The Bermuda Triangle Is Not A Real Thing

“Is this about the Bermuda Triangle? Because that’s my fourth biggest fear.” —Sterling Archer, Archer

In A Nutshell

We all know the stories about the mysterious Bermuda Triangle and the strange events that take place there, often leading to disappearances of ships and airplanes. However, as it turns out the triangle is not clearly delineated by any nation or official source and isn’t even considered a specific place distinct from any other part of the ocean.

The Whole Bushel

The stories say that if you enter the Bermuda Triangle you stand a chance of probably not even coming back at all. This legend has become incredibly popular and pervasive. As far as popular culture is concerned, the place is haunted or perhaps run by aliens—the theories are very far-reaching. Some stories claim that ships have been getting lost in the area for a long time, and that compasses don’t work properly in the area.

Many of the theories suggest that some hidden forces, perhaps survivors of ancient Atlantis, or at least their technology, are causing the disappearances. Other people suggest that it is some sort of alien activity, and yet others say that perhaps the Atlantians worked with extra-terrestrial beings. These theories suggest an ancient background to the Bermuda Triangle and its strange ways, which only strengthens the connections in our minds that something of significance is going on there.

However, as it turns out the whole thing is complete nonsense. The “Bermuda Triangle” is not an area recognized as an actual place by the US Navy, or any official source for that matter. Of course the conspiracy theorists will claim that the governments are simply keeping something under wraps, but the truth is there are no more disappearances in the alleged triangle than any other part of the ocean. The ocean is incredibly huge and so it hardly beggars belief that it could hide lost ships or airplanes. What seems to be an enormous piece from a plane could easily end up washed out to a deep part of the ocean you will never be able to access. And that perhaps is where the true mysteries of the Earth are—deep below the water where the pressure is higher than we can bear.

Show Me The Proof

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: What is the Bermuda Triangle?
Naval History & Heritage Command: Bermuda Triangle
Snopes: Crystal Pyramid

  • Gutt Grinder

    I thought this article will completely provide us an explanation why the bermuda triangles is a hoax. XD

    • SensiblePerson

      I thought politicians were honest, life is full of lies!

  • Gutt Grinder

    I thought this article will provide us an explanation why the “Bermuda Triangle” is a hoax.

    • lee

      Common sense should be enough.

    • The article says it’s not a real triangle. Mystery solved 😉

    • George

      It did: “but the truth is there are no more disappearances in the alleged triangle than any other part of the ocean.”

  • ff

    If you happen to visit the island Bermuda which forms the northern corner of the triangle, you can actually reach a physical tip of the triangle there. The tip is located at the western end of the island in Royal Naval Dockyard. And here at the Clocktower Mall a plaque on a sculpture clearly says “Official Tip of the Bermuda Triangle”.

    • The clocktower at the tip of the triangle … a phrase that chimes like a bell.

    • SensiblePerson

      You mean this mall?

  • I wish Bermuda shorts weren’t real.

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    Old news. The whole ‘Bermuda Triangle’ thing has been debunked numerous times.

    • Debunked and then upheld again. A good mystery is a resilient mystery. I’m sure the Triangle will survive Knowledgenuts with flying colours.

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        The only reason I’m on Knowledgenuts is because Listverse brought me here.

  • cheeseontoast69

    Here’s part of what Barry Manilow had to say on the matter, although it wasn’t the triangle that made her disappear, she just ran off with some other chap with a nicer blanket.
    “Bermuda Triangle
    Makes my woman disappear
    Bermuda Triangle, don’t go too near
    Looking at it from my angle
    Do you see why I’m so sad
    Bermuda Triangle. Very bad!”

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      It has to be true if Barry said it :O

  • Andyman7714

    I heard the astronauts actually landed there instead of the moon.

  • Scott

    I thought this was common knowledge.

  • adamhs

    This article: TL;DR – the Bermuda Triangle isn’t real because it isn’t real.

    Thanks guys. Still though well done with the Archer quote.

  • Passin’ Through

    I don’t usually like to be negative towards articles on LV and KN but I got nothing out of this article. There are no facts in this article that aren’t common knowledge. While I don’t believe in any supernatural forces at play in the Bermuda Triangle, there have been many mysterious disappearances and tragedies. I at least thought the article would offer some theories on the unsolved aspects of the triangle.

    • ff

      No one has it on a map so it can’t be real, even when there are landmarks, I guess. Apparently that is something that holds true for this and nothing else

  • Passin’ Through

    Future articles:

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    interesting but this is old news…

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    is the artwork used here taken from a production studio’s logo? i’m almost totally sure i just saw it in a movie.

  • dave

    The “Bermuda Triangle” is not an area recognized as an actual place by the US Navy So if the yanks say it does not exist then it does not ok then !

    • Damian

      I agree, bad logic

  • SensiblePerson

    Please give us proof Listverse , I go here for knowledge and facts, not to see comment boxes viciously abused by internet trolls!

  • Andy West

    What you have said doesn’t discount the phenomenon, for want of a better terminology. I think that most people are up for a rational explanation, I for one am still in wonting for an Adam Sandler interpretation. What the hey is going on there? Guy’s a doofus.

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    What Triangle this is not real thing?I have many Lots of doubt.


    Gregory Myers is a real jerk

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    Well i think this is real and Arjan is a bad boy


      what do you belive is real about it

  • Matt

    I spent 10 years researching the mysterious “Triangle”. My research proves that it is a hoax, January 14th, 2010, I asked my friend (name I can’t reveal) to travel to the triangle in a plane. as of January 20th, 2010, he set off on his journey and he returned on January 23rd, 2010. Proven that the triangle is just a hoax to get peoples attention nothing more.