The Great Guatemalan Sinkhole

Mother Nature is always unpredictable, and in some corners of the Earth, extremely unforgiving too. Some places in this world experience horrendous hurricanes or catastrophic earthquakes…

Chamizal Dispute: The Forgotten Century Long Border Conflict

The Chamizal dispute is a forgotten border conflict between the United States and Mexico concerning 600 acres of land. The dispute lasted about a century and almost caused the assassination of President Taft and Mexico’s President Porfirio Díaz in 1909. The century-long dispute held a lot of twists and turns for both the United States and Mexico.

The Different Types Of Tears

Tears might be a welcome relief from eye irritants or an unwelcome proof of an emotion we’d rather keep to ourselves. Different types of tears not only serve different purposes, but they’re made up of different substances.

The Difference Between 4G and LTE

4G stands for ‘Fourth Generation’ while LTE is short for ‘Long Term Evolution’. If that doesn’t make it clear, don’t worry, very few people actually understand the difference. 4G is an umbrella term that was created by ‘The International Telecommunications Union-Radio (ITU-R) ‘ in 2008.

The Bermuda Triangle Is Not So Mysterious

Bermuda Triangle is a well-traversed shipping route in the North Atlantic ocean. It covers 270,000 square miles between Florida, the island of Bermuda and Puerto Rico and is referred to as the ‘Devils Triangle”. Since the term…