Hiring Disabled Children To Skip Lines At Disney World

“I only hope that we don’t lose sight of one thing—that it was all started by a mouse.” —Walt Disney

In A Nutshell

Vastly wealth parents have found a loophole to jump to the front of the line in Disney World’s rides by hiring handicapped children for $130 per hour to accompany them on ride—Disney World has a policy of giving special treatment, such as special pass and free transportation, to handicapped children.

The Whole Bushel

To save time lining up for Disney World’s rides, parents in Manhattan have turned to Dream Tours Florida. The company provides the service of hiring out handicapped kids for $130 per hour or $1,040 for eight hours.

This shocking news was exposed by sociologist Dr. Wednesday Martin when she heard about this service from her grapevine of wealthy Manhattan families. However, without a referral, it’s very difficult to secure this service, so little information is known about the exact process.

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While the general public sentiment is something akin to outrage, disgust, and disbelief at this exploitative situation, a few minorities have been less dismissive. In a way, the company provides employment for handicapped kids and the chance to go to Disney World at no cost.

Florida Dream Tours discontinued its VIP Tour when this news came to light and has made no comments regarding the matter. Disney World is also conducting its own investigation to ensure this will not happen in the future.

Show Me The Proof

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