Monthly Archive: March 2014

The Brutal Ice Cream Truck Wars Of Glasgow

Throughout the early 1980s, ice cream truck vendors in Glasgow, Scotland engaged in a brutal turf war. At its most savage, six people were murdered by arson. Of course, the drivers weren’t fighting for the rights to peddle Klondike bars and push pops—they used their trucks as a front to sell stolen merchandise and drugs throughout the community.

A Full Moon Doesn’t Make Everyone Go Crazy

From the werewolves of the Middle Ages to present-day police forces increasing their on-duty numbers, we’ve long thought that the full moon plays a significant role in the behavior of humans. But there’s no scientific data that proves any correlation between a full moon and the number of crimes committed, suicides, hospital admissions, or any other phenomena frequently associated with the full moon. Studies that appear to support the theory can often be explained away with the inclusion of other data that’s conveniently overlooked.

Dr. Ruth Was An Israeli Sniper

Yes, indeed. Dr. Ruth Westheimer, born Karola Ruth Siegel, was born in Frankfurt Germany in 1928. Her family sent her to Switzerland for safety during the war, and once the war was over, she found herself gravitating back to her religious homeland of Israel. There she joined an underground movement fighting for the Jewish homeland, where she was trained as a sniper and taught to throw grenades.

The People Who Protect Other Planets From Earthlings

NASA has a division called the Office of Planetary Protection which works kind of like a reverse Men in Black. Part of their mission is to ensure that Earth does not biologically contaminate the rest of the universe with our pathogens. One of their key tasks is building spacecraft components in “clean rooms” to make sure that each craft is as sterile as possible.

The Real-Life Tragedy That Inspired ‘Godzilla’

If you know anything about pop culture then you’ve heard of Godzilla, King of the Monsters. However, the radioactive dinosaur we all know and love was actually based on a terrible tragedy. While definitely influenced by the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, director Ishiro Honda was particularly inspired by the tale of the Lucky Dragon 5, a fishing vessel that suffered a terrible fate.

How Cold Weather May Cause Witch Hunts

Women have been executed as witches for centuries, and they still are today in some parts of the world. From Europe to Africa to the Americas, major witch hunts have a surprising catalyst in common: cold weather. Witches have long been thought to control the weather, and it’s been put forth that prolonged cold spells, along with the corresponding illness and crop failure, are major catalysts that have made people turn to the idea of witchcraft.

JFK Was Almost Killed Before He Even Took Office

Everybody knows John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in 1963. Two bullets from a book depository window, and Lee Harvey Oswald changed world history. However, this wasn’t the first time an assassin decided to kill JFK. In 1960, a disgruntled New Hampshire man decided to pack up his belongings, take off in his Buick, and blow up the 35th President of the United States.