9 Most Amazing Trees in the World

Trees withstand the harsh reality of time and change. They’ve watched the skies change colors, have enhanced the sanctity of nature and have experienced stories that got lost with time. Let’s take a look at the amazing trees that have been around for a couple of hundred years and yet, continue to mesmerize onlookers.

1. 1400+-Year-Old Ginkgo Tree in China

The Chinese Ginkgo Tree transforms the land around the Gu Guanyin Buddhist Temple into a yellow paradise with its leaves. This amazing tree has been surviving for more than 1400 years in the scenic beauty of the Zhongnan Mountains. Every November it sheds its leaves- transforming the temple into sight of a kind.

2. 125+-Year-Old Rhododendron in Canada

The Rhododendron tree is actually a shrub. It has established itself right outside of a house in Canada. Dressed with leaves in shades of pink, this amazing tree sets a heart-pleasing vibe.

3. Baobab Trees in Madagascar

Baobab Trees are amazing trees with their own mechanism to withstand drought-like conditions. Their humongous trunks have the capacity to hold about 32,000 gallons of water. Most commonly found in Madagascar, they tend to grow 100-feet tall and about 35 feet wide.

4. Japanese Maple in Portland

This amazing tree has its branches spreading out with leaves of not just green but also russet and crimson. It stands protected in the Japanese Garden of Portland and due to its unique appearance, has also been featured on National Geographic.

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5. Methuselah in California

Methuselah is an amazing tree that is nearly 5000-year-old and is the oldest amongst most majestic trees from all over the world. In fact, it is believed that the Methuselah germinated well before the Egyptian pyramids were built. The tree is situated in the Inyo County of California. However, the exact location is still not known in order to prevent it from damage.

6. General Sherman Sequoia Tree in California

General Sherman is protected and preserved in Sequoia National Park of California. It is known to be approximately 2,800 years old and weighs approximately 2,472,000 lbs. Besides that, this amazing tree is also known to be the largest single stem tree on Earth!

7. Angel Oak Tree in South Carolina

The Angel Oak Tree is an amazing tree in Charleston, South Carolina, is 400 years old. All of its branches radiate in various directions providing shade for up to 17,200 square feet.

8. Trees of Dead Vlei in Namibia

One of the most amazing trees in the world, the Trees of Dead Vlei appear like skeletons of trees and are about 100 years old. They were once known to be full of life but due to extremely dry temperatures, the leftovers of these trees are not able to completely decompose.

10. Dragon Blood Tree in Yemen

Situated in the Socotra Island of Yemen, the Dragon Blood Tree gets its name for dark-colored resins that appear like blood. This amazing tree looks like an umbrella in an upright position and its interesting features give it all the fame.

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