5 Coolest Dragons Ever Found in Science Fiction

Anytime dragons are mentioned, the first names that come to mind are Smaug in The Hobbit, the Dragon in Merlin and, of course, Daenerys and her legendary dragon babies from Game of Thrones, among others.

When it comes to dragons, fantasy seems to own that field. Because they are myths, dragons are usually settled into mythological times. This is because they are easier to integrate into fantasy, mythical or medieval settings. Yet there are still science fiction stories or movies that have managed to integrate and rationalize the existence of dragons.

Here are some of the coolest dragons that have been integrated into science fiction and still somehow kicked ass.

1. King Ghidorah

Dragons are majestic creatures that are meant to instill fear and terror in the hearts of all. Why else will they be impenetrable making them almost impossible to kill, gigantic, can fly and still breathe fire? And that’s exactly what King Ghidorah does.

The ancient creature King Ghidora is a dragon from Godzilla with golden wings and three heads. He is an alien dragon that wants to destroy the world and is stopped by Godzilla. He has appeared in many movies over the years. The reason he keeps coming back is that he is so freaking awesome even if at the end he was defeated and sent back into the darkness. He is still a worthwhile antagonist.

2. Melanchon

Melanchon is another instance of a dragon in science fiction and although the mechanical dragon is not at his best at the beginning of the novel because it got injured in an attempt to escape the factory where it’s held it is still a manipulative and vengeful creature. Ever seen a car go up into flames? That’s the concept that Melanchon uses in the novel The Dragon’s Daughter to breath fire. It is cool how this dragon manages to be father-like and yet cruel and plans to take over the universe while veering poor Jane in. Dragons are majestic creatures and this dragon manages to do that. His structure reminds one of the dragons in The Reign of Fire. Another science fiction Dragons.

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3. Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon

Fire breathing and havoc are not all there is in dragons and Space-Bat-Angel-Dragon proves just that. And maybe it’s the child factor but I have always thought that the dragon in the children’s series of Iron Man was super cool. Although he first comes off as a very tough guy, he’s a big softie and an amazing singer. And there you have it, a cute and cuddly dragon for us to all love.

4. Tyrannosaurus Rex

Popularly known as T-Rex, Tyrannosaurus Rex in Jurassic Park is another force to be reckoned with and even though she’s not a pure dragon, one look at the territorial creature and we still lump her in with the fire breathing giant flying lizards in the sky. Hers is a complex story and she is neither the villain nor the hero in her story. But we can’t call her a dumb brute either. And she fights beside humans to defeat the bad guys.

5. Old Lace

Even though many people have argued about whether it’s a dragon or not, Old Lace in The Runaways is another cool creature. She doesn’t breath fire and all but her connection to Gert is just adorable until of course the connection almost kills Gert. But with the mental connection they can communicate or more less like Gert can give her others while she conveys emotions back to her. So this dinosaur and dragon hybrid is still another amazing mythical creature in science fiction.

And hey, what about when those cars in Transformers merged into a dragon? Was that cool or what?