Monthly Archive: December 2013

A Doorway Isn’t Safest During An Earthquake

In times of disaster, the myth you hear the most might be the first thing that comes to a panicked mind. Unfortunately, it’s still a myth. We’ve all heard that a doorway is the safest place to be during an earthquake, as it lessens the chance of being hit by something falling. Unless you’re an adobe structure with no reinforcement (and you’re probably not), this is complete myth. In most houses, a doorway is no stronger than the rest of the house, and it exposes you to falling and flying objects.

Difference Between Sorrel, Chestnut, And Red Roan Horses

A red horse is a red horse, right? There’s actually a variety of different types of coat colors that are applied to horses that might look very similar at first glance. A red roan is a horse that has white hairs mixed throughout the red. A sorrel horse is one that has a completely red base color and the possibility of white markings, while a chestnut horse is a much darker, brownish-red.

The Difference Between African And Asian Elephants

African and Asian elephants might look basically the same, but they actually belong to two different genera: The scientific name for the Asian elephant is Elephas maximus, while the African belongs to the genus Loxodonta. The two different species of African elephant are much larger than their Asian cousins, outweighing them by a ton on average. The ears of an Asian elephant are proportionally much smaller, and when the Asian elephant moves, its head is higher than its shoulders, as opposed to the African, which appears to walk with its head down.

Alcohol Increases Your Likelihood Of Surviving Traumatic Injury

Strangely enough, a study has shown that people who are intoxicated have a greater chance of surviving serious injuries than sober folks. The drunker the person is, the greater their chance of living. The study indicates that being drunk lessens the physiological panic response to serious injuries like shootings and stabbings. However, being drunk also increases your chances of getting into an accident in the first place, so it is by no means a recommended protective measure.

Difference Between Psychologists, Psychiatrists, And Therapists

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to mental health, and it is especially confusing to the layperson in terms of the various professions that make up the field. Even being allowed the privilege to call yourself a psychologist will take many years of study, psychiatrists are mainly concerned with diagnosing mental health problems and prescribing medication, and therapists provide counseling but may not actually be psychologists at all.

Suicide Rates Don’t Spike During The Holidays

The November, December and January holidays are exciting for some, and depressing for others. It’s the time of year when we reflect on those who are no longer with us, when loneliness seems even more acute … so it’s not surprising that more people decide to take their own lives around the holidays than any other time of the year. Only, it’s not true; in fact, suicide rates are the lowest around the holidays, and consistently spike in the springtime. It’s one of those misconceptions that seems to make sense, but unfortunately, it’s a misconception that can be deadly.

The Difference Between A Llama And An Alpaca

Scientifically, alpacas and llamas are very closely related. They look similar, but put them side by side and you’ll see that the alpaca is much, much smaller than the llama. Llamas have long been used for pack animals, valued for their strength and endurance. Alpacas are raised almost solely for their finer wool, called fleece, and were exported from their native South America almost a century after their llama cousins.

Pakistan’s Tax-Collecting Transsexuals

Faced with one of the lowest income tax filing rates in the developed world, Pakistan has had to resort to extreme measures to increase revenue. One of their ideas involves shaming tax evaders by sending transsexuals to their doors, in order to shame them into paying since transsexuals carry a stigma in the country. The program has been shown to be successful, bringing back over 10 times the original cost.