Monthly Archive: February 2014

The Ancient, Cursed Ring Tolkien Studied At Oxford

Most Tolkien aficionados know that the author of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and grandfather of the high fantasy genre often used mythology and ancient languages as a source material for much of his work. While working as a professor at Pembroke College at Oxford, Tolkien was called upon to assist with an allegedly cursed ring that may have inspired the One Ring in his famous works.

The Bizarrely Severe Punishments For Committing Suicide

Suicide has long been deemed a mortal sin in God’s eyes, but that’s not the only way that those who take their own lives have been traditionally condemned. France’s Louis XIV made it a major offense to commit suicide, for which the accused would be put on trial and, if found guilty, dragged through the streets, hung by their feet, denied a proper burial and have their possessions confiscated. In England, the punishment was being dumped into a pit at a crossroads and having a stake driven through the body.

When The US And Al-Qaeda Fought On The Same Side

In 1978, Afghanistan’s moderate government was overthrown by a coalition of leftist military officers led by Nur Muhammad Taraki. Conservative Muslims did not approve. In 1979, the Soviet Union sent troops into Afghanistan to help Taraki’s government, but they were opposed by an unlikely coalition of Afghans, Al-Qaeda, Pakistanis, Saudi Arabians, and United States fighters.

Holland And The Netherlands Are Not The Same Thing

For centuries, it’s been very common for people all over the world to refer to the Netherlands—to the disdain of some of the Dutch—as “Holland.” It’s so common that some of you will be surprised to know that it’s wrong. The truth is Holland did exist hundreds of years ago. It was a beacon of knowledge and wealth in Europe, and it was so magnificent that it overshadows an entire nation to this day.

The Government Is Not Spraying Us From The Sky

“Chemtrail” is a name given to a stream emanating from aircraft in the air that is believed by many to be a secret chemical spraying program by the government. Although there are many varying reasons as to why we would be sprayed, conspiracy theories are normally confined to three main areas: weather modification, population control, and mass inoculation programs. There is no scientific evidence, however, to support any of these theories.

The Mysterious Man Who Claimed To Never Age

One of the strangest figures in history is The Count of Saint Germain. This man’s origins were never truly known. He was believed by many to be immortal and didn’t appear to age or eat. While some believe him to have died, others say he disappeared just as mysteriously, and some people still claim sightings of the alleged ageless man to this day.

The Truly Bizarre History Of Halloween

The practice of dressing up as spooky characters originated among the early Christian peoples of Western Europe, from the seventh century on, since they were celebrating the arrival of the recently deceased into Heaven or Hell on the next day. This implied for the living that the souls of everyone who had died in the past year had been wandering on Earth, and now, with one last chance before their consignation to eternal fire, the souls of bad people were going to have their own little Mardi Gras for one night.