Monthly Archive: December 2015

When The NRA Pushed For More Gun Control

When the NRA was founded, it was with the goals of teaching marksmanship, preparing citizens for the defense of their home and country, and gun control. While the NRA still does those things today, they’re much more involved in the political side of things. What changed? Increasing gun violence in the 1960s allowed a man named Harlon Carter to take control of the NRA in 1977, catering to the faction of the organization that believed guns needed to stay in the hands of the people. Carter himself had, at 17, been convicted of the shooting death of a 15-year-old.

The Liberal Muslims Trying To Reclaim The Word ‘Jihad’

When you hear the word “jihad,” what do you see? Chances are it involves explosions and angry imams screaming about spilling the infidel’s blood. The word is now associated almost exclusively with Islamic terrorism, to the extent that anti-Muslim groups call themselves things like “jihad watch.”

In reality, “jihad” literally means “struggling in the way of God.” While that can be interpreted as waging Holy War, it can also be applied to far more peaceful things. After a decade and a half of jihadist terrorism, liberal Muslims are now trying to reclaim the word.

Don Lowry And The Lonely Hearts Con Job

Don Lowry was a con artist with a pretty despicable plan. He’d create a fake pen pal service, pose as a series of beautiful women, and write romantic letters to lonely men in exchange for cold hard cash. But when Lowry was finally arrested, many of his victims came to his defense, testifying on his behalf at trial.

The 17th-Century ‘Witch’ Saved By Good Logic

Goody Garlick was accused of witchcraft in 1658 following the death of a 16-year-old mother. But her trial didn’t go quite as you’d think based on the time period. When it was referred to the court of Hartford, Connecticut, the judge there uncovered the facts of what was really going on in the small town. Testimony revealed to a general hatred between women in the town. Garlick was found innocent and sent home with a letter telling her town that they all needed to get along.