the consequences. One such experiment was conducted at Yale, with participants ranging from self-described “chocoholics” to people who tend to eat well and take care of themselves. The researchers actually studied the brain scans of these individuals, with those “chocoholics” showing a drastic increase in brain activity whenever they saw or smelled a chocolate milkshake.

The increased brain activity continued until they were allowed to drink the milkshakes, and as soon as they began to consume the chocolate the brain activity returned to normal. This was viewed as clear addiction-like behavior among the participants, with their brains more or less telling them they needed the chocolate.

Another study conducted at Drexel University put participants under similar conditions, and those researchers determined that the people being studied showed the exact same reactions and behaviors as the users of some hard drugs, providing further evidence that chocolate addiction is most likely a very real thing.

Just keep this in mind the next time you decide to indulge in a Hershey’s Kiss, because that may just be the gateway treat that leads to a giant slice of “Death by Chocolate” cake.

Show Me The Proof

Harvard Medical School: Can You Become Addicted To Chocolate?

  • Exiled Phoenix

    Talk about a sweet addiction…

  • Hillyard

    Choco-junkies will soon be mugging people on the street to get their Hershey fix.

  • I can stop eating chocolate any time I want.

    • HowAnxious

      Me too. I get weary of its richness sometimes as well.

  • Andy West

    Cavity searches at airports for chocolate bars will become the norm, kinder surprise indeed.

  • Hadeskabir

    This is the cheapest and best addiction ever!

  • Efamore

    This is no surprise to me. As a recovering addict myself and been in multiple rehabs, you are denied chocolate when you’re there. After grudgingly accepting the rule, I inquired as to why and one of the doctors explained that the same chemicals in your brain that emit euphoria while using a drug, also emit the same chemicals while eating chocolate.

    Now the reason we aren’t allowed it is because “supposedly” the addict can substitute chocolate for the drug and therefore become a “chocoholic.” Personally, as an addict, with faced with a box of chocolates and a bag of heroin, I’d definitely choose the latter but for whatever reason, most rehabs stand firm with this knowledge.

    • inconspicuous detective

      well with the idea being to break the addiction, substituting it with chocolate really doesn’t alter your habit. once out, you’ll drop the chocolate and never have overcome the addict part of your life. that’s my guess.

  • jihadgod

    Coming from a opiate addict ya fuck off if you addicted to chocolate, try withdrawal after three year use by going to prison. Im sure if i was eating 1 bar of hersheys i would of been better then shooting a gram of bth daily ….

  • Jillian

    Glad to know I don’t have an addictive personality after all because even though I love chocolate, I have self control over when to stop

  • Alex

    choc-o-late is drugs man – I was hustling at starbucks doing coffee when I did a line of chocolate – wooh! Seriously, chocolate is often a life or death factor in my day.

  • TFazlani

    I kind of knew this because I like to snort chocolate powder using $10 bills!