Monthly Archive: April 2014

The Cartoon That Launched A Raccoon Invasion

Baby raccoons might look cute, but when they grow up, they start getting a tad unruly. After all, they’re wild animals. That’s something the Japanese learned the hard way after a popular cartoon encouraged kids to adopt the little critters as pets. When the families tired of them, many were released into the wild although they are not native to Japan. They have been wreaking absolute havoc on the ecosystem ever since.

The Man Who Injected Himself With Snake Venom

While most people are terrified of snakes, Bill Haast handled these legless reptiles every single day. After opening his famous Miami Serpentarium, Haast devoted his life to studying and milking snakes. Even more impressive, Haast injected himself with snake venom every day . . . a bizarre treatment that actually saved lives.

When Three Divers Swam Into The Jaws Of Chernobyl

During the well-documented Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a pool of water used for emergencies in case of a break in the cooling pumps or steam pipes became flooded with a highly radioactive liquid that was in danger of blowing up. The size and specific conditions meant it could have caused virtually the whole of Europe to be enveloped in radiation. Three divers equipped with wetsuits and a faulty lamp dove in to allow the water to drain, with full knowledge they’d die as a result.

The First Real Shootout In The Wild, Wild West

We all know gunfighters didn’t really square off against each other like the characters in Shane and Gunsmoke . . . only sometimes they did. While it was extremely rare, a few shootists really did meet in the middle of the street to slap leather and do battle. In fact, the first real Wild West showdown (that we know about) was between a man named Davis Tutt and the infamous Wild Bill Hickock himself.