Monthly Archive: December 2013

The Secret Euthanasia Of King George V

The trials and tribulations of the British crown have been as bizarre as any soap opera, but the reign of King George V was remarkably free of scandal. George V led what might be described as a dull lifestyle and was sickly for much of his reign. It was no great shock when he passed away, but 50 years later, a secret diary revealed that he hadn’t died of natural causes, but had been euthanized by his doctor.

The Difference Between Bison And Buffalo

What’s the difference? The short answer is “absolutely nothing.” The more complicated answer is “absolutely everything.” The American animal commonly referred to as the buffalo is actually called the bison; in that sense, there’s no difference, and they’re the same animal. However, the term “buffalo” is much more differently applied to two other completely different species of animal, the water buffalo and the cape buffalo.

Woody Harrelson’s Dad Was A Hitman

For a guy who came up playing goofy characters, Woody Harrelson has proven extremely adept at portraying dark, twisted killers over the course of his career. As it turns out, that’s because it runs in the family. Woody’s dad, Charles, was a multiple murderer who assassinated a federal judge in 1979.

The Difference Between Addiction And Physical Dependence

Many people conflate addiction and physical dependence, but they are actually quite distinct from each other. After taking a drug for a long time, someone might increase their tolerance to it and have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms if they quit using. This is physical dependence. If you are using drugs for the wrong reasons, and you allow them mess up your life but continue using them in spite of that knowledge, you are addicted.

The Mysterious Disappearance Of Ambrose Bierce

Ambrose Bierce was a Civil War soldier turned writer perhaps best known for his pioneering science fiction short stories, as well as the unbelievably cynical (and oftentimes completely accurate) book, “The Devil’s Dictionary.” He was 71 in 1913 when he decided to pull up roots to head into Mexico and meet up with Pancho Villa. From there, he simply disappeared, leaving behind no shortage of wild speculation and rumors — from an execution by Mexican rebels to a reunion with his otherworldly acquaintances.

The Devastating Solar Storm Of 1859

In 1859, the Earth was hit by a solar storm that extended the northern and southern lights all the way to the equator and set telegraph poles across the planet on fire. If the same event were to happen today, it could knock planes out of the sky, destroy Earth’s communication infrastructure, irradiate any astronauts in space, and plunge whole cities into darkness for up to a year.