The Difference Between Brown and White Eggs

When it comes to choosing which eggs to buy at the grocery store, we generally have a choice between two different colors, brown and white. Naturally, due to the fact that they are different colors and have different price points,...

The Different Types Of Tears

Tears might be a welcome relief from eye irritants or an unwelcome proof of an emotion we’d rather keep to ourselves. Different types of tears not only serve different purposes, but they’re made up of different substances.

The Difference Between 4G and LTE

4G stands for ‘Fourth Generation’ while LTE is short for ‘Long Term Evolution’. If that doesn’t make it clear, don’t worry, very few people actually understand the difference. 4G is an umbrella term that was created by ‘The International Telecommunications Union-Radio (ITU-R) ‘ in 2008.

The Difference Between Hazards And Disasters

In simple terms, a hazard is a dangerous situation or event that carries a threat to humans. A disaster is an event that actually harms humans and disrupts the operations of society. Hazards will be considered…

Why Everyone Hears The Same Sounds Differently

It turns out that the almost endless arguments over the merits of a certain song or certain band might all stem from something physical. Different people really do sometimes hear the same sounds in entirely different ways. Even the smallest differences in our individual skull structure or bone density can change the way our brain receives and processes sound waves, changing the frequency that our bones vibrate at as we hear sounds. That can also impact our ability to understand and process language, and it’s been found that inner ear structures might also impact agility.

How To Tell If A Novel Is A Classic Or Just Another Book

The definition of literature is a tricky one, and some argue that today, things like graphic novels, movies, musicals, and comic strips can even be considered literature if they move the right people. There are some hallmarks of what makes a work a classic, including reaching a wide audience, having a profound impact on the shaping of culture, standing the test of time, and capturing the heart and soul of the era being depicted.

The Unique Witches Of Medieval Sicily

Across most of Europe, witches were known for communing with the Devil and cursing their neighbors. Sicilian witches, though, were thought to commune with the fairy world. Most of the ills that were visited on mortals came from angry fairies, and Sicily’s fairy witches acted as go-betweens for the mortal and the fairy world, resolving disputes and curing illnesses.

The Different Types Of Processed Foods (And What They Really Are)

When it comes to nutritional content and preparation, food comes in three different categories. Minimally processed foods—like fruits and veggies—have only minor things done to them such as washing, peeling, and removal of seeds or stems. Processed foods have undergone some process that changes their basic nutritional structure, like pasteurization. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, numerous processed foods are combined into ultra-processed foods, and that’s when things can get dangerous. Not all vitamins and minerals were created equally, especially when it comes to products that claim to be things like “fortified.” Studies now show that we get about 60 percent of our energy from ultra-processed foods, and almost 90 percent of that comes from added sugar.