Monthly Archive: January 2016

The Only Goldman Sachs Employee Arrested In Connection With The Recession

The Global Financial Crisis started in 2007 and lasted until 2008. It is considered one of the worst financial crises since the Great Depression. In many ways, investment banking firm Goldman Sachs contributed to the crisis. But the only person arrested in the aftermath of the crisis was a computer programmer from Goldman Sachs named Sergey Aleynikov. His crime? He supposedly stole from Goldman Sachs.

When Professional Wrestling Got Real

In 1997, legendary wrestler Bret Hart was legitimately betrayed by WWF owner Vince McMahon. The double-cross was known as the “Montreal Screwjob,” and it ended with McMahon on his backside and Hart headed for the WCW. But the infamous screwjob had huge implications and changed the world of professional wrestling forever.

The Incredible Iceman Of Amsterdam

Wim Hof’s nickname is “The Iceman” because of his extraordinary abilities. Using only a form of meditation, Wim Hof has proven himself capable of withstanding cold temperatures that would quickly kill most humans. Unlike many people who claim such things, he has invited scrutiny from scientists and journalists alike—he believes anyone can do what he does and wants to teach the world his methods.

The Navajo Version Of ‘Star Wars’

In 2013, an Arizona audience was treated to a special screening of Star Wars. What was so special about this particular version, you ask? Well, to encourage Navajo children to learn their traditional language, the Navajo Nation Museum translated George Lucas’s screenplay into Dine bizaad and brought in new voice actors to dub over the English-speaking stars. And as you might imagine, the Navajo translators had their work cut out for them.

Self-Control Might Be A Limited Resource

If you’re failing at keeping your resolutions to be a better person, it might be because you’ve run out of willpower. Some studies have suggested that willpower and self-control are limited resources; they call it ego depletion when we exhaust those resources. Sleep, food, and a positive mood boost can all help restore our willpower, and while the science is still arguing about how much of that is real and how much is in our heads, it’s as good as an excuse as any to go watch some funny cat videos in an attempt to restore lost willpower.

Colombia’s Christmas Propaganda Campaign

For nearly 70 years, Colombia has been plagued by a vicious civil war. Hoping to end the conflict, the government hired an advertising executive named Jose Miguel Sokoloff to cook up an out-of-the-box propaganda campaign. So in order to convince leftist guerrillas to lay down their weapons, Sokoloff relied on nostalgia, presents, and a whole lot of Christmas lights.

The Difference Between Whisky, Whiskey, Scotch & Bourbon

The processes of making scotch, whiskey, and bourbon are very similar, but it’s only scotch if it’s made in Scotland, just like it’s only bourbon if it’s made in the United States. Whiskey and scotch guidelines allow for the alcohol to be aged in barrels other than the very specific charred white oak barrels used in bourbon production. And, to make things more complicated, whiskey spelled without the “e” is scotch.

The Bearded, Baseball-Playing Cultists

Back in the 19th century, Benton Harbor, Michigan, found itself home to the House of David, one of the weirdest cults in US history. Led by Benjamin and Mary Purnell, these oddball believers grew their hair long and sported some pretty crazy facial hair. However, they were best known for their traveling bands, their amusement park, and their all-star baseball team.

The Moon’s Near Side Is Darker Than The ‘Dark Side’ Of The Moon

Most of us are aware that we Earthlings see only one side of the Moon. Until the Soviet’s Luna 3 snapped a handful of pictures of it in 1959, no one had ever laid eyes on half the lunar surface. This is because the Moon rotates at the same speed it orbits the Earth (every 27.3 days) and keeps the same side facing us. But because the Moon orbits the Sun along with the Earth, the far side is not any darker—or lighter—than the side we’re familiar with. However, Luna 3 and subsequent Apollo missions revealed that that the far side does not have the coffee-colored maria or lunar seas that cover much of the near side.