Monthly Archive: May 2014

Custer’s Last Stand That Wasn’t

The commonly held belief, largely due to propaganda after his death, states that General George Armstrong Custer held a heroic last stand when he was outnumbered by attacking native forces. However, recent investigations have shown that Custer’s men were the aggressors, and still were when they died. There was no brave last stand.

The Surprisingly Accurate Myth Of The Creation Of Crater Lake

Oregon’s Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States, formed by many, many volcanic eruptions over thousands of years. It’s only with the relatively recent development of sonar that we’ve been able to map the bottom of the lake and understand just how it was formed. Local Native American tribes have known for generations and generations, though, and have passed down stories of volcanic eruptions in their mythologies, describing great spirits who darkened the skies, collapsed a mountain, and hurled fire.

Death From Snake Or Spider Bite Is Extremely Rare

Spiders and snakes creep us out and are probably near the top of many people’s lists of fears. However, their bites are among the least likely killers. In the United States you have about a one in 50 million chance of dying from snake bite. And since the dawn of modern anti-venom, death from spider is almost nonexistent. Even in Australia there have been no reported deaths by spider since 1979.

The Horrific American War Crimes Against WWII Japan

Government-initiated dehumanizing campaigns during World War II were so successful that the conflict in the Pacific theater was one of the most vicious ever recorded in human history. American soldiers, taught to revile the Japanese, would not merely kill their enemies, but defile their corpses as well. They even kept “souvenirs,” particularly gold teeth and severed ears.

Milk Isn’t Nearly As Good For You As You Think

We’ve always been told that drinking a lot of milk is crucial to developing strong bones and keeping conditions like osteoporosis at bay. While we do know that calcium is an important part of maintaining bone health and strength, it’s been found that milk and other dairy products aren’t necessarily the best ways to do it. In fact, too much milk has been tied to an increased risk of some types of cancers.

The Many Different Types Of Ice

Ice seems like one of the most straightforward concepts out there—it’s just frozen water. But there are many, many different types of ice, forming under different conditions and even in different temperatures. For example, glaze ice forms when water that’s above freezing hits a cold surface that supercools it and forms a clear coating. Hail is ice that starts as frozen rain, growing as it rises and falls through the atmosphere. And pack ice is frozen seawater that freezes at varying temperatures because of the salt content.