The Allied Massacres In South Korea

“Mankind must put an end to war — or war will put an end to mankind.” —John F. Kennedy

In a Nutshell

During the Korean War, Allied troops murdered over 100,000 civilians and refugees in a sustained campaign of slaughter that was later covered up.

The Whole Bushel

In July 1950, the Korean War was in full swing. The North was demolishing the South’s forces and US troops were being beaten back in humiliating defeats. Rumors were swirling that Communist troops were breaking through disguised as refugees, and paranoia about guerrilla attacks was at an all-time high. It was into this festering atmosphere that several hundred civilians stepped one morning, fleeing the fighting.

They were mostly refugees from Yongdong, a town recently overrun by the Communist North. Hoping to escape persecution, they fled to the nearby No Gun Ri Bridge, where US troops lined them up for processing. And then the planes came.

Bombers strafed the civilian lines, troops opened up with machine-gun fire. One G.I. later recalled hearing his captain saying: “to hell with these people. Let’s get rid of all of them.” Women and children were gutted by flying metal, bombs incinerated those who tried to run. Even as the civilians screamed, orders were given to keep firing until everyone was dead.

Although shocking, this was not the only Allied massacre of the war. In 2008, it was revealed that as many as 100,000 non-combatants were intentionally murdered in a sustained campaign of terror. Entire villages with left-wing sympathies were rounded up and shot, caves harboring refugees were napalmed by US planes and bombers destroyed whole towns near the frontline—afraid the North Koreans would infect their Southern counterparts with the virus of Communism. These weren’t mistakes, and they weren’t accidents; they were part of a deliberate plan to stop Communism spreading by killing those it might spread to.

In 1951, the peaceful village of Sanseong-dong was targeted. As South Koreans left their homes to wave at the American planes, the order to fire was given. Fifty-one died in the attack, over 50 percent of the town was bombed into ruins. Remembering the massacre later, villager Ahn Hee-duk could only whisper: “There never were any North Koreans in the village.”

For the targeted murder of over 100,000 innocent people, neither the US nor South Korea has ever apologized.

Show Me The Proof

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  • Jum1801

    This is where I put up the “Not this shit again” poster. Hidden massacres! Gazillions died! Everyone knew about it! Except nobody can actually be found, and the only evidence is part of Cold War plants.


      Step 1: Everyone join the bandwagon campaign against Axis and how they were evil and are the bad guys.

      Step 2: Some dude realizes that Allies are BSing about war crimes just cos’ they won, and everyone else spills into that bandwagon campaign against the Allies and how they were evil and are the true bad guys.


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        Uh, no. But nice try.

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          The clear exaggeration was to imply that it isn’t a serious comment.

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    sometimes i wish we could revoke the status of anyone who is an american and take their citizenship for stuff like this…especially politicians.

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      And I wish we could revoke the posting status of gullible cretins who swallow whole fatuous fictions like this.

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        so you would like us to keep every single horrible human being we have just because?

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        Lol’d at cretin. Very well put friend

  • Exiled Phoenix

    War is Hell and we needed to keep Communists in check. It is easy to see the evil in retrospect…. Much, much different when you’re the one on the front line not knowing your enemy.

    People shouldn’t judge from safety about how high emotions can run in the face of danger and uncertainty.

    I believe the U.S. should probably apologize. I can however understand the mentality.

    • butt

      They should apologise. Why lie about the true cost of war? Citizens should know that when they commit to a war, civilians will die. There is no such thing as a ‘clean war,’ and war should only ever be defensive, as an absolute last resort.

      • Exiled Phoenix

        Defensive wars sometimes include preemptive strikes. I agree though, people should be aware civilians will die.

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    Very lamentable. Between the recent article glorifying Nazi’s who switched to the allied side at Castle Itter and this article about American massacres, I’m starting to sense a theme.

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    Keep in mind there is always a permanent solution to every problem. I seems like the more we evolve the more we stay the same. It’s not like nukes can distinguish between soldiers and civilians.

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    Men commit atrocities in war. War makes normal people into monsters.

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    ”War is hell.”

  • Hillyard

    Not to excuse such actions, but remember that the U.S. forces originally were overwhelmed and were probably scared to death. The REMF officers that gave such orders should have been court-maritaled.

  • TheUnknownTruth

    Another article that doesn’t surprise me and their is probably many acts like this that will never be reported. But that’s War in a nutshell most the horrific stuff is kept out of public eye. It wasn’t till the Vietnam war that the world got to witness through television how horrific War can be and lets hope our civilization will never resort to such violence again.

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    It’s not as if they had souls.

  • It’s much more civil now. They just send drones.


    Moral of story: Allies were assholes too.