Tolkien Created Elvish Before He Wrote His Famous Novels

Most people are aware that J.R.R. Tolkien is best known for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. However, he was first and foremost a philologist, one who studies language. He had an immense interest in language syntax and construction and began creating his Elvish languages many years before he published the now-famous novels.

How The Wright Brothers Set Back Aviation History

The Wright brothers are generally credited as being aviation pioneers, but it’s up for debate just how much they held back the field. After confirming their craft could fly and could be controlled, they sat on the design for some time while they tried to get someone to buy it sight unseen. When that didn’t work—and when they were being surpassed in technology and advances—they settled for trying to slap everyone with lawsuits. Their idea man spent much of his time in court, and it’s possible their attitude of secrecy hurt the early development of aviation.

Botox Might Dull Your Emotions

For years, Botox has been injected into people’s faces to remove wrinkles and frown lines by paralyzing the muscles. While Botox can make us look younger, it can also make it difficult to use facial expressions to convey emotions. However, scientists have found that the inability to move facial muscles associated with emotion may also limit our ability to feel those emotions. The Botox mask appears to be more than skin-deep.

When America Fought The Second Korean War

While America and the rest of the world focused their attention on the Vietnam War, another conflict along the Korean DMZ began to escalate. Kim Il-sung, the North Korean leader, wanted to launch a full-scale war in order to unify the two Koreas under Communist domination. Over a period of three years, he launched strikes against US and Republic of Korea positions, hoping to initiate a Vietcong-like insurgency, culminating in a North Korean attempt to capture the South Korean palace and assassinate the president.

Itching Is As Much In Your Brain As On Your Skin

An itch is defined as a sensation that makes you want to scratch it, and it’s thought that the itching sensation and the pain sensations were somehow connected. Now, researchers have been able to isolate the chemical in our bodies that’s responsible for transmitting the sensation of an itch to our brains and have successfully engineered mice that can continue to respond to other sensations while no longer being itchy. The discovery can have some incredible implications for those suffering from chronic itch, like the woman who scratched through her own skull and into her brain in an attempt to relieve the relentless itch.

The Pueblo Revolt Was The First American Revolution

During the 1500s, Spanish explorers enslaved the Pueblo people in the American Southwest and tried to destroy their religious practices. In 1680, the Pueblos organized the first revolution against a foreign colonial power on American soil. Under the leadership of medicine man Po’Pay, they successfully drove the Spaniards out of Pueblo territory in a surprise attack. However, Po’Pay soon began to act like a dictator himself and the Pueblo alliance fractured without the peace and prosperity the tribes had sought.

Some People Have A Way Of Sniffing Each Other Like Dogs Do

Unlike animals that directly sniff each other, humans are more discreet. After shaking hands with another person, we raise our hands to our faces and smell the scent without realizing it. Researchers believe it’s an unconscious form of chemical communication. Earlier studies found that the scent of a woman’s tears turns off men and the smell of sweat can signal fear.

The Legitimate King Of Britain Lives In Australia

Queen Elizabeth II ascended to the throne of Britain as the latest in a long line of royalty. But according to a sensational document recently discovered in Rouen Cathedral, the current royal family might not be so royal after all. The document seems to confirm longstanding rumors that Edward IV of England was illegitimate—and so are all his descendants. If the Queen isn’t the rightful heir to the throne, then who is? The line leads us to a forklift operator living in Australia.

The Real History Of The Engagement Ring

Ever wonder why a man has to buy not one, but two rings to marry a woman? Wouldn’t one ring for one girl make sense? For the longest time, it did make sense. Until corporations decided to take advantage of an obscure law and change tradition itself. In today’s day and age, the real reason men buy engagement rings for their future wives is because of a marketing ploy, conceived to double sales and nothing more.

The Renaissance May Not Have Advanced Science As Much As We Think

The Renaissance is generally synonymous with progress, and progress is synonymous with science. So it is generally assumed that that era of European history represented a step forward for rationalism, scientific thought, and scientific discovery. But few meaningful discoveries were actually made during the Renaissance. The study of science took a backseat to burgeoning interest in the humanities and the occult, which was fueled by the recent invention of the printing press.