The Mysterious Man Who Claimed To Never Age

“Age is strictly a case of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” —Jack Benny

In A Nutshell

One of the strangest figures in history is The Count of Saint Germain. This man’s origins were never truly known. He was believed by many to be immortal and didn’t appear to age or eat. While some believe him to have died, others say he disappeared just as mysteriously, and some people still claim sightings of the alleged ageless man to this day.

The Whole Bushel

After being forcibly removed from England for alleged spying, the count appeared in France in the mid-1700s in the court of King Louis the XV and soon became a frequent and much-loved guest. However, it quickly became clear that this man was much more than first met the eye. He was said to be a master of pretty much any language you threw at him, from Arabic to Chinese, German to Sanskrit, and everything in between. He was said to also be incredibly skilled at the arts: He was a violinist and was said to have written a great many works. Many people were greatly intrigued by this young man of impeccably good manners, whose origins were completely shrouded in mystery. Legend says that the count was particularly reticent about discussing his origins and once said that he was 500 years old, in what people at the time thought was an attempt to deflect discussion elsewhere.

Others of course, had far different theories. For you see, the count was also insanely rich. He would carry bags of jewels with him and never seemed to be wanting for money, but no one could tell for sure where he got his money from or how. He was said to never take any food in public whatsoever and was said to never wear any colors but black or white. Some accounts say that he formed the Freemasons, or was one himself, while others connect him to the Rosicrucians and he was said to study all sorts of occult practices including Alchemy and teachings of Kabbalah. This led many people to speculate that he may have learned how to create an actual, functioning philosopher’s stone and thus have all the money and youth he could ever want. As recently as the 1900s, people have claimed to still sight the count and many claim he never truly died. Part of the legend is down to the fact that some records state that he died in 1784, but others state that is impossible because he was doing ambassadorial work for the French Masons a year later.

There is of course, one other strange theory regarding the count. Some people may have heard of the legend of the wandering Jew. The old legend states that a Jew saw Jesus on the way to be executed and made fun of him, setting off a terrible punishment for his crime. To make sure this insulting individual got his just desserts, Jesus supposedly made him wander around the earth without dying until he returns to sit on his throne of judgment. According to some theories, the Count of Saint Germain is this wandering Jew. Those who subscribe to this theory point out that he only wore black and white, never appeared to require food, and had a strong knowledge of ancient language. While many of these theories may sound fanciful, it is certainly a mystery as to where this man came from and how he came to exert such influence on his surroundings.

Show Me The Proof

Breverton’s Phantasmagoria: A Compendium of Monsters, Myths and Legends, by Terry Breverton
The Encyclopedia of Magic and Alchemy, by Rosemary Guiley

  • Nathaniel A.

    Very peculiar, I think out of the theories presented, The Philosopher’s Stone seems the most likely. (Which is saying a lot.)

    • Zealand

      Yeah, but the Wandering Jew theory is especially compelling. (Not to mention pretty strange if you ask me!)

      • Mikey Godsey

        I’d heard of both St. Germain and the Wandering Jew but I’d never thought to link the two before I read this. Sent a shiver down my spine for sure.

        • Lisa 39

          I had heard of the wandering jew before but i never thought to take it seriously before i read this.

  • Check

    He could be just a well learned man with a photographic memory who so happens to like his anonymity. Everything else could be just over-exaggeration and coincidence. (Or he could be Vandal Savage)

    • Gil

      Or you know, phantom stranger…

      • Check

        Nice. Looked him up and he’s even more probable, yeah, what with the connection to the Wandering Jew and all.

    • Zealand

      Or maybe he could be an immortal shape-shifting alien who founded the illuminati *Sarcasm*

      • lbatfish

        Occam’s razor would certainly seem to back you up on that.

    • Hillyard

      Definitely Vandal Savage. No other explanation is possible.

    • 1DireWolf
      • Check

        Ooo, nice! I’ll have to find and watch this movie now.

    • Exiled Phoenix

      I believe it’s an idatic memory.

  • UN

    “There are some people so addicted to exaggeration that they can’t tell the truth without lying”

  • thegoodlookin1

    I know that guy! I saw him at Wal-Mart yesterday!!!

    • Andy West

      Trolley full of Oil of Olay no doubt.

    • lbatfish

      If you got a pic of him, be sure to post it at!

    • Lisa 39

      Since he’s been shopping longer than the rest of us i wonder if he feels like this,

      • lbatfish

        Just yesterday, I saw another “someecards” pic that I was thinking about posting into a different comments section. But that one was about Lorena Bobbitt, so not quite the same as Walmart.

        Or at least most people wouldn’t think so . . . .

        • Lisa 39

          I like the someecards, they’re pretty funny, i don’t think i’ve seen one about bobbitt but i can’t wait to see it now, shopping at walmart can be quite painful lol

          • lbatfish

            Pain, you say? Just ask Lorena’s HUSBAND about pain!

          • Lisa 39

            Lol, i delivered 7 kids with no drugs, i think i can give him stiff competion on the ‘who’s been in more pain’ scale!

  • Carlos Fantastico

    He’s prob a vampire exiled from the Cullen family….

  • Fabia Walker

    There’s a character in the manga D.Gray-man based off saint Germain. He’s known as the earl, but his real name is Adam. The series has been on hiatus for about a year now, so I’ve been looking into these kind of things to see if they can help me get an idea of what will happen next, as there have been some key plot-points that match up will little facts like this with other things in her book based of real life legends or events. He was actually a very good artist, from what I understand.

    • Check

      I’ve been meaning to read that one, but have been too busy. Sounds even more interesting from what you’re saying.

  • P5ychoRaz

    Nah, he was just a simple time-traveler taking a vacation.

  • Illuminati Recruitment Agency

    He was several different people. The title or code name Saint Germain was used by several different Freemasons over time.

    • Lisa 39

      Do you mean the same guy several different times?

      • Illuminati Recruitment Agency

        No. Different guys called themselves Saint-Germain at different times. Hence the confusion, people thought they must have been the same guy therefore he must have been very old

        • Lisa 39

          I get it now, thank you illuminati.


    Explanation is far more simple : Count St Germain is simply Nic Cage…..

  • lbatfish

    It would have been even more impressive if he’d known all of the languages in-between Afrikaans and Zulu.

  • Nick Mulgrave

    When I was a small child I returned to my families ancestral village in Messinia, Southern Greece.
    It was there that I had my first encounter a very unique individual.
    My grandmother who had left Greece 30 years previously took me with her to introduce me to her family and show me her village.
    It was there that I first encountered the old man, (I will not say his name) who although dressed in rags was in excellent physical condition. He is known in the region as an eccentric who walks around from village to village maintaining remote chapels that are infrequently used, sweeping floors and lighting candles.
    When my grandmother saw him she froze in amazement.
    As he approached she kissed his hand and asked for his blessing.
    He then continued without saying a word on his way up a remote mountain path.
    It was then that my grandmother told me something incredible.
    This same old man had visited her village on the day of her wedding in 1928 when she as 20 years old.
    And he was an old man back then.
    This first encounter took place in 1978.
    My grandmother passed away 20 years later in 1998 at the age of 87.
    So now I have to get to the disturbing part of the story.
    Last year I encountered this old man on a remote mountain road while on holiday in Southern Greece with my wife and children. I called him out by name and it was the same man.
    Make of this story what you may. Feel free to mock me. But this story is true and I felt the need to share it.

    • Check

      Hmm. An old man in great physical condition, visiting women on their wedding day, going up a mountain, in Greece…..Zeus, maybe?

  • Pookie Gibson

    or he could have been someone who left the town,died and someone came along years later and that looked like him. How many times have we seen somebody who looks like someone else (maybe a dead person) and thought “Omg it’s Elvis!” Mind you this was the era when people had mercury poison and thought witches were causing droughts.

    • Nick Mulgrave

      You make a very valid point. And I agree that in %99.999 of cases it is a case of mistaken identify. But unfortunately in this case I am not the only person in the region who knows of this man. And he still answers to the same name.
      I can’t offer any hypothesis about how old he really is, where he comes from and who he is but a lot of the older locals know of him and tell stories about encountering him from time to time. Also his name is not Greek.

      • Pookie Gibson

        I was referring to Saint Germain but as for the non Greek grandpa fella, he could just be someone escaping his past. A few people in my family have done such. They tell them they’re moving to one place but goes to another place, changed their name and live as someone else. One did it during ww2, left his tags on a horribly ruined body and stayed in Italy (Only found out a few years after he died the second time when his grandson discovered him thru facebook) the other one, just left her husband (divorced) then took her trailer to what she claims was New mexico but ended up in Halifax nova scotia. She too had changed her name, wore make up (she never did before), dyed her hair and spoke only broken English with a French accent (she learned French about 40 years before we found her) Spent the last 30 years of her life as a French Canadian not as a South Carolina born.



  • Amy Monique Williamson