The Difference Between Ethnic Cleansing And Genocide

When we hear of one group of people targeting another based on something like race, nationality or religion, the terms “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” are often tossed around to mean the same thing. To be specific, the end goal of genocide is complete destruction of a particular group, while ethnic cleansing is an expulsion of the group from a certain area, often encouraged by violence. While ethnic cleansing technically isn’t usually a crime (although the behaviors it describes are), genocide is. Not everyone wants to keep them separate, while others argue that treating them both the same is lessening the severity of genocide.

The Seven Types Of Near-Death Experiences

A bright white light at the end of a tunnel. A feeling of utter peace. Encountering a dead relative. Most of us assume we know what a near-death experience (NDE) would be like. But for a group of researchers in England, assuming wasn’t enough. They decided to delve into the science of NDEs and came back with some surprising conclusions. Instead of a single “one-size-fits-all” experience, they say there are at least seven distinct ways you can enter the afterlife.

Happiness Isn’t A Good Thing In All Cultures

Being happy isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, and a recent study has shown that there are a ton of different thoughts on happiness. Far from being a human drive and desire, it’s a state that’s more of a culturally created one. While many Westerners strive for happiness as their end goal, many others have a severe aversion to happiness. There’s a wide range of reasons for that, from fear that the universe will soon balance extreme happiness with extreme sadness to the idea that being incredibly happy makes you a morally questionable person.

The Difference Between Sunni And Shiite Muslims

Sunni and Shia are the two primary sects of the Muslim religion. They follow most of the same tenets but have some differences in their interpretation of religious texts, known as hadiths, as well as in how they govern themselves and view leadership within the faith. These variations all stem from a disagreement over who was the legitimate successor to Muhammad.

Which Chronotype Best Describes You?

In addition to larks and owls, there are two other different kinds of sleepers. Some people feel wide awake, alert, and productive both first thing in the morning and very late at night, after suffering through a slump in the middle. There’s also a type that feel lethargic and tired all day long. And, in addition to the obvious difference like larks being more productive in the morning than owls, there are other differences, too, like larks tending to be more honest in the morning, while owls are more honest at night.

The Many Different Kinds Of Noise

We’re familiar with white noise, and some of us even rely on it to get to sleep at night. While that’s noise that includes all frequencies, other kinds of noise are defined by the relationship between frequency and power. Pink noise had greater power at lower frequencies, while blue noise has greater power at higher frequencies. Brown noise is an extreme version of pink noise, and grey noise is stronger at the high and low ends of frequency.

Liars And Honest People Have Entirely Different Brains

Studies on the brains of people who have a history of lying have shown that they’re wired a little differently than the brains of people who are, for the most part, honest. The brains of habitual liars show an average of 25 percent more white matter and 14 percent less gray matter than the brains of their honest counterparts. The implication is that the brains of liars are wired to be more in tune with the story-telling and the reading of other people, while at the same time having fewer connections that govern moral choices.

The Different Kinds Of Diabetes

There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 happens when the immune system compromises the body’s ability to produce insulin, creating the onset of diabetes, and type 2 is diagnosed later in life, usually brought on by poor diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Gestational diabetes happens during pregnancy, while the more rare type 1.5 is a slowly progressing version of type 1. Diabetes can also be triggered by pancreas surgery or by chemicals and medications.

The Difference Between Asterisms And Constellations

Even amateur astronomers will be able to find the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper and Orion in the night sky, but most of those amateur astronomers will think that they’re finding constellations. Orion is one of only 88 constellations that were established in ancient Greece and later between the middle of the 16th century and the middle of the 18th century. The dippers, along with other star formations, are asterisms, which are star patterns that make up small parts of the larger constellations.

The Scientific Reason Everyone Smells Things Differently

How many times have you had an argument over whether or not a scent is divine or disgusting? There’s a scientific reason for it, and it all has to do with your DNA. Every person’s olfactory system is coded with a specific set of genes, and everyone’s includes different amino acids. These each react to different smells in different ways, meaning that we all are actually smelling the same scents in different ways.