The Spurned Lover Who Declared War On Valentine’s Day

“Alas! is even love too weak / To unlock the heart, and let it speak? / Are even lovers powerless to reveal / To one another what indeed they feel?” —Matthew Arnold, “The Buried Life”

In A Nutshell

In 2006, Katsuhiro Furusawa broke up with his girlfriend. Instead of moving on, he formed an all-male group that hates pretty much anything to do with women, romance, or happiness. Over the years, they’ve marched against Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and public flirtation.

The Whole Bushel

Does Valentine’s Day get you down? Does Christmas leave you feeling depressed? Well, Kakumeiteki Himote Doumei understands your pain. This Japanese organization isn’t fond of the holidays either . . . or women for that matter. And they especially hate anything involving romance. Armed with flyers and bullhorns, this group has declared war on everything from love to capitalism, and it all started with a guy named Katsuhiro Furusawa.

Furusawa was dumped by his girlfriend back in 2006. Naturally, he was pretty heartbroken, but instead of moving on, Furusawa got angry. After reading The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Furusawa blamed his romantic troubles on class differences. Capitalism (and women, of course) had destroyed his love life.

So Furusawa gathered together a group of like-minded single guys and founded his controversial organization, Kakumeiteki Himote Doumei, affectionately known as Kakuhido.

By the way, the group’s name basically translates into “The Revolutionary Alliance of Men whom Women Find Unattractive.”

Since that fateful day in 2006, Kakuhido has taken to the streets to rage against just about everything. During December, they hand out flyers reading “Crush Christmas!” In February, they march down the street with signs condemning the “blood-soaked conspiracy of Valentine’s Day” which is “driven by the oppressive chocolate capitalists.” The group has also gone after Japanese housewives for manipulating their husbands, and they’ve verbally attacked people for having happy lives. They’re especially mad at people who find success and fulfillment offline, in the real world. (As you might assume, the Kakuhido members spend a lot of time on the Internet.)

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During their public marches, Furusawa would often show up sporting a scarf and sunglasses to hide his face. Sometimes his followers wear T-shirts claiming “Sex Is Useless.” The group has labeled public flirting as “terrorism” and expressed their desire that happy people would just “explode.”

However, things might be changing in the Kakuhido hierarchy. Despite spending years fighting against the “love capitalists,” it seems Furusawa has changed his mind on a few issues. According to The Japan Times, he recently left the group and purchased a Mercedes. Karl Marx probably wouldn’t approve.

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