Monthly Archive: March 2015

Your Friends Can Tell You How Long You’ll Probably Live

You can go to the doctor, read all the latest medical news, and obsess over your health all you want. But a recent study shows that your friends, especially close ones, can tell how long you’ll live based on your personality in your twenties. If you’re a man whose friends see you as open and conscientious, you’ll probably live longer. For women, you want your friends to see you as agreeable and emotionally stable.

The Art Installation That Offended A Nation

Dread Scott Tyler is no stranger to controversy. Back in 1989, this American artist angered everyone from Vietnam veterans to Washington politicians with his contentious art installation “What is the Proper Way to Display a U.S. Flag?” But why was it so controversial? Well, because it involved standing on top of the American flag.

The Ultra-Manly History Of Knitting

Knitting might seem like a female-oriented pastime these days, but during the Middle Ages, it was a craft that only men were allowed to perfect. They would spend six years doing so, allowed into guilds of knitters only after passing a rigorous exam. Professional, guilded knitters were responsible for an amazing amount of clothing well into the 16th century. Once the knitting machine was invented, though, it became something that men didn’t need to do any more and women could take up as a hobby.

The Sad Story Of London’s Red-Light Graveyard

Walk along London’s South Bank, and you can’t miss it. Cross Bones Cemetery is now a garden, a walled memorial with shrines to remember those have been buried there over the centuries. As unconsecrated ground, the site was used first for the sex workers that plied their trade along the river beginning in the 12th century. It was a burial site for paupers and plague victims, with no one really knowing how many people have found their final resting place in the once-taboo graveyard.

The American Who Fought For Castro

William Alexander Morgan’s life sounds like a story ripped out of the wildest movie imaginable. After roaming around the US, this guy from Ohio headed to Cuba where he joined Fidel Castro’s revolution. The American was eventually promoted to comandante and earned Castro’s respect, but things took a dark turn when the new government morphed into a dictatorship.

The Poor Black Woman Who Unknowingly Changed Science Forever

Henrietta Lacks had a short, hard life. She lost her mother when she was four, and her father abandoned her and her nine siblings soon afterward. When she died at the age of 31, her obituary never appeared in a newspaper and she was buried in an unmarked grave. And yet cervical cancer cells, taken from her without her knowledge or consent, were very, very special. Lacks’s cells were “immortal,” meaning, said the researcher who first cultured them, they were “a continuously dividing line of cells all descended from one original sample, cells that would constantly replenish themselves and never die.” They’ve been used in countless research studies, helped develop the polio vaccine, and more.

The Dingo Really Did Eat The Baby

The line from Seinfeld has become pretty infamous over the years, quoted over and over again. It was based on the real case of Azaria Chamberlain, who disappeared from her family’s campsite in 1980. In spite of the fact that her parents remained steadfast in their insistence that it was a dingo that stole into the campsite and ran off with their two-month-old daughter, Azaria’s mother was found guilty in 1982, with her husband guilty of being an accessory. It was only 32 years after the little girl’s disappearance that the case was reopened, the evidence reexamined, and the death certificate was changed to indicate that she really, truly had been taken and killed by a dingo, and her parents were innocent.

The Craziest Musical (Illuminati) Conspiracy Theory Ever

There are a lot of people that say they don’t like modern music. According to Leonard Horowitz, that’s for a very good reason. After the world adopted a standardized tuning frequency of A=440 Hz, we all started to get a little out of sync with the natural world, which vibrates on a slightly different scale. So why adopt this odd frequency? Because the Illuminati and the Rockefellers are using it to weaponize music and push us along the road to a species-wide cleansing under Illuminati rule. Duh.

The Wild, Postmortem Journey Of Chopin’s Heart

When famed composer and pianist Frederic Chopin was dying in Paris in 1849, he asked that his heart be removed from his body and buried in his native Poland. The heart was smuggled into Poland and kept at his family home for years until it was enshrined in a church pillar. From there, it was removed by the Nazis for safekeeping, later returned to the church, and then secretly exhumed in 2014 to check the condition of the tissue. Through it all, no invasive tests were performed to determine why Chopin died so young at age 39.

When The Feds Threw Tampa’s Fanciest Fake Bachelor Party Ever

In 1988, undercover agent Robert Mazur had successfully infiltrated one of the most nefarious criminal organizations in history: the Bank of Credit and Commerce International. But to make arrests, Mazur would have to lure the BCCI’s overseas executives into the US. The solution was to stage an extravagant fake wedding, culminating in the most explosive bachelor party in Florida history.